Okay, before anyone asks, why the hell did I do this? Easy, the plot bunnies were taking over my body and such so I decided what the hell, let's get this over with! Anyway, this will be a Link x Samus romance fic. It won't be so fluffy or anything of that. In fact this story might be a bit depressing, but all will end well. It's a bit on the AU-ish side, so bare with me.

This will be a different type of romance which I hope you guys will be interested in. There will be hints of Zelda x Roy or even Zelda x Marth, as well as Samus x Capt Falcon and Samus x Fox, I haven't decided. Couplings might change later on. Enjoy the story.

I don't own anything Nintendo. I wish I did…but I don't.

It Won't be You

Chapter One

Space, thought a lone figure, for so long I have been traveling here and there. Never truly finding a home, and never truly having a purpose in life except for killing. I could say a lot of things about the countless of stars in the universe yet none of them could tell you the story of the lone woman. A woman, who in one unexpected day, lost everything she had.

The figure placed a scarred, torn up hand on the window of the spaceship. This is the hand that killed, the figure thought. And it will be the hand that will end it all. The figure walked over to a strange tube that was filled with a blue liquid. Undressing, the figure stepped into the tube and placed an oxygen mask over its face. The blue waters began to heal and mend the scars of the pale flesh. Even though I am healed physically, it thought, it can never truly heal the scars deep down my body.

After about an hour, the figure headed off towards a small room where there stood a tiny bed and nothing more than a tiny bed. There were no pictures, possessions, or anything of that sort in that room. Long strands of blonde hair touched the hard pillow below the silhouette's body. Slowly, the blonde began to rest and drifted off to sleep.

A small child of no more than four began to walk down through a small forest. She had short blonde hair and soft emerald eyes. As she kept walking through the forest, her eyes caught the figure of a butterfly. She began to chase the butterfly while giggling happily. Just as she was about to catch the butterfly, it flew off.

"Samus…" called out a voice.

The child looked over to who was saying that name. She saw the figure of a rather strong looking blond man. His soft bristle on his chin and face added in more years to his age. The tiny girl giggled as she rushed over to the man. She lifted off her arms and tried to catch the man. However it seemed the more she ran, the further he seemed away.

"Daddy!" the child called out. "Daddy, wait for me! Daddy!"

The red light had managed to turn on inside of the spaceship. The young woman who had been sleeping in her tiny room managed to quickly get out of her bed. She rushed through the doors and headed towards the cockpit. Her tight blue suit rubbed against her body and constricted her. She began to push several buttons as she tried to turn on the monitors.

"Adam!" she shouted. "What the hell is going on!"

"We're being attack by enemy fire," said the computer monitor in front of her. "It appears space pirates are after us."

"Goddamn it! Adam, begin evasive maneuver! Our top priority is to get away from the fires!"

"Will comply with orders."

Just then another shot had been fired at the woman's spaceship. She held onto her seat as she buckled up for a rather bumpy ride. As much as she could try, she could never get them away from her. A whole horde of space pirates kept a close lock on. The spaceship took a very dangerous somersault, which managed to get a couple of ships within her lock. Taking a hold of one of her levers, the woman began to shoot down the ships in front of her.

Meanwhile, on one of the enemy pirate ships a dark silhouette sat down on a large and cold, steel seat. Long lavender colored claws touched the seat and rapped against it. He sneered as he saw the efforts of his once mortal enemy. Pretty soon, he thought, you will know what suffering is. This is what you get for meddling in my affairs.

"Shoot her down and make sure there is nothing left," he said in a raspy voice.

"Yes sir," replied his henchmen.

The woman had managed to spread some distances from the enemy ships. Just a bit more, she thought, and I'll land this ship down and attack them by foot. Just then one strong blast from the ship managed to topple over the woman. Wires began to snap as all the buttons and levers began to spark. Several sparks managed to burn part of the woman's arm. She screamed in pain as she bumped her head against the cold iron of the ceiling.

