Nothing Can Stop Us: Even the Night That Falls

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Chapter 8: The Past Intersecting With the Future

He woke up from the terrorizing dream, the memory that never seemed to erase. It was always there so he would never forget; it was his way back to the past. It was raining back then too, but not as smooth, heavy. Sasuke glanced at his wife, her face almost midair and her legs tangled on a bed cover. She was at ease.

He walked out slowly, roaming through the palace that he lived in once before this. The Uchiha palace dark, alone, and broken, was now his home as well as Hinata's. "A father all ready?" he looked up at the cloudy sky questioning his parents. "And my flesh brother is still out there, still living…" Sasuke sat on the steps gladly receiving drops of ice cold rain. He never promised he wouldn't leave, but that doesn't matter anymore, he'll only have to wait for Akatsuki to come and look for Naruto and find him instead. Suddenly a pain came upon his chest, and he decided to go for run.

He let himself fall on the ground, kneeling, tears kissing the already wet ground. He was a child once again, remembering the pain and loss right in his chest. The tears wouldn't cease and he let out a scream. Dad I miss you, mom I need you to hold me… he wasn't scared of having a baby, he was just scared that he wouldn't be a good father. He wasn't able to grow with all the love he could've had…but then again Hinata didn't, Naruto didn't…why was it so hard for him to forget…to love and live like his father would've have him live? I'm just a kid…down in my heart…I'm sorry…

Sasuke walked in to his bath dismissing the terrors of the middle of the night. He had stopped crying, and unable to show his wife that sensitive side of him…what a coward, what a jerk he was being pretending to be strong…

He headed towards his bedroom to lie down. He was thinking, and thinking voices specially Itachi's so you are going to forget your parents? Move on? Little brother that's the best decision for now… He decided to go back to sleep. Coward…




"Uh Hinata wake up!" Sasuke pulled at the covers, Hinata wouldn't wake up.

"Sasuke! Please!!!" She kicked at him.

"Hinata you're going to be late! Go to Sakura for your class!"

She finally stood up, annoyed. She headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Sasuke was fallowing her, attempting to sneak in when she shut the door right in front of him.

"You surely jest! I'm tired and you didn't let me sleep in! No way are you having a shower with me! Go fix breakfast!" Sasuke scowled thinking in amazement; she surely had him wrapped around her fingers, but still not enough.

I'll fix you breakfast, just wait and see.

Hinata came out of the bathroom in a good mood; you'd forget the incident of before. Her hair plastered on her face, falling all the way to her back.

"I think I'm going to cut my hair." Sasuke's eyes went wide.

"Are you sure about that Hinata?" He looked over at her.

"Yeah I am." She replied with a pout.

"No!" He told her.

"Why not?" She had a vein popping out.

"How short are you going to cut it?" He asked.

"Bald!" She stood straight.

"What!?" He stood up.

"I'm kidding!" She let the issue drop.

"Sasuke…what's for breakfast?" She looked at him with a sweet smile.

"Cereal, it's good for you!"

"Sasuke?" She asked while picking up the bowl.

"Hmn?" He continued reading.


"Hey I'm going to have to take a bath, why did you do that for?" He was mad.

"Bye Sasuke, I'll see you after work."

"Hinata!!!" He yelled for her to come back.

"Love ya!" She yelled humorously.

"Bye…" He gave up and left the cereal and milk on the floor, heading towards the shower.





That should show him to make us breakfast! She smiled as she walked through the village. She picked her already dry hair in a messy bun, her shirt was black of course the Uchiha symbol, and she wore some baggy shorts. She stopped dressing formal once Sasuke and she meet again. He let her borrow some clothes, and of course they were baggy, fitting her big, but she liked it. It was the well he called it, comfortable and loose. It didn't make her look big at all but indeed beautiful.

She walked inside the hospital heading towards Sakura's office. "Oh, hello Hinata!" She turned around being interrupted. Kakashi sensei was looking at her. "Hello Kakashi." She bowed. "How's Sasuke doing?" She giggled at the thought in her head. Kakashi not clear raised an eyebrow. "He's probably cleaning up the kitchen. I told him I wanted the house sparkling by the time I get home." Kakashi laughed. "So you have him by the leash, good girl!"

After Sasuke and she were together, when she got stronger, and when she started dressing the way she did…she started hanging with the guys. No, not all the time, but when she was feeling mysterious, or in some way like doing something bad her number one partners were Naruto and Kiba. They would spend the time together, just helping around and fooling around. Sometimes they trained, and sometimes they messed with the teachers, especially Iruka sensei, that Kakashi sensei would go along.

