"Courting Miss Mimi" -- Part 2
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Table of Contents for Part 2
1 Three Girls and an American
2 Fighting for Attention
3 A Private Serenade
4 Scoring Love
5 Dinner and a Movie
6 A Little Too Close for Comfort
7 Ask the Love Dummy!
8 Mimi's Final Decision

Part 2, Chapter 8 - Mimi's Final Decision

This is it, folks! "Courting Miss Mimi" has finally come to an end! I would like to thank
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July 15th, Takenouchi Residence

"So, is that what happened?"

"Yes. Why did I agree to this stupid date in the first place?"

"Because you wanted to have fun, that's why!"

Mimi was retelling the events of her dreadful date with Michael to Sora. Actually, she
had just finished. She was trying to figure out what to do next.

"So what now?" Sora asked.

"I guess I have to tell everyone the truth," Mimi replied.

"About who you love?"

"Yeah," Mimi sighed.

"Who are your choices?"

"Well, there's Michael. I've already scratched him from the list."

"Good riddance. You don't want someone like him for a husband."

"And we can't forget Yolei. She's crazy about me."

"Something tells me you don't swing that way. I'm going to assume you're not for pairing
with her either."

"So that leaves just Matt, Izzy, and Joe."

"Yikes. That's going to be a tough decision to make."

"I know. What do I do, Sora?"

"Well, if I were you, I'd measure their pros and cons. Whomever has the most pros
should be the guy you pick."

"Okay. I guess it's worth a shot. Besides, there's no way that I'll be able to choose
between the three of them on my own."

"Who do you want to start with?"

Mimi thought for a few seconds. She finally came to a decision.

"Let's start with Izzy," she announced.

"Fair enough."

"He is one of the most intelligent guys I know."

"Yeah, but he spends too much time working on his computer."

"All of the Digidestined look up to him as a mentor. And they always turn to him when
they need help figuring something out."

"True, but he won't be for long. Yolei is only a year younger than Izzy, and she's almost
as good. It'll get to the point where he'll be useless. Anything else?"

"Not really. There's not much else I can say about Izzy."

"Then let's move on. What about Matt? He seems to care a lot for you."

"He does, doesn't he? And his band should be able to make a lot of money."

"Eventually they will, but they're not too famous yet."

"At least he'll be a rock star. I'll be world famous myself if I end up marrying him in a
few years."

"If you can keep all of the groupies off of him. And trust me, I've seen a few of them.
You wouldn't be able to handle them."

"And even if he doesn't become a rock star, he's still one of the cutest guys in Odaiba. I'll
still grab some attention if I become his girlfriend."

"But that means you would have to move back here from New York."

"That applies to all of them, Sora! It doesn't make any difference!"

"But you tried dating him before you left for America. Second attempts at relationships
tend to fail more often than first attempts."

Mimi sighs in discontent. "How about Joe?"

"What about Joe?"

"Well, he is a bit shy around me."

"But shy people are usually introverted. He wouldn't fit with someone who is as outgoing
as you are."

"He is studying to be a doctor. It would help us as a couple financial wise."

"That's later on down the road. You have to wait for him to complete his studies. And
that could take awhile."

"I think Joe's most redeeming quality is that he genuinely cares for everybody, no matter
what we do."

"True, but he's also quite the scaredy cat. He wouldn't be the type of person who could
defend you if you two got into trouble."

"Gee Sora. You're practically shooting me down at every chance I get!"

"Well, it's because I've been able to think of a con for every pro you've stated."

"Then how am I supposed to choose?"

"Just follow your heart, Mimi."

"That is so cliché."

"I know. But I really can't think of anything to say."

Sora and Mimi decide to end their discussion there. It's all up to Mimi to decide who she
wants to fall in love with.

July 16th, Tokyo International Airport

The following morning, the whole Digidestined gang is gathered at the airport to wish
Mimi and Michael farewell. But most importantly for Matt, Izzy, Joe, Yolei, and
Michael, Mimi was going to announce whom she chose.

"I guess this is goodbye," Mimi said.

"You'll visit us again, right?" Sora asked.

"Yeah. But probably only in the Digiworld. These transpacific flights cost a lot of
money. And they're quite tiring too."

"So," Tai began, "has the ever popular princess made her decision?"

"Actually, I have."

Michael sighs. "I know it's not me. I think I'll wait on the plane for you, Mimi."

"I want you to hear this, Michael."


"You're just going to ask me on the plane anyway, so stay here so I can tell you all at

Mimi turned to the candidates, minus Michael, and looked them over one last time. She
then announced her decision.

"I stayed up all night thinking about this. But there was only one of you who I think truly
ever cared for me. He never went out of his way to impress me. He didn't have to be
there for me the whole time. All he had to do was be there in spirit. And only one of you
has won my heart."

"I hope it's me," Yolei thought.

"It's gotta be me," Matt thought.

"It has to be me," Izzy thought.

Mimi smiled and walked up to the one she had chosen.

"And that person is you."

She pointed at him happily. He, naturally, fainted. Tai and Sora ran over to check on
him as Mimi dragged Michael away towards the gate that their plane was located at.

"When Joe comes to," Mimi said happily, "tell him that I love him!"

"Will do," Matt replied. He then runs after Mimi and stops her. "I'll make sure he gets
the message. Let's just hope he doesn't faint again after we tell him."

"Thanks for understanding," Mimi told Matt. "I'm surprised that you're reacting so

"Well, I had a feeling when I woke up this morning. It wasn't an ominous feeling of
doom. Then again, it wasn't a good feeling either. But whatever it was, something tells
me that you weren't going to choose me anyway."

"Please understand me. It was a personal decision."

"No need to explain any further. Just do me a favor and don't ignore him like you do me.
You may be an ocean apart from each other, but you're still the closest two friends I have
ever met."

"Thanks Matt!"

Mimi gives Matt one last hug before waving goodbye to him and to the others. She
followed Michael past the gate entrance and onto the pathway heading for their plane.
As she disappeared from sight, Izzy is still stunned at all this, wondering how it all turned
out this way. And Yolei was heavily disappointed, as she hangs her head in shame.

Over on the pathway, Michael was discussing things with Mimi.

"Are you sure you made the right decision?"

"I think so. Joe's the kind of guy I need right now. Someone who's willing to take his
time and persevere through any obstacle that comes his way. He's the type of guy I want
as a boyfriend."

"Then I respect your decision, Mimi."

Mimi smiled as she walked ahead of Michael and reached the plane first. Michael
glanced at Mimi's body once more as he ponders what could have been.

"But I wonder," he thought, "what if she didn't make the right choice?"

Michael can only wonder as he follows Mimi onto the plane. Once the two find their
seats, they strap themselves in and prepare for the long flight back to New York.

The End

Once again, I'd like to thank all of you for reading this fanfic.

Personally, I don't know why exactly I chose for it to the end this way. I currently don't
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people say that Mimi married Michael at the end of 02. Personally, I'm not sure how
substantiated that claim is. And just like everyone else, I really didn't agree with the
ending either. So I think it's just safer to leave my vote open.

Honestly, I don't know if I'm going to do another fanfic like this one again. You never
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