"Fuck!" she scowled as she rubbed her head. Blood fell on her hands. "Adam! What's going on!"

"It seems the engines have been shot and it seems that the nearby planet's gravity has caught us," replied Adam.

A sudden jerk managed to bring down the woman to the ground.

"Adam, assemble emergency landing gear now!" shouted the woman.

One more stray shot managed to really mess up the woman's engines. The spaceship began to pick up a lot of speed from the planet's gravity. All sort of alarms and red lights went off as the emergency brakes were shot off. The woman tried her best to control the ship's controls, but nothing managed to happen. She screamed as her ship crashed landed. Everything went black for the woman.

Somewhere in the nearby forest, a young man had been resting underneath a grand oak tree. The wind blew his golden strands of hair and tickled his face with the soft strands. He lazily pushed the strands away from his face and continued back to sleeping. Birds began to sing as they flew overhead. A soft leaf fell on top of his head, but he didn't mean.

His elfin ears perked up a bit as he heard some sort of a whistle. He opened one sapphire colored eye and saw nothing more than the forest before him. Shrugging off the whistling, the youth went back to sleep. Just as he was about to fall into sleep, the whistling grew louder until he heard a giant thump. The young man opened both eyes wide awake and looked over to his left. Birds, rodents, and other forest animals began to fly, run, and jump out of the way. Something happened in that direction.

The young man got up from the ground and dusted his green tunic. As soon as no more animals headed his way, the young man rushed towards the direction of where the whistle came from. He ran as fast he could. He didn't know if he was going the right direction until he saw the broken trees. He knew he was close. Once he reached a clearing, his eyes couldn't believe what he saw.

Before him stood a strange vehicle that he had never seen before. Its crimson coloring was quite alluring. Broken pieces of glass fell from where the window had once been. Smoke came out from the broken engines as well as other parts of the ship. The young elfin man's curiosity only perked up even more as he began to make his way over to the strange ship.

He slowly climbed up towards where the broken glass was and peered inside. A lot of smoke covered the entire place. Wires, buttons, alarms, and everything else were broken beyond any plausible repair. As the young man was about to leave, he saw something blue. He squinted his cerulean eyes as he tried to make out what that thing was. It seemed to be underneath a lot of iron bars and other such things.

The youth broke the rogue pieces of glass that got in his way before he climbed inside. He minded his head from the lose wires. He walked over to the blue figure that was on the ground. He kneeled down and touched the strange blue fabric. It was rather soft and squishy. Just then, the blue thing moved slightly. This must be a person, thought the elfin youth. He took a hold of the irons bars and such and began to move everything off from the body.

Once he removed everything he looked over to see the body of the young woman. Certain parts of her body had been bleeding as dozens of cuts and bruise enveloped her. The young man lifted the woman up and carried her over to the broken window. Carefully, he managed to pull himself and the woman up. He slid off from the hood of the ship and landed on the ground.

"Hey," he spoke softly, "are you okay?"

There came no response from the woman. The young man began to worry as he set the woman down on the ground. He began to shake her lightly, in hopes of making her opens her eyes. She still didn't move. Please wake up, he thought as he placed a head on the woman's chest. He could still hear a faint heartbeat, but the woman wasn't breathing.

He tilted the woman's head a bit, to open her mouth and throat. Some air began to enter through her body as her chest soon began to rise up and down. The elf youth smiled as he now knew that she was alive. The young man began to look down at her wounds. Parts of her blue suit were torn, exposing her skin. Something metallic caught the elf's eyes as he looked over to her right arm. As he moved a part of her suit away from her arm, he saw what seemed to be a steel pipe.

"Hey…" came a voice from behind him.

The youth turned around to see the blonde woman wide awake. She moved her right arm back and punched the elf youth, knocking him out cold. The blonde woman moved the elf body off from her own body as she slowly began to get up from the ground. She let out a groan as she felt her entire body ache. She looked over at her right arm as she tried to adjust it.

