Chandler was pulled from a deep sleep at the familiar sound of the alarm clock. He groaned and pulled his arm away from Monica momentarily to reach across her form to turn off the incessant ringing. He blinked wearily at the time. 5:00. Momentary confusion washed over him at the early time before a smile appeared on his lips. He remembered what today was. Today was the day he was going to do what he had sworn to himself so many times as a child that he would never do. Today he was going to get married. His heart swelled at the realization that the sleeping woman in his arms wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Pushing his forehead against the back of her head and breathing in her smell, he closed his eyes and allowed himself a moment before sighing and dragging his tired limbs out of the bed.

The mostly asleep Monica groaned in protest at the sudden removal of her heat source. As Chandler was pulling his clothes back on, she sat up, blinking wearily at him.

"What time is it?" She asked.

"A little after 5."

She looked confused. "Then where are you going?"

Chandler smiled and now fully dressed, wandered over to her side of the bed before sitting beside her and taking her hands. "I have to get out of here before Rachel and Phoebe get up and catch me. Or there may not be a man left for you to marry today."

He was rewarded when she smiled at his words, the importance of today's events rushing back to her. "You really think they'd be up this early?"

Chandler shrugged. "You never know." He laughed. "It's almost like when we were still sneaking around. Getting back to our own beds at ungodly hours of the morning."

Monica laughed. "At least you get to sleep in today. I have to get up in two hours and start getting ready."

Chandler mock-glared at her. "Hey, I have to get ready too."

"Yes, but sweetie, it's a little easier for guys. All you really have to do is have a shower, brush your hair and get dressed. I have to get my hair done, make-up, dress, shoes…" She trailed off.

Chandler smiled, admitting defeat. "I'm sorry I kept you up last night."

Monica leaned in a planted a quick kiss on his lips. "I'm not." She whispered seductively, leaning back, and pulling him down with her. "In fact, its too bad you have to leave so early…"

Chandler groaned, burying his face on her shoulder. "You're the devil," he whispered when he lifted his head back up to meet her eyes.

"You okay?" She asked lightly.

He smiled down at her. "Never better." There was no hint of anything but honesty in his eyes. "We're getting married today," he whispered, his voice quiet, but excited.

Monica smiled. "You bet your ass we are."

Chandler sighed and rolled off the bed. He quickly reset the alarm clock for her and leaned down for one last kiss as an unmarried couple. "I'll see you this afternoon," he whispered.

Monica smiled. "I'll be the one in the white dress."

Chandler laughed at her words, knowing it was his sense of humor that had worn off on her over the years.

They both jumped at the sounds of movement in the next room. They both held their breath as footsteps were heard leaving the guest room and heading for the bathroom. "I think that's my cue," Chandler said, offering her a warm smile before slipping out the door.

Monica smiled to herself as she rolled over and drifted off to sleep.


A few hours later, over in Rachel's room, Chandler was fast asleep, a small smile playing on his lips, as his dreams were light and happy. Suddenly the serenity of his dream world was pulled violently away from him when the pillow that was held securely in his arms was yanked from his embrace. He barely had a chance to react when he was suddenly assaulted by way of pillow, over and over again.

Chandler stuttered and tried to sit up, his eyes unable to focus on his attacker. "Hey- wait, stop!" He managed to get out, but the assault didn't cease. Finally in a moment of uncharacteristic coordination and reflex, Chandler managed to grab onto a corner of the pillow and meet eyes with his attacker.

His soon-to-be-brother-in-law stared down at him, suddenly reminding Chandler of a college incident leading to the nickname of 'Red Ross.'

"Ross." Chandler greeted as nonchalantly as possible, trying not to set off his best man. Ross remained silent. "Is this like some weird wedding day initiation thing?" Chandler asked lightly, his tell-a-joke-when-nervous mechanism setting in.

"Where the hell have you been?" Ross finally demanded.

Chandler hesitated, suddenly realizing that just because no one caught him with Monica the night before didn't mean no one noticed he was missing. He glanced at the clock. 6:50. "It's not even seven in the morning, Ross. Where do you think I've been?" If Ross was looking for proof that he had seen Monica, he wasn't going to give it to him.

"I know where you should have been, but you weren't here. I came looking for you last night and you were gone!"

"I-uh, went up to the roof to think." Chandler stuttered, not actually telling a lie. "I got home hours ago," which was also true, he just didn't say how many.

"Well you should have left a note." Ross was calming down and had released his death grip on the pillow. Chandler pulled the pillow to his chest and sat up straighter.

"I'm a big boy, Ross. I'm allowed to go out at night." Chandler said lightly.

Ross shook his head. "No, not the night before your wedding your not. We didn't know where you were. We thought you…" He trailed off.

Chandler scrunched his forehead. "You thought I what?"

Ross sighed, the remaining stiffness in his posture dissipating. "We thought you took off, man."


"We thought you freaked out and took off. We thought you were running out on Monica."

Chandler scoffed. "I would never do that. And who's we?"

Ross sighed. "Rachel, Phoebe and I. I came to see you last night, right as Joey was leaving to go back to the set. He thought you were in Rachel's room and you weren't. Then I talked to Rachel and Phoebe and they said you were acting weird all night."

Chandler paused for a moment before deciding not to be mad. "I left while Joey was getting ready. I just needed some time and space to think. I was freaking out a little," He admitted. "But I would never have taken off on her. You should know that by now, Ross."

Ross hung his head for a moment. "I'm sorry man. I really am. I never even thought to check back in here." He laughed quietly. "I can't believe I've been out all night looking for you."

"By yourself?"

Ross nodded. "We didn't want Monica to find out, so Rachel and Phoebe had to stay with her."

Chandler smiled inwardly, finding humor in the fact that while they were looking frantically for him, he was in the same apartment as the girls. "I appreciate you trying to protect her, Ross, but believe me when I tell you I'm here to stay. I love her too much to ever leave, even if I wanted to. I know you're her big brother and I respect that you feel a need to protect her, but you won't ever need to. I give you my word."

Ross remained quiet for a few moments before smiling. "Thanks man, that means a lot to me. And I do believe you. I'm sorry I didn't trust you last night. And I'm sorry I tried to beat you this morning."

Chandler shook his head. "Don't worry about it. I probably would have thought I took off too, I mean I AM Chandler." He joked.

Ross laughed at this. "So, whatever you needed to think about last night, you got that figured out or do you need to talk?"

Chandler smiled. "I got it all figured out. Got worked up for nothing."

Ross paused for a moment, as if convincing himself Chandler was telling the truth. "Well, then, I'm going to go tell the girls and then I'm going to go home and crash for a couple hours." He said a quick goodbye and departed the room.

Chandler laughed to himself before lying back down, the pillow securely in his arms again. "I'm getting married today," he mumbled as he drifted back to sleep.

AN: So, there still are Mondler lovers out there! I'm glad to here it. I've had to watch the episode over and over to getting timing and wording right. And I forgot how funny this show was. Watch it over and over and it still makes me laugh. ("You know, she might not even realize he's gone" –Phoebe) lol. Anyway, next chapter up soon.