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Midsummer Panic
Chapter 1
Your Rose-coloured glasses are on the wrong way

"Hey…" she said into the phone, while she knocked impatiently on the front door. She held her phone to her ear, her bag dangling off her knocking arm. She looked around the street frantically and then returned her attention towards the door that was refusing to open. She rolled her eyes, "Huh? Yeah, he's not answering the door." She said, bitterly into the phone. She dropped her hand and sighed, whipping around to lean on the door. She gazed down the street tiredly with a slight frown on her face. "He probably slept in. Can you call him for me? If he sees my number, he won't pick up."

"Y-you… want… me to call him?" the female voice on the other line stuttered softly.

"… yes." She replied, awkwardly. Was it such a big deal? A five-second phone call wouldn't cost her her life. The girl on the other side gave a dramatic sigh and in an instant, Kairi knew this wasn't gonna be easy. "Do you have his number?"

"Yes… yes, I have it." She added, once again in a melodramatic wisp. Kairi thought she was going to scream. The girl replied, "But—but what do I say… if he picks up?"

"Tell him to get out of bed and come to the door." She told her, simply. "… tell him it's Riku. Then he'll get up."

"But what if he asks—" a gasp. "—what if he asks how I know Riku's at his door? Ooooh, Kairi, what if he thinks I'm weird?" she was clearly panicking.

"Namine, really." Kairi rolled her eyes and heaved a sigh. "It's my birthday and I wanna go to the beach, why is everything disagreeing with me today?" she whined, biting down on her lip in a childish manner. She turned back to the door and banged on it as hard as she could. "This isn't fair—Sora! Open the door, I know you're in there! If you dare try to ruin my birthday, I'll kill you!" she practically screamed. Birds by a nearby street sign flew away in terror, as Kairi heard footsteps approaching the door. Finally, she thought.

The door swung open and before Kairi could continue her bitching session, a woman appeared. Her light brown hair was soaked and she wore a robe, tightly pulled over her shoulders. She looked at Kairi in shock before easing her irritation just a little. Kairi gave a feeble smile and what would be a bow if she wasn't frozen from yelling threats over the door. "… Miss Akela…" she began slowly. "Hi."

"Happy Birthday, Kairi, dear." She smiled suddenly and reached over to give the auburn-haired girl a hug. She clearly just ran out of the shower to answer the door. "Sora's in his room."

Figures. "Sleeping?" she asked.

"No. Why?"

I'm going to kill him. "… no reason." She smiled, nervously. Miss Akela pushed open the door to let her in and Kairi instantly rushed towards the staircase. Before Miss Akela could tell her anything, she was already up the stairs and halfway down the hall.

"Where are you? Should I tell Riku you aren't coming?" it was Namine. Kairi couldn't believe she was still on the line. Anything to hear Sora talk, right? She figured as much, so she didn't ask. Namine was way too much of a simple-minded person for her own good.

"No, no, I'm coming, I swear." Kairi said into the phone before knocking once on the last door at the end of the hall. When she heard no answer, she pushed open the door and almost got blinded by sunlight. All the windows in the room were pulled open. They illuminated the normally gloomy dull blue walls and red everything in his room. She found him sitting on his bed, staring avidly at this thing in his hands that had earphone wires sticking out of it. Just as she thought; the earphones were stuck snuggly in his ears and he was staring, unblinking, at the miniscule screen in front of him. Kairi sighed. "You might as well hang up, he's not gonna talk." She said into the phone with a slight smile as she wandered over to his desk.

"Huh?" Namine coughed a little. "Oh… Kairi," she began shakily. "D-do you think that's why I'm still on the line or something? Ha." She gave a short laugh. "You called me, so you should hang up first."

"Fine, I will—"

"Don't do it, Riku says he's coming back and he wants to talk to you."


"Hey, " Kairi mumbled, poking him in the shoulder. He snapped his attention over to her and jumped a little, quickly shutting off the whatever-he-was-watching. "Where are your keys?"