"Adam," she said, "where are we?"

No response came.

"Adam! Respond!"

Still no response came. The young woman quickly climbed up her spaceship and crawled inside. She began to look around for the main computer hardware. As soon as she found it, the young woman began to pound a couple of buttons, trying to get at least some response. Shit, she thought, I hope Adam didn't get destroyed. How will I ever start up this ship again if I don't have the computer to navigate?

"Adam," she said, "respond to me, please!"

"S…sam…" the computer responded in between static.

"Adam! You're all right! How are the components and what is the damage report?"


"Crap," Samus hissed as she searched for a watch.

She found a small one and wrapped it around her left wrist. She took out a small chip from the main hardware and placed it inside of the watch. She clicked a few buttons on the watch, hoping to turn it on. Once the computer turned on, she let out a sigh of relief.

"Adam, are you all right?" she asked.

"I believe so," replied the computer. "Perhaps now I can analyze where we are, Master Aran. Hold on a moment."

The small watch began to beep as it began to analyze the area.

"I regret to inform you, Master Aran that this planet is not on the chart."

"What do you mean?" Samus asked.

"It seems that this planet is not really on the chart of the Galactic Federation map. It's a planet that is out of the galaxy and into another one."

"So there isn't any nearby headquarters or anything…crap," Samus let out a snort. "What are the damages down to the ship?"

"The damages are quite high. It seems we're going to need a new engine as well as rocket boosters. This will take months to repair."

"Damn it! It's even worse since we don't know much about this planet. I need to check on something."

Samus ran over to her room as she began to search for something. She found a hidden switch and pushed the button. Part of the wall managed to move as it revealed a hidden closet. She walked over to the closet and checked on the wardrobe. A red and yellow steel suit seemed to be unharmed. Samus smiled as she touched the suit. At least it's all right, she thought.

Samus opened a small compartment onto the left arm of her suit. She pushed a couple of buttons which managed to reduce the suit down into a small little ball. She took up the ball then walked out from her spaceship. She jumped from the window and landed on the ground with a loud thud. She looked over at her surroundings.

It seems that I have crash-landed on a forested planets filled with lushes flora, she thought. I suppose I could try to survive, though with my ship messed up, I'll have to either try to repair as much as I can with the limited amount of tools that I have or find another place to use as shelter. Considering how unstable the ship is, it might be dangerous without any repairs.

As Samus kept her eyes on her ship, the young elf boy slowly came to. He let out a soft groan as he rubbed his head. He looked over at the woman who was busy looking at her ship. What's her problem? He thought. I saved her from being crushed. The young man slowly got up from the ground. The leaves beneath him rustled, causing Samus to turn around and see him.

In one swift motion, Samus took a hold of the man's green tunic and brought him down to the ground. The young man let out a groan as his head fell hard on the ground. He looked over to see a pair of angry green eyes. Reaching for her back, Samus took out a small laser gun and shoved it right on the man's throat.

"Who are you?" she snarled. "What do you want?"

"Ulp…" let out the young man as he opened one eye. "I…my name is Link. I saved you…"

"What? I don't understand you!"

"Huh?" Link let out. "I wish I knew that you just said. I should have expected that you would be speaking a different language, much like those other guys I found in this place."

"What the fuck is that suppose to mean?" Samus asked as she tried to make out the strange language that the man was talking.

"I know you don't understand me," Link spoke. "My name is Link. Link…"

"L-link? Is that your name?" Samus looked at him with a somewhat softer, but confused gaze.

"Link," Link nodded his head, hoping that she understood him.

"Well then," Samus said as she moved the gun away from Link's throat, "Link, my name is Samus Aran. Samus. S-A-M-U-S."

"S-Samus?" Link tried to pronounce her name.

"Yes, now since I know that there is civilization, I suggest you take me to where I can repair my ship and find shelter."

