Review Comments
(sorry to those of you who thought this was an update...'''')

Ashley215: Lol….cute nice… love it.

Bran-chan: Really? How did you find that out?

MaskedInsideandout: Thanks so much! I changed it!

NanaOsaki-san: Really? You don't think so? That's weird because I totally saw her as the sort of person who would get right in your face if she didn't like something. shrugs But I'm glad you liked it anyway!

Otaku Dreamer: Lol….well thanks for offering anyway. Unfortunately I'm not writing anymore for this one. :(

ChibiBeff: (smiles)….sorry but I've got such a short attention span that it would never get updated if I continued it…

Itsa Mia:Lmao…Sophie? Leave Howl for that prince? O.o….no way. I mean come on…Howl's far to hot….

Romanceluver95: Yeah….that's what Ashley said…but where did you find that out?

Rinoakes: Thanks! And you're going to regret that offer.

Silver-Serval: You think so? I was trying to keep them as true as possible. is happy

Dr. Azaria: O.O'''….what an awesome review! Thanks so much! And look I even got points! (adds to little jar and beams) !

KawaiixKesshou Thanks! And please Sophie leave Howl for the prince? Psh…never gonna happen.

Michelle: Thanks for the review. Grammar errors huh? sighs Story of my life. I hate grammer. Want to point them out to me?

Fanay-chan: checks off one more satisfied reader Thanks so much!

Lady Moon Dragon ! Gotta love the fluff! And seriously now…where are you all getting this name 'Justin' from. is so confused I mean…I'll change it if you all think that would be better but…..I just want to know where it's coming from.

Sera: Lol…well…I didn't mean for him to come off really pompous. But more like he was trying to impress the girl he loves. He wanted to show her everything she could have. He didn't realize that's not what she wanted. But I'm glad you liked it anyway!

Hikari Midori: w00t! Thanks!….I'm a big fan of fans.

KawaiixKesshou: mmhmm….I can't picture anything breaking those two up.

Lady Ari: Good…I'm glad you can picture it. I like to stay true to the characters.

blackrose113: Lol….I will…but I'm not betting anything on expanding it.

Mrs. Kori Ander Grayson: (cries)….everyone keeps telling me his name is Justin. Where are you guys finding this? (is distressed)

nwfairy: Yeah, he is. A god among anime goers.

Princess Lightina: (beams) Another satisfied reader. It makes my day.

Paprika012345: Agreed…..but I figured it would make for an interesting plot. (grins)

My Little Windmill: Lmao….oh okay…well…nothing bad happened. At least not that I know about it. So it's okay. (grins) But I'm glad you liked it!

raspberrysorbet: Mmm…don't we all?

sora girlfriend: Ouch….just a beta? Not even an "I liked it"? That hurts.

Waveless0Emotions: Thanks!

orangepencils: Lol…I liked him better as a Turnip to. He was more silent. I liked the not talking thing.

JingYee: Yay! Laughter is a good thing.

Link Fangirl01: Heh….all these compliments are going to my head.

((More to be added later as the reviews keep coming! ))