"Yep! He got me pissed of this morning. But he'll be all right. Can you believe it, not cooking for the wife? He has a lot to learn." Hinata stucked the tongue out and he nudge at her. "Well I'll let you go, and tell him I need to speak to him." Hinata nodded and made a peace sign.




After coming out of the shower, he had no choice but to clean the kitchen. Jeez…is this how marriage is supposed to be? She has me whooped. Maybe I really need to get a job…well I need to stop being lazy, honey moon is over…been over…hmmp. He closed the door of the mansion and left to meet Naruto.

"Hey Sasuke." Sasuke only nodded.He didn't talk much to Naruto not anymore. He saw him, and they trained…but he didn't really spill the secrets so much, not that he ever did. It was clear that both would die for each other, but it never passed that. "What are you thinking about?" Naruto sat next to him, kicking the water. "Not much…are you ready?"

Naruto nodded and they stood up, walking towards the Hokage's office. They were going to the meeting in which they would find out what was necessary to become ANBU. "You know, you could act like you're happy…you are married to Hinata, the woman of your dreams right?" Sasuke was exhausted all ready. Naruto never knew when to shut his mouth, maybe that's why he was always with him. Silence would lead him to thinking…way too much. Silence was fucking loud.




Hinata walked towards Sakura. "Hey Sakura." Sakura smiled. "Hey there! Hinata, it's a good thing we are starting with botany first. You're pregnant and you won't be able to use so much effort with your chakra. It's important that you take care of yourself. Is that understood?" Hinata smiled, she understood. She was willing to wait either way. Her baby was the first and the last human being on her mind.

"Yes, I understand Sakura." Sakura had her hair curled. She was the shortest of them, all Ino coming right after Hinata. Sakura still looked like a young girl. No more than fifteen and her eyes were deep shade of green. She wasn't beautiful, she was cute, but what she lacked in looks she gained in brains. Hinata admired her, but she was bossy.

"Okay, very well Hinata. I will give you these materials and I need you to read the book. These small bottles I need you to fill them up with the kind of herbs we need. All right? And take your time. There is no hurry." Hinata nodded and went out the door.




She headed to Ichiraku Ramen Stand to get ramen to go. Kiba and she were going to meet there. "Hey Hinata, um I think I know what Shino and his dad want. I'm going to get pork. You?"

"Heh, slow down Kiba, I want um Shrimp ramen. What do the Aburame's want?" After he told her they ordered four small cartons, shrimp, pork, vegetable and chicken. They rode Akamaru to Shino's house, talking, about the old times.

When they finally arrived Shino's father opened the door. "Hello there! How's it going? Thanks for stopping by. Shino is waiting for you up stairs." Hinata and Kiba nodded handing the bag with food to him. Slowly they walked up to his room, the floor screeching beneath their feet.

Shino sat in his bed against the wall. His eyes were covered by the dark shades he always used.

"Hey Shino." Hinata looked at him, his hands, his face he was pale. Sweating and sweating.

"How's it going buddy?" Kiba came out of the dark.

"Not so good, I don't fully understand what father is telling me. The idea that if I survive something so crucial, I will be strong…I used to thought it was like training, but is deeper than that. I'm not really trying; I just know I can't die so suddenly. I'm not even scared, just bored. I want to go out…"

At that moment Shibi came into the room. He brought a tray with four mugs. He sat at the far side of the room. "You know, your mother didn't want to give you this…she didn't know about it until a long time. You know, if you get this power, you will have two great things. You will have the power to call bugs…and the other… You need to be stronger…dying wont help at all." Shino grunt at this, they fought constantly, they didn't agree in anything.

Shibi handed everyone their food, including Shino. He didn't eat much, so vegetables suited him best. He looked out the window, and then to Hinata and Kiba, he had all ready lost a lot of life…five weeks…

Unable to return positive news, or anything to help, Hinata left, leaving Kiba with Shino. She was never good with people. She cared about them, but she never knew how to react to them if they were mad. She walked slowly; she caressed her stomach, still flat. It was too soon to know anything…she had a feeling it was a girl.




Hinata got home, hoping to find Sasuke. The house was clean, the rooms neat. He wasn't there; he wouldn't be there until a few hours…only it felt like forever. She slipped her shorts off and went to lie down in her bed, leaving her bags with books and containers at the table. Tears slowly slid out of her closed eyes, she felt helpless…was it the baby? The fact that Shino wasn't feeling well…or was it that she missed Sasuke?

After a few hours when Hinata felled asleep, Sasuke got home. One look at her and he knew she had been crying. He picked her up, holding her in his arms. Her body was so small compared to his. He kissed her forehead. "Everything will be all right. I promise…"

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