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Author's Note: I think that it was weird that when Jarod was stolen that his parents never came to check on him. I mean he did yell and knock over his lunch box and they didn't hear it. Maybe they were deep sleepers and didn't hear it, but what happened if they weren't. Also, when Jacob wrote Gene it was Jarod's father's name.

By: 24

Mr. and Mrs. Charles were at the NuGenesis clinic sitting on the chairs outside the room that their four-year-old son Jarod was being tested. A man in a black suit came up to them.

"Hello again Mr. and Mrs. Charles."


"Remember our deal. Your boys are going to be taken soon and we will pay you. Here's the first installment right now. If you hear anything at night ignore it. Do you understand?"

"Yes, we do understand it."

"Good. Remember both of your boys are going to be taken not only Jarod. Remember don't move when Jarod is taken."

"We understand."


The man left and the door opened as young Jarod came out with the man who tested him.

"You have a very bright boy."

"Thank You."

They drove back to their house and Jarod and Kyle were in the back seat. Jarod was watching the world go by and Kyle was sleeping. Margaret and Gene were each in their own thoughts.

That night they heard their young son cry out and a noise of something toppling over onto the ground, but they stayed in bed waiting for it to be over. That morning they pretended to find their boy missing and called the police, but of course the police had no such luck.

Years later their other son Kyle was taken in the night and they still didn't do nothing. Both their boys were gone only because they wanted the money. This time they really put on a show because they finally realized what they did was wrong. They couldn't believe that they had sold their two young sons because they were greedy and now they were so very sorry. They wanted their boys back and they had no idea where they were. Margaret was pregnant with their third child and she knew that these people wouldn't get this child.

A woman came looking for them. She had dark hair and blue eyes. She claimed to know where their children were at and she would help them get them back. She had already contacted her friend Harriet and took them there to hide out. Major Charles went inside to try to get his children back, but he didn't have any luck. By then he was supposed to kill Catherine Parker to get his children back. When Catherine had left their house they were visited by another man in a black suit and were told that if he killed Catherine Parker then he would get his two boys back. He had to get his boys back after he sold them to the very place where he was trying to get them out of. He stood there with the gun in his hand ready to kill Mrs. Parker, but he couldn't do it. Another man grabbed his gun and shot the woman and knocked him out and dragged him somewhere else. When he awoke he left the Centre and tried to go back to where his wife and young daughter was at, but they weren't there. They were gone and he was alone.

The End.