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The Beginning Is In the End

"Sunsets, sunrises, and Ryuhou coming to conclusions."

He's been sitting there for hours, and his hands-legs-feet-arms are numb, but he doesn't really care. The sun set long ago, and he's fairly certain that it will be rising soon enough, but that doesn't really bother him, either. Because somewhere along the line he'd lost track of the time, had stopped caring that he'd lost track of the time, and now he is sitting and enjoying the way that absolutely everything is happening at the same time as absolutely nothing.

Because somewhere along the line he's started to think that he is in love. He still jerks, when he thinks it, but the idea is becoming less foreign to him and more like something he'll have to accept. And he will, because Ryuhou Tairen is not the type of man (or is he still a boy?) to run from his problems.

Because somewhere in a city that's still slumbering peacefully, a certain Miss Kiryu is also slumbering peacefully. And that thought alone somehow brings a smile to his face. Because he loves her (even if he still jerks when he thinks it) and he knows it.

So when the oranges and reds and pinks and yellows streak across the sky, seeking the edge of a horizon it can never quite seem to reach, Ryuhou still sits and thinks and learns to accept. Because somewhere out there a certain Miss Kiryu is waking, and Ryuhou knows that she's waking with a smile.

And, really, that's enough to make him smile.

.:because a sunset is really just a beginning of a sunrise:.

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