"Just because it's your birthday," he began edgily, pulling the earphones out of his ears. "Doesn't mean you can just walk into my house like I know you. Who do you think you are, anyway?" he scoffed, crawling off his bed and rushing over to his desk.

There was a gasp from Namine on the other side of the phone—"He sounds sick. Is he? Ask him if he's okay!" Kairi ignored her.

Before she could say anything, he laughed and flashed her a slight smile, while retrieving his keys from somewhere under his clothes on his desk. "I'm kidding."

"I know." Kairi said with no signs of remorse in her voice. "So," she began, flipping her hair out of her eyes absently. She grinned, "Did you buy me something? Huh? Give me hints."

Sora turned around and glared at her, slowly shaking his head. Kairi quickly kept quiet before she started yelling obscenities. It was bad enough she freaked out his mom this morning. Instead, she gave him a painfully sweet smile and poked him in the stomach a few times, to which he cringed and moved away from her. "You did buy me something, didn't you? Tell me! Is it shiny and expensive?"

"Please, Kairi." He laughed, as he left for the front door.

"Sora," his mom called from the kitchen. When Kairi arrived downstairs, she saw her emerge from the kitchen, now fully clothed and looking radiant. Kairi was always interested in Miss Akela's age, but she never asked. Either way you looked at it, she looked pretty young to be the mother of an 18-year-old. "If you're coming back after 9, call me. If not, I'll be home." She gave him a brilliant smile to which he didn't return. Instead, he only nodded, accompanied by a distant 'sure', and reached for the doorknob to leave. "Bye, Kairi!" she waved to her as she rushed after him. Kairi stopped for a second to wave and then disappeared outside too.

"Okay, so," Kairi began, speaking into her phone, as she got into the passenger's seat of the car. Sora looked at her suspiciously for a moment, and then resumed ignoring the fact she had been babbling away on the phone for what seemed like forever. Kairi was just like that. Best to leave her and the phone alone. She continued, "Do me a favor, and remind Selphie that she has my shoes."

"I will, I will," Namine replied, offhandedly, but she instantly shut up when she heard Sora talking on the other line.

"Who do you keep talking to?" he asked, taking odd glances at her. He strained his neck to get a glimpse of the caller ID and maybe how long she'd been on the phone, almost letting the car stray off the road. Kairi almost screamed before he swerved back onto the road. "Do you even pay for that at all? I swear you said you were broke. And there's no such thing as a 'cheap plan' on Destiny Islands—"

"Can you watch where you're going!"

"—not even if you go around whoring out yourself with salesmen—"

"If you kill me, I'll haunt you forever and kick your ass in your sleep!"

"So hostile, so hostile…" Namine hummed from the line.

"Whatever." He said, simply. "Dude, where are we going? The beach, you said?"

"Yes. For like, the hundredth time."

"Okay, well stop telling me things when I'm half asleep."


"You can't call me at 2 in the morning and expect me to understand what you're saying."

"It wasn't two in the morning—Sora, your clock is broken."


"My God, drive faster, I can't stay in here anymore, this ride is gonna kill me."

"Why don't you learn to drive already? How long has it been since you supposedly 'got your license'—"

"Stop taking your hands off the wheel."

"Answer me."

"Seriously, stop doing that, it's scaring me!"

"It's been like a year now, hasn't it?"

"I should've just went with Riku."

"No, I enjoy your company. It's refreshing."

"You better have gotten me something good…"

"Took long enough!" Selphie screamed ecstatically as she was the first to pull Kairi out of the car the instant it stopped. She took a moment to look at her; she looked shaky, her eyes portrayed an eternal sadness, and everything about her showed she was waving in a pool of slight depression. Selphie frowned and instantly snapped over to Sora, who stopped in his tracks as soon as he felt Selphie's ethereal gaze on him. "What did you do to my friend?" she asked, icily.

"Nothing." Sora said with a simple shrug. "I got her that sword cast thing she wanted, but it was silver and she really wanted the gold one, and so now she's all emo." He said this with a slight hint of sarcasm.

