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Nothing Can Stop Us: Even The Night That Falls

Chapter # 1: A World Hidden Away

"Hinata-sama you must be careful!" Neji advice her as she ran to the training grounds. Her head barely tilting she said. "Oi… Hai Neji nii-san!" She smiled and resumed her running.

At age seventeen she had blossomed into a celestial and amazing ninja. No longer a burden, no longer a weakling. Hinata had changed into a more confident and smart woman. Of course her stuttering stayed with her, but she no longer depended on anyone and she was sure of her movements. Hinata had learned to never regret her decisions.

"Shino-kun, Kiba-kun I'm back!" She ran and with a quick hold of Akamaru's necklace she jumped to his back. "Wow you're so big and handsome!" Hinata loved riding Akamaru she liked feeling the cold breeze in her cheeks. She felt like she was in top of the world.

"Konnichiwa Hinata!" Shino nodded to her return while Kiba was already on top of Akamaru hugging her.

"Nee-Chan we missed you!" Kiba said out of joy. He pulled her away to examine her. Her eyes were the same, her voice cheerful and strong, her hair dropped to her waist in layers and her eyelashes were longer. "Hinata you look gorgeous! " Kiba said and soon Shino supported him. Hinata blushed and thanked them. They were a real team and she loved them. They had acknowledge her when everyone had disrespected her, they looked at her strength and celebrated and when they looked at her weaknesses they trained her. They were a real team and they were her brothers.

"How did the mission go Hinata?" Shino asked out of the sudden and Hinata's face turned serious. "It went well Shino, I really wished you guys could have been there. It was more of training than a mission though." Three months it was…three long months of dealing with her father's insults, with harsh training. Even after all that work to boast her confidence and he still didn't acknowledge her. The country of rain was amazingly helpful to her byakugan, but she had to admit she missed Konoha.

"Ah Shino-kun, Kiba-kun, Akamaru. I brought you some gifts." She smiled and they put a you didn't have to face. She reached inside her bag and pulled out three gifts. An album with descriptions of bugs and techniques was for Shino. A box full with toys and two books on how to train a dog with new techniques that was for Kiba and a big bone for Akamaru.

"Arigatou Hinata!" They helped her off Akamaru and Hinata decided to stay for a while to train. An hour turned in to two and she became tired. "Kiba-kun, Shino-kun I have to go." She said gathering her shurinkens and kunai. "Hinata do you want us to take you home?" Kiba asked. Hinata looked at him and blushed. "No Kiba! Um…I have to go somewhere else." She said while her smile grew. "Uh hai!" Kiba said and she left. "Hey Shino what was that all about?" Kiba asked in a state of confusion. Shino smirked but Kiba couldn't see him. "She's growing up Kiba." He said and they resumed their training.

Hinata smiled she couldn't wait any longer she had to see him today and with that she speed to his house. She jumped from tree to tree and in no time she had arrived. "Hello?" She knocked at the door, but nobody answered. Hinata went around the house to see if she could find him. She continued looking for him.

While in a hidden room Sasuke cried looking at some albums of his family. He clearly remembered his mom, his dad and even Itachi. Damn you…Itachi. Huh? Sasuke herd a noise in the other room and quickly got out.

Hinata didn't give up; she looked for him in every room. Finally arriving at the last temple she hoped he would be there. "Sasu..Ah!" She moaned and yelled kicking her legs up and down. "Who are you looking for?" A smooth and strong voice said and she gave in. It was he playing a trick on her.

Sasuke released her. She didn't move away, her eyes were shining with stars and she jumped on him. "Sasuke!" She dropped him in the floor and kissed him. "Hinata you surprise me everyday. Wait are you sure you're Hinata?" He asked giving her a smirk. He looked at her eyes, which were full of joy and pureness. "I missed you Hinata…" He said pulling her into a deep kiss. Three years ago…three years ago that they had discovered one another and now they sat there holding each other, he had turned out to be her beloved Sasuke and she his angel.

"Ah Sasuke, I brought you something!" Hinata pulled out of her bag a necklace with a large purple crystal with small white crystals in each side. "It means eternity Sasuke…the white crystals mean love. If you put it together it says Eternal Love" She blushed and pointed her small fingers towards each other. Sasuke smiled and hugged her in a deep embrace. "You didn't have to… you know." He whispered in her ears and she smiled. He rocked her like a child and after a few minutes of silence she had fallen asleep.

Sasuke had laid her in his bed and went directly into the kitchen to cook dinner. When Hinata woke up she smelled the good aroma of ramen noodles and went to the kitchen. "Sasuke it smells delicious." She said and he smiled. "Sit and eat." She obeyed his orders. "Sasuke we did it…" She had referred to keeping their relationship a secret until they were both eighteen.

It wasn't that they didn't want anyone to know; it was just that they rather liked it since it was private and quiet. There was no one to despise her, no one to bother him. It was peaceful for the first time in their life. They weren't sure what they would do now that she would turn eighteen, but they decided to demonstrate their love to everyone. They weren't embarrassed…they were ready to fight for their love. "Hinata…let's keep it quiet for a few more days." She understood what he asked for and she agreed. It wouldn't be polite that out of the blue they were going out. "Uh Sasuke I have to go. My father must be worried." She smiled. "Uh yeah of course. Hinata…I love you" With that she was gone… me too Sasuke-kun.

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