Chapter 1: New Tensions Rise

The night after WrestleMania and everyone is still buzzing over the event, Jeff Hardy succeeded in regaining Trish and hopefully end the torment from the Dangerous Alliance. John Cena pulled out an amazing victory over Randy Orton to finally shut him up. Finally in a spectacular triple threat match for the WWE Championship, Shelton Benjamin dethroned both Christian and the former champ, HHH, so now what's next and questions mount. What will HHH do next? How bout the Alliance? Jeff Hardy, John Cena? Who is the next challenger for the WWE Championship? What's the deal between Christian and Tomko?

RAW began and out first was the new WWE Champion, Shelton Benjamin coming out and the people seemed to accept him as they were cheering him. Shelton looked around and saw the people and raised his title in the air to a great response.

"They said it couldn't be done, but they are always wrong because I am the new WWE Champion! Now you want to know who will be the new number 1 contender for the WWE Title, well I'm here to tell you it's not going to be Christian or HHH because of a clause in the contract, that doesn't give them a rematch against me, they have to earn. But as the champ I will take on all comers and anyone that wants a shot at me."


Edge made his way out to the ring, he got in and got a mic, "well, I thought it couldn't be done, I thought you didn't have a chance in hell to win but you did and I congratulate you on that. But since you don't have a contender for that belt, I feel that I deserve that shot at the title. Why do I deserve the title shot? Well let's see, first I won last night at WrestleMania that still makes me undefeated there, plus I'm the former WWE Champion, that's why I deserve the shot."

"I'll give you a title shot any place, any time."

"Let's go right now!"

Shelton took off his shirt and Edge got ready as well, they looked like they were about to go but Edge stopped and grabbed the mic again. "No not tonight, I'm still a little sore from last night and I want more time to prepare, this match will take place when I'm ready." Edge left to a round of boos leaving Shelton in the ring staring a bullet right through him.

Backstage Evolution just finished watching that and HHH was irate, he knew the stipulations, but he thought he would get the win so he didn't have to deal with those 2 again.

"What the hell am I suppose to do now?"

"Just wait I'm sure Dusty has some sense in him to give you another title shot." Flair assured him.

Orton stepped in with Stacy behind him, "what about me? I had Cena beat last night, but if it wasn't for Torrie Wilson, I would have finished him off."

Batista stepped in, "face facts, we all lost last night, it was not our night but we have to move forward." They all looked at him kind of confused.

Christian was in the back sitting down in his locker room, Tomko stepped in and Christian greeted him, Tomko started talking.

"Last night you know why you lost, you didn't have back up. Remember when I was your problem solver? You had success, now you don't have anyone, so I'm here to tell you to join with me again, but this time you will have more back up in the Alliance."

"You know I've kind of grown into being my own person and a loner but looking back at the success I had with back up, I find your offer intriguing but I need some time to think of it." Christian then left and Tomko smiled.

John Cena was in the back with Torrie and they were "doing stuff" he had the night off after weeks of physical pain. Jeff Hardy walked in limping a little with Trish helping him walk.

"Cena what's up?"

"Catching up on some business."

"Good because I have some business you discuss with you. See after last night I thought of something, see you took on Evolution and took them down, and I took down the Alliance with some help. I'm thinking if we were together, we'd team up and take over, and I'm talking about tag team glory. You have never won the tag team titles, I've won it multiple times, I feel like you deserve the shot to earn those titles."

"Maybe it'll be a good change for me to go into tag team wrestling." He looked at Torrie and she nodded, he stood up and shook Jeff Hardy's hand, "alright let's do this, next week we begin." All four of them put their hands in the center signifying unity.

The last segment of the night had Paul E. Dangerously walking out with his Alliance and he was surprisingly smiling.

"You know I expect you all to think I'd be upset after last night but tough break for all of you morons out there. After watching last night, I realize I didn't have to worry about the result. See after watching the match I was impressed with my guys, after last night I realized that I had the future of professional wrestling with me and the future is the Dangerous Alliance. First Ken Doane, this man at 21 years old hung in there with the big boys and took it to them, I have the future right here. Now to CM Punk, this man proved he is a main eventer already. He beat Jeff Hardy's team and they cheated to beat him, Jeff Hardy had main eventers and former World Champions and this man beat them all. Pretty soon this man will be the WWE Champion, he is the best in the business today. How bout the MVP, that man is…Me, Paul E. Dangerously. I assembled the best group of wrestlers to ever be put together in wrestling history. DX, nothing, the Horsemen can't hold a candle, and the original Alliance which contained Steve Austin, Rick Rude and Arn Anderson were never as good as the group I have now, I dare say it we are the best team in wrestling history!"


Evolution walked out and stood on the ramp and Flair started talking first, "you want to come out and say you are the best team in wrestling? The Horsemen couldn't hold a candle to you? Well you're right because the Horsemen don't hold candles, we held championships and I can see that you guys have 0."

Orton grabbed the mic, "Ken Doane, you want to be the future of wrestling, well too bad because I'm already occupying that title. I am the Evolution of this business, you have a long way to go."

HHH was next, "Paul E. you tell all these people that you have the best talent in the history of wrestling. Well you forgot about Evolution, he are the current kings of wrestling, and as Naitch would say to be the man, WHOOOOO, you have to beat the man. And we are the men you have to beat to be the best. Punk I've seen you, you're good but you're just not good enough. To be considered the best in the business you have to beat the best and win World Titles, you haven't done either of those things, so the best in the business is standing and talking right to you."

Punk grabbed the mic, "You're right but I'll probably win the title before you ever get another shot at it. You're way past your best, you have a second rate team, second rate talent and a second rate finishing maneuver. You claim to be the best then why don't you guys come in and show us." Punk dropped the mic, Paul E. left and the Alliance got ready, Evolution started their way down the ramp taking off their nice suits as they walked.

All of a sudden John Cena and Jeff Hardy ran through the crowd and attacked the Alliance causing a fight between them. Evolution back peddled and watched and laughed, the Alliance had the numbers and were taking them down.

Shelton ran down and springboarded and nailed Snitsky and Tomko with a double clothesline then started pounding on the Alliance, the Alliance bailed out and they stood on the outside, Evolution on the ramp laughing and Shelton, Jeff and Cena standing tall in the ring.

A/N: Just to start this off with just interviews to set up things, BTW I had Punk get cheers during his match at Mania because Detroit was in the tri-state area where he wrestled on the indies, BTW check out that match on the War Games story to see it, it's worth a read. Anyway here's a preview:

Next Time: New rivalries erupt, what's next between Shelton and Edge? And The Dangerous Alliance and Evolution? Plus Jeff Hardy and John Cena team up for the first time in their quest for the tag team titles.