Instantly, Kairi perked up and she slowly turned to Sora with a large grin on her face, her eyes filled with the deepest sympathy. "Did you really?" she asked, softly. "That is so cool, thank you so much—"

"Okay good." He said. "You better be happy, you crazy, crazy child. I've never met a girl that collects swords in my life." He said earthily, but still, a smile managed to creep its way to his lips.

"You collect swords?" Selphie asked, gawking at her. Kairi nodded. "Well," Selphie sighed, exasperatedly. "Why didn't I know? You never told me, why didn't you tell me?"

"Am I the only one who knows that?" Sora asked, offhandedly. Selphie's bottom lip was wibbling as she turned to Kairi with sad eyes. Kairi gave a slight cough and, taking Selphie's arm, guided her far away from their chocolate-haired friend.

"So where's Riku? And where's… Namine?" Kairi asked, noticing her phone line was now cut. She hoped this didn't just mean she didn't pay for the month and that Namine actually hung up.

"He was here, but he left because Namine said he should pick up her friend. This guy, just moved here, lives beside her, but she wasn't at home at the time. So." Selphie said all this very bitterly. Kairi guessed it was because she was still angry about the sword thing. She didn't say anything. After a few moments of silence, Selphie spoke, "They should be here soon." And she trotted away to the bar somewhere, where they were selling discount everything, because it was the end of summer.

Truthfully, she couldn't stand how her birthday was at the end of summer. Nothing good comes from loathing the following school year or foreboding the ending of summer. It was a restless time for everyone, and it was much easier to just ignore her eighteenth birthday. However, Riku insisted that they probably shouldn't. "You're finally gonna be legal, Kai," he kept telling her. She laughed it off, because they'd been teasing her about being the youngest of them all for a long while. It was just her bad luck, even though it only bothered everyone but her.

"Here." Selphie came back, still looking discomforted, and handed Kairi some form of drink. Kairi took it, scanning the tropical looking beverage. "It's from Sora. He says you look really sad, and if you don't get happy soon, he's pawning the sword thing for money to support his guitar collection."

"Thanks." Kairi said, bringing the drink to her lips. Selphie continued to stare at her awkwardly, eyes in evil slits, lips pursed so tightly that they were losing color. Kairi ignored her for a moment—the drink was actually pretty good.

"Do you like him or something?" at this completely random, totally unexpected question, Kairi spit out her drink and collapsed on the beach—laughing. Selphie joined her on the sand, still retaining the same awkward look. "Well. Tell me. Because you only told him about the sword thing, and it makes me feel left out." Selphie was a people person and a true lover of attention—feeling left out was like social exile to her.

"Please, Selphie," Kairi laughed, grasping her sides. She whipped her hair out of her face to reveal a large, toothy smile, and she told her, "That—is funny. And it's okay if you didn't get me anything, because for that—I'll forgive you."

"I'm serious."

"You're still upset about the sword thing, aren't you? I think it was just random conversation but otherwise, no one's supposed to know I collect swords." She shrugged, still clutching her sides in slight laughter. She quickly stopped laughing when she noticed Selphie wasn't buying it. "My God, Selphie, I don't like him. That—if—okay, this whole—he's so… weird! Like, really, even if I did like him, it's impossible to—well he's a nice guy and he's really cool and I like him, he's a nice guy and whatever, but really, Selph, you're not serious."

"… well maybe he likes you." She shrugged. Kairi sighed and rolled her eyes; poor Selphie was a hopeless romantic. To her, guys and girls could rarely ever be friends. It just wasn't something that ever went on in her world. To see the world through rose-colored glasses, Kairi thought. … it really must be something weird.

"I'm pretty sure he doesn't." Kairi said, subjectively. She gave Selphie a smile just before she said anything else. "Let's go find, um, people, okay?" she got up and pulled Selphie up from the sand as they headed to the parking lot to flag down unsuspecting cars.

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