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A Long, Long Trip by Vanagristiel

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: They belong to Tolkien… not to me… but I can always dream…

Summary: During a long planned trip, Aragorn and Legolas run into some troubles, and end up finding themselves facing someone they had never expected.

A Long, Long Trip – Chapter 1

"I had never seen Glorfindel as angry as he was that day!" Aragorn said, his voice cracking with laughter. "I actually feared for Elladan's life!"

"Oh, but I'm sure it was all just an accident! He would never do that on purpose," Legolas managed to say, trying to make his words understandable between his laughs.

"Of course it was an accident…" Aragorn countered with a smirk. "It always is…"

That caused another burst of laughter from the two friends.

Legolas and Aragorn had been trying to take this trip together for a good while now. The last couple of years had been especially hard on Mirkwood, not allowing their forces to spare any of its warriors, who were constantly involved in endless patrols, trying hard to fight the growing evil that was spreading through those woods. And Aragorn had started his life as a ranger. Hardly ever coming home, always fighting the creatures of the Dark Lord that dared to cross his path, keeping them away from the villages and small towns from the North.

But now, after much planning, they were here, in the plains of Harlindon, simply enjoying the company of each other, talking, hunting, smoking… Aragorn at least, in spite of the elf's many protests.

After the laughter died down, the two friends kept laying down, staring at the stars that now covered the sky as a sparkling blanket of dreams, with Ëarendil as the brightest jewel.

"The night is beautiful," Aragorn said quietly, contentment evident in his voice.

"Aye. Elbereth has been kind tonight," the elf answered acknowledging the ranger's words. "It's been a long time since I've come to this region… but now I remember why."

"And why would that be, mellon nîn?" the young ranger asked, turning his eyes from the sky to have a better look at his friend.

The elf just shrugged. "Besides the stars, there's not much to see."

The ranger turned his eyes back to the sky, his laughter starting anew.

"I'm serious, human," the elf continued, trying to sound threatening but unable to keep the mirth out of his voice. "The next time we go on a trip, I will do the planning."

"As you wish, your majesty," Aragorn countered with a slight nod and a flourish move with his hand, doing the best impression of a mock reverence he could manage while still laying down, a grin plastered on his face.

Legolas just snorted, shaking his head. "Rangers…"

Aragorn was about to reply, but had his intentions halted by a huge yawn that found its way pass his lips.

Legolas looked at his friend and smiled. "You should take some rest, Estel," The elf said as he got to his feet. "I'll take the first watch."

"Are you sure? You have already taken the last one. And the one before," Aragorn asked, not wanting his friend to overdo himself.

"Aye. Do not worry. You know that walking under these stars and through these woods is rest enough for me."

Aragorn nodded, accepting gratefully the chance to sleep and rest some. Even after living all his life among elves, he would never understand how someone would pass on real sleep. It was one of the greatest pleasures in life.

He still had his eyes fixed on Legolas' retreating figure when he noticed the elf's posture suddenly become tense, and alert.

Before he could say anything, Legolas let out a pressing whisper.

"Aragorn, nad no ennas." /Aragorn, something's out there/

The human was on his feet in an instant, quick strides bringing him to stand right beside his friend. "Man cenich?" /What do you see/

Legolas stayed silent for a moment, his eyes peering into the darkness, intently studying his surroundings.

As soon as he recognized the threat, he hissed. "Yrch." /orcs/

Aragorn immediately reached for his sword, ready to unsheathe the blade and be ready for battle, but Legolas placed a hand on his arm, saying in a low and worried tone.

"They are too many. We must flee. Facing this foe would be highly unwise."

Upon hearing these words, Aragorn knew it was folly to even try to fight. For Legolas to be suggesting them not to face those enemies, it only meant that it was certainly way beyond their possibilities.

They quickly gathered their few belongings and started running as fast as their feet would carry them in the opposite direction of which the sounds came from.

They were running for not but a few moments, when Legolas suddenly stopped, making the human almost stumble over him.

"Why are we stopping? We're not out of their range yet. We must…"

Legolas raised a hand, asking for silence, his face a mask of concentration.

When he spoke again, he was unable to hide the deep concern in his voice. "There are more orcs coming from this direction," he said as he turned around, carefully scanning the area, a deep frown on his face. He drew his bow, quickly nocking an arrow, as he finally announced. "We're surrounded."

Aragorn was still unsheathing his sword when Legolas started shooting arrow after arrow into the woods, each followed by a grotesque screech, certifying the true aim of the elf.

Soon the orcs arrived and a desperate battle began. Legolas had left the bow aside, yielding the twin knives with a deadly precision. Aragorn swung his sword, felling enemy after enemy after enemy with restless might.

The number of orcs was astounding, forcing the two friends to fight vigorously, going beyond their own limits… beyond what they even thought they were capable of.

Legolas was finishing off the orcs that had managed to surround him, when he looked up and his eyes witnessed the exact moment that an arrow found aim in Aragorn's chest, leading the man to his knees.

Legolas felt as if he had been punched in the stomach. He tried to call out for his friend, but nothing came out such was his distress.

That one moment of distraction was his undoing. He suddenly felt a sharp pain on his side, followed by another across his back.

The pain didn't register immediately as it usually did. What he could clearly remember was finding himself on the ground, unable to get up, with one of those beasts from Udûn lurking above him.

He saw the creature raise a big club, and bring it down to his head. After that, Legolas Greenleaf knew no more.


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