"Courting Miss Mimi"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Table of Contents (titles are subject to change)
P Prologue
1 In Love with the New Girl - Michael's POV
2 More Than Just Friends? - Matt's POV
3 The Argument - Izzy's POV
4 The Perfect Girl - Joe's POV
5 Sisterly Love - Yolei's POV
6 The Day Everyone Fell in Love with Me - Mimi's POV


Hi, my name is Freedom Fighter. This is my first 'successful' attempt at writing a
Digimon fanfic. I say that because I have been planning out an action-adventures series
for several months which would have put a twist on the transition from 01 to 02, as well
as for the entire Digimon Emperor arc of 02. It never worked out. I felt that people
wouldn't want to read something like that.

Thus, I dumped the idea when I thought of this one a couple of weeks ago. In this short
fanfic series, everyone in Odaiba finds out that Mimi is coming back once again. This
time, she's bring a friend... Michael, whom the 02 Digidestined had already met in the
Digiworld. More on that in a second. Anyway, upon Mimi's arrival at the airport, she
discovers how much some of her old friends have missed her.

For reference, I'll say that this takes place between Episode 68, "The Samurai of
Sincerity," and Episode 71, "Ghost of a Chance." There probably will not be any parts
involving the Digidestined battling the Digimon Emperor in this fanfic. I'll sort of work
around them. Also, I don't believe that Michael and Yolei make a good couple. Thus, in
this fanfic you should pretend as if they never actually went on their proposed date (I
believe that they only have a mild interest in each other rather than a relationship).

I'll explain more in detail how this mini-series will work in the first chapter. In the
meantime, let's start by setting the mood. Ok?

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or any of the Digidestined characters. I do wish,
though, that I could get to spend a day with the Digidestined. Izzy could help me with
my studies, I could teach Davis some manners about the right way to get Kari's attention,
and Mimi could give me a tour of the Big Apple, since I've never been there before.


"I couldn't believe it!" Mimi exclaimed, as she began to narrate. "After my first trip
back to Japan a couple of weeks ago, I was so excited that I wanted to make another one!
So excited that I ended up making enough money for a trip to two, thanks to Yolei's dad,
who's a travel agent, and my superb skills at helping the local Girl Scouts sell cookies!
Luckily, deciding who would be my travel partner didn't involve as much work. I stand
by my decision, though, and I can't wait to see all of my friends again!"

Meanwhile, more than halfway across the world in the Odaiba district of Tokyo, the old
Digidestined now also know of Mimi's upcoming return trip.

July 14th, 11:45 a.m. in Odaiba, Odaiba Secondary School

Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, and Joe were all sitting down to lunch in the cafeteria. They are
currently discussing their plans for Mimi's visit.

"Well," began Tai, "since she's going to be here for a whole weekend this time, I was
thinking of planning a Digidestined's day out!"

"Good going, Tai," Matt retorted. "Did you think of that all by yourself?"

Sora jumped between the two as they were about to get into an argument. "Can you two
spend one waking moment of your lives without arguing?"

"Sorry," they replied apologetically.

"Seriously though, Tai has a good point," Joe interjected. "We want her and her guest to
truly feel like royalty."

"True... as long as we don't let it all go to her head, like that incident in the Digiworld,
remember?" Izzy added, recalling Mimi's days as a princess.

The other Digidestined give a collective sigh. "We know. We remember."

"Say, who exactly is Mimi bringing anyway?" Sora asked.

"All her e-mail said is that it's someone that the current Digidestined have met before,"
Matt responded.

"Kari told me about this guy named Michael that Mimi brought with her to the Digiworld
last week," Tai remarked.

"What does this guy look like?" Joe asked.

"Kari took a picture of him when they first saw him at Digitamamon's Restaurant."

Tai took the picture out of his bookbag and showed it to the others. Sora blushes.

"You know, he's kinda cute."

"What?" Tai retorted, stunned at Sora's remark.

"I'm only kidding," Sora joked.

"Interesting," Izzy noted. "This further supports my theory that we're not the only
Digidestined. In fact, it is my belief that there are hundreds of kids like us who have also
been to the Digiworld."

"In other words," Matt began, "there are other kids around the world who have their own

"I thought I just said that!" Izzy said.

"So what time is she coming in?" Joe asked.

"According to her e-mail," Sora replied, "she said that her plane was scheduled to arrive
at Tokyo International around seven tonight."

"I'm going down to meet her," Matt said. "Anyone want to join me?"

"I'll come with you," Joe replied.

"I was planning to do some research on the flaws of computer generated animation," Izzy
started, "but I guess it can wait for another day. Especially with Mimi coming."

"I wish I could come, but tonight's the first round of the regional tennis tournament,"
Sora replied, sadly. "The team's counting on me in the singles division."

"And I'm going to watch her," Tai laughed hesitantly.

"Since when?" Sora asked him.

"Since I've got nothing to do, and watching you play is better than sitting at home all
night," he whispered back.

"What's wrong with welcoming back Mimi?"

Tai replied, after a brief pause, "I'll tell you later."

"Huh?" Sora asked suspiciously, as Tai picked up his tray and started walking to the trash
receptacle. "What is he talking about guys?"

Matt, Izzy, and Joe look at her nervously. She glares at them for a few seconds. Finally,
the trio gets up at the same time. They pick up their stuff and follow Tai out.

"What is up with them?" Sora asked herself. "Am I missing something?"

To be continued...

Copyright Date: 5/25/01