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A Long, Long Trip – chapter 3

Aragorn felt his heart speed up, if that was really his heart beating. He saw when Legolas got down on his knee, bowing his head, awaiting the Vala's judgment, and did the same.

"Manwë spoke, and his word shall be fulfilled," Mandos started, his voice deep and stern, in the fashion of an experienced judge pronouncing the final sentence of his subjects. "You have been granted the grace to return to Middle-earth, and fulfill your destinies there."

Aragorn and Legolas felt an overwhelming feeling of joy fill their hearts, and a deep gratitude towards Eru and the Valar.

Mandos then looked straight into the elf's and the human's eyes with a gaze that was more penetrating that the sharpest of all blades, and added slowly and gravely, as if to make sure that they both would grasp the true meaning of each word that he was proffering. "Understand this. A second chance to return is not something that is given lightly by the blessed one, and all he asks you in return is that you use it wisely. Much depends on you Elessar, for you are the last hope for the world of men. And you, Thranduilion, you are supposed to be his helper on the path to achieve victory upon the forces of darkness."

With that he raised to his feet, extending his hands above them. "Go in peace, children of Eru. And may Ilúvatar's grace protect you."

Legolas woke to the foul smell of orc blood around him. Blinking his eyes open, the first thing he saw was the dead bodies of several orcs all around him.

In a flash everything came to his mind… the orcs attacking, the two of them fighting their infinite numbers, Aragorn falling hit by an arrow, and the sharp pain on his back and side.

His hands shot to his back, finding his tunic ripped open by long cuts, but the skin and flesh underneath it was intact. With his mind in a rush, he looked around and saw Aragorn lying face first on the ground not far from him, motionless.

Rushing to his friend's side, he turned him carefully, afraid that he might hurt the already wounded human.

But to his surprise there were no arrows, no cuts, no scratches, no nothing. He studied amazed the holes and cuts on his friend's tunic, but that was it.

Aragorn was awakened by the elf movements, while the archer checked the human's chest, shoulders and abdomen for any signs of injury.

"What are you doing?" Aragorn asked, sitting up and pushing his friend's hands away.

"I saw you being hit by an arrow… I know I saw it…" the elf's voice trailed off, staring at his miraculously unhurt friend, in a tone that spoke of amazing relief and bewilderment.

That's when Aragorn finally remembered the battle that they had fought against the orcs, his hands instinctively reaching for his chest. He looked around to certify himself that he had not dreamed and the battle had indeed happened – the orcs' bodies proof enough of that.

"And I was," he finally breathed out. "I don't understand."

"Me neither, mellon nîn. But I thank the Valar for this miracle," The elf said, getting up, and extending a hand to his friend to help him to his feet. "We should go. Who knows if there aren't any more of these beasts lurking this area. And I don't want to push our luck with the Valar's good will," he finished with a smile.

"Aye," Aragorn answered, still too amazed to actually give a more eloquent answer, as they both started on their way back to Rivendel.

"And Aragorn..." said the elf turning to look right at the human's face.

"Yes, Legolas?"

"Next time, I will choose our destination."

The End

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