A/n: I have been influenced to write another family Winchester Fan fic, tell me what you think. MIDNIGHT. Ps, I love the name Laura. So every girl that I write about will be named Laura. My name is not Laura. Just an FYI!

My name is Laura Alexandria Winchester. I am 14 years old and my older brothers Sam and Dean are 24 and 26. Sam is an awsome brother. I love him so much. He always looks after me. Deans got that covered for sure...its Dean. Dean is the overprotective one. He always keeps an eye out for Sammy and I. I should call him Sam. He likes that better then Sammy. Inside I still like Sammy. Anyway, I probably am the most weirdest kid you will ever meet. I go on hunting trips with my brothers, but we don't hunt animals...we hunt savages, beasts, and devils. In other words demons and stuff, crazy, but true. Let me tell you about how this all began. What my life story is.

A long time ago, my mother died on the ceiling in my bedroom. She was bleeding from my nersury ceiling and then she just burst up into flames. My brothers tell me that her death killed my insane father.( Just exagerating a bit...) He figgured out that a demon killed her. He didn't know why he just new that it was a demon. He vowed that day that he would avenge her death. Then one day he disappeared, Dean and I went to Calafornia...(long drive) and we got Sam to come with us. (That was hard to do, lots of arguing.) When we finaly went back to the appartment where Sam lived Jessica, Sams girlfriend died. That day, Sam prommised to avenge her death. We've been hunting since that day. (I hate it now its been 1 year since Jessicas death and I hate it.)

We were on the road again and I was getting tired. I needed to stretch out my legs. How could Dean and Sam be used to this crudy car? I decided to ask Dean and whine. It always worked. Then my phone started to ring. The caller I.D read Marcus. I hated him remind me why I gave him my number. Sam turned around.

"Who is that?" he asked. I didn't know how to answer him. If I told him a boy, Dean would pull over and make me put the call on speaker. I had to answer.

"Someone." I said while pressing the talk button.

"Hey babe." Marcus said on the other line.

"Hey, I haven't heard from you in a long time...thank god." I said into the phone. I really hated this guy.

"Wow, you hate that person; don't you." Dean said.

"Joke." I said while pulling the phone away from my ear. Too bad Marcus heard.

"Thank god, I was starting to get worried." Marcus said with that little smirk I could see on his face. I couldn't really see it, but his voice just said it all.

"Your a jerk you know that." I told him.

"I try. So whats up?" He asked.

"Why are you calling me?" I asked him. Marcus called me all the time. He usually had juicy news, I hated it when he tried to flurt with me on the phone.

"Damn I like them fistey." He said. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm hanging up bye." I said on the phone.

"Wait wait-" I cut him off and closed the phone knowing he would call back.

"That was rude." Dean said. I rolled my eyes.

"If you new who I was talking to, you would of wished I did it sooner." I said while the phone started to ring again.

"What!" I yelled into the phone.

"Jessica is dateing Landen." He said into the phone. I freaked out, my best friend dateing the most popular boy in school.

"No way! Tell me everything leave out nothing or I'll kill you." I said not knowing what I was doing.

"Is that a promise?'' he asked me chuckiling... a lot!

"Nevermind I'll just call her. Your probably going to say that you saw them makeing out and then I'll really have to kill you with the 45 I have in the trunk." I said it very fast, running out of breathe.

"Don't call me again; ok." I finnaly said knowing he'll probably call me in a week.

"I love you." he said on the phone.

"ERRR! I hate you" I yelled while closing the phone.

"Laura, it was a boy wasn't it!" Dean yelled while pulling the car over.

"ya dad, it was a boy." I always call him dad when he gets overprotective. He always acts like it and instead of saying sir (I hate that word.) I call him dad. Its sarcasim. He hates it, thats another point for me.

"Look, he's a boy just like you. Why do you hate your own kind, its weird." Dean turned around to face me while Sam started to play on his phone.

"I don't trust him, thats all." Dean said in an irratated way.

"He is not going to do anything were miles away from home."

"Ya, well, still." he said.

"Whatever Dean. Where are we going?" I asked him.

"Were just looking for a hotel, then we can start looking for a bitch." Sam looked at Dean.

"You found one she lives in the back." I hit sam on the back of the head.

"Takes one to no one." I said laughing again. Dean looked at me.

"He is your older brother you don't hit him!" Dean said. I rolled my eyes while Sam stuck his tongue out at me. My phone started to ring again. Dean looked at me. (Thats not good.)

"Speaker Now!" he yelled I rolled my eyes. Thank god it was Jessica.

"OH MY GOD!" I yelled while she screamed.

"How did you know?" she asked.

"Because, stupid Marcus called me." I said while rolling my eyes and looking at my brothers. (Ha! In your face ,you were wrong, it wasn't a boy!)

"He tells everyone you guys are dateing. You know that right?" I rolled my eyes for like the fifth time.

"Figures, what happend to Matt?" I asked. I have had a crush on him since the 6th grade.

"He single and waiting for you." I looked at Dean who's face was turning red. I decided to take it off speaker.

"So, Landen, tell me. How? When? Where?" I already new why.

"Laura were here, she'll have to tell you later." I looked at Sam.

"Sammy, come on...I haven't had girl talk in a long time." I pleaded.

"Now Laura!" Dean said.

"Ok, promise me later?" I asked.

"Sure, tell your brothers I said Hi." Jessica said.

"Hi!" Dean yelled back.

"You heard that?" I asked hopeing she would say no.

"Ya, your brother is so hott!'' She said while hanging up. I hung up the phone and got out of the car to see an inverted cross on the door. Dean noticed it too. Cool, another hunt. If we were lucky it would come in our room in the middle of the night. Who knows?