Link just looked at her with a blank expression on his face.

"Ugh, I guess all I can do is see if you can help me with body expressions," Samus looked away with an angry face.

"Um, Samus," Link spoke.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"You're still on top of me and you're kind of squishing my lower torso."

Samus just looked at him with a blank expression on her face.

"Ugh, I guess all I can do is see if you can help me with body expressions," Link said.

Link began to sit right up; he took a hold of both of Samus' arms. Samus looked at what was happening and began to panic. What is he doing? She thought as she began to struggle. Link also panicked a bit as he tried to avoid the swings Samus did to try to hit him. Link had had enough as he tried to use his force to push the woman off, however, Samus ended up taking a hold of Link's tunic, so Link landed on top of her in a rather odd position.

Link's body was now on top of Samus as she had spread her legs apart. Both of them managed to blush at their awkward position. Samus fumed as she pushed Link off from her and quickly got up from the ground. She glared at the elfin youth as she began to cuss him out. Fortunate for Link, he didn't understand what she was saying, though he could tell it must have been something that wasn't good.

"I want to say that I'm sorry," said Link as he looked apologetic to the woman. "I didn't mean to land on top of you."

"Listen," Samus said as she pointed her gun at Link. "I'm being a bit nice to you, so I'm giving you off with a warning. Next time you try something like that again, I'll shoot what makes you a man."

"I think I understand what you mean," Link replied as he slowly got up from the ground.

"Okay then, now lead the way."

Samus suggested with her gun for Link to walk in front of her. Link agreed with the suggestion as he began to walk. Samus followed him through the forest. It was rather quiet as if the entire world before them was put in mute. Just as they took another step, Samus fell on her knees. Link moved over to her to offer her a hand, but she refused any help as she grabbed onto a nearby tree and hoisted herself up. The wound on her side was now throbbing with such pain that it made the bounty hunter feel weakened.

"Shit," she hissed, "the pain is too much, but I can't stop here."

"You need help?" Link asked. "You look like your in pain and I don't want you to fall down again."

"I don't need help if that's what you're asking," replied Samus. "I can take care of myself. I just need to you to lead me to where I can heal myself."

"Come on," Link spoke as he took a hold of Samus' left arm, "use me as support."
"I don't need help! What part of that don't you understand?"

"You're quite a fussy one. Listen I'm not going to let you suffer by walking. Now use me a support."

"Get away from me," Samus glared at Link. "I'm not weak!"

"Fine, have it your way."

Link firmly grasped Samus' arm and placed himself underneath her. He used his right hand to grab her waist. Samus began to fuss around, but Link ignored her. I'll take these as a thank you, he thought. After a while, Samus had stopped fussing and actually went along with what Link was doing. The only thing that bothered her was the strange smell that came from him. When was the last time he's had a bath? She thought. Link also couldn't stand the smell that came from her. What is that strange smell from her?

They continued to walk through the forest until they managed to get into a clearing. Once they reached the clearing, Samus saw a couple of strange figures standing by what appeared to be a camp fire. One of the men was actually a vulpine anthropomorphic man. His chestnut colored fur was rather charming as well as his soft teal eyes. His attire seemed to be a bit futuristic. Perhaps this man might help me, she thought as she wanted to walk over to the vulpine.

"Hey you," Samus spoke, "can you help me with my spaceship?"

"Huh? Oh, you're back Link," replied the fox. "As for what that woman said, I don't know. In fact who is she? Why did you bring her?"

The fox looked over at Link with puzzlement in his eyes.

"Oh, um," Link began, "it's a long story…but I'm not too sure if talking about it will help much I have to show you."

Link began to move his free arm. He pointed over to the woods as he continued to talk in his strange dialect. The young fox man just looked over and tried to think of what Link was saying.

"Um…" he said, "I'll try to think of what you're saying to me. I think you're saying you found her in the woods and that something's still there."

