(cough's nervously) erm short little one shot. This is my first Naruto fic, so please go easy on me. If people actually read this short little thing, I guess you could call it an introduction and continue it...but I think I'll just leave it as a one-shot.yeah, er I just wanted to write something angsty (grins sheepishly)

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There's nobody here in this ghost town. Nobody wanted to be near me. They all packed up and moved away. Now I'm on my own. Again.

I have to wonder why the gods have chosen me for this horrible curse. What ever did I do wrong to make them so angry? Did I do something bad? I'm sorry for whatever it was that I did! I'm sorry, because nobody can hear me right now.

Soon I will pack up; I will take everything that is mine (which is nothing) and move onto the next town. And there I will stay. Until they move again. They will all move away from me, no matter who it is. I feel so alone. But that is nothing new, for I have always been alone.

Born without a mother, my father dead, dying, or gone, my teacher taught me horrible things and then abandoned me to the cruel life that nature intended for me. Now I know only those things that can hurt me and people.

Strangers, when they first see me, think that I am nothing to be feared, just another person walking down the street. But I hold this curse and as they walk by, a chill seems to over come them. They take a second look behind to look at me, with my blond hair and blue eyes, and they then hurry away, fear in their eyes.

I suppose one would think that if you were in my position, you would kill yourself. I would! Trust me, I've tried. But it won't let me, this curse. I slit my wrists and watch the blood run down the drain, staining the porcelain pink. Then the blood stops. The cuts heal and I am left with nothing but the stain on the sink to tell me of what really happened. Not even a scar remains.

I've tried jumping. The highest I ever jumped was ten stories, off the highest building in that village. I broke my spine, cracked my head open and broke my legs and one arm. I remember bleeding all over the place as sirens called. I was still conscious when the ambulance arrived. The medics took one look at me, then packed up and left, leaving a guy to drag my body to an old alley way. I healed once again.

Everything I have tried has failed. I now look washed out, faded, like the grey road that I travel constantly. I see no end. I see no beginning. I am me and I keep on going and going and going and going. I look worn out, but I still look young.

How long?

How long have I been traveling this desolate road?

Has it been days? Months? Years?

How long will I be like this? For another week? For another year? Forever?

Once again I pack up and leave, a dark shadow staining my past and stretching far before me, staining my future, just staining everything I touch.

People curse my name. Uzumaki Naruto.

Tell me if you guys want me to continue (if I do continue, it won't be this short and it will probably be in Naruto's POV) but (shrugs) I wont continue if nobody reviews. Remember, first Naru fic!

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