Link just stared at him.

"Damn I have to finish making these contraptions," the fox man said as he began to play around with a small device in his hands. "Once I finish making these we'll be able to understand each other. Anyway, you should heal that girl. There's a first aid kit right over there."

The fox pointed over to a small box that had a red cross on it. He kept suggesting Link to use it. Once Link had caught the message he placed Samus down on the tree stump that was nearby and walked over to where the box was. Link opened the box to reveal a lot of bandages and other mending objects. He headed over to Samus as he took out a bandage. Samus took it away from his hands and began to mend herself.

"I can do this myself," she said. "I don't need your help right now."

Link caught somewhat the message as he began to back off from her. He still kept his eyes on her as if waiting for her to accept his help. Samus just scoffed as she turned around, avoiding his gaze. Crazy perverted elf thing, she thought as she began to remove part of her suit from her body. On her shoulder, something metallic stuck out. Link's eyes stared in amazement as he saw what appeared to be a steel shoulder. Samus looked over at her right arm and noticed that her fake skin was falling off. She quickly covered her shoulder. Link walked over to her right arm and began to touch it.

"Leave it alone!" Samus shouted as she got up. "It's nothing!"

"What happened to your arm?" Link asked as he poked it.

"Knock it off!"

"Why is your arm all metallic?"

"Hey!" the fox called out. "Leave her alone. I think she might be in pain."

Link stood a bit confused by what they were saying.

"I wish I knew what you were telling me," replied Link. "I think it might be something important."

The vulpine man continued to work on the gadgets until he managed to created about twelve of them. He smiled as he soon picked up one of the small gadgets. It was a small thing that was about the size of a dime. He opened his snout and placed the chip inside of his mouth. The tiny clips of the device all began to hook themselves onto his gums. The fox let out a whine as he felt such pain go through his body.

"Damn! This thing hurts!" he shouted.

"Huh? What did you say?" asked Link.

"I said that this thing hurts."

"Hey, you can speak Hylian!"

"Whoa! How did you learn my language?" Samus asked as he walked over to Fox.

"Wait!" Link spoke. "How is it that you can understand both our languages if we speak two totally different ones?"

"Oh, that's easy," Fox spoke. "Since now you both can hear me, I can explain to you. For the past six months that I have been here, I started to work on that chip that you see here close to me. These things are translators. I've been trying to figure out how to make them work properly. Without Slippy's help it was rather hard.

"You both can hear me well because it unifies languages and makes them all understandable in which anyone can understand what I'm saying without the use of learning another language. I'm trying to make as many as I can in case others come on by. It seems that every month a new person arrives to this place. Anyway, now both of you come over here so I can place this chip into your mouth and you can start communicating with each other."

Both Link and Samus walked over to Fox as he held out two chips in his paws. Link picked his up and placed it in his mouth. The chip managed to hook itself up on the right gums. He let out a yell as he felt such pain surge through his body. Samus did the same thing as her chip hooked itself on her gums. Once the pain went away, both of them looked over at the fox.

"Man, that does hurt!" Link let out as he placed a hand on his cheek.

"Heh, sorry about that," the fox replied. "Anyway, I hope you guys can make good use of them."

"Thanks, I suppose," replied Samus.

"Wow! I can understand you now!" Link exclaimed as he smiled widely at Samus.

"I suppose it is impressive," Samus responded, "um…what's your name?"

"Oh, I forgot to tell you," the fox replied. "My name is Fox McCloud. I need to go contribute the rest of these chips to the other people that are staying around here. Um, Link, I think that was your name, can you go ahead and help your companion with mending her?"

"Sure thing," Link replied.

"I don't really need help," Samus said.

"Well, whatever I suppose," Fox said as he walked off in search of the other people.

Link and Samus were left together, somewhat alone. Link still kept a somewhat friendly look on his face while Samus seemed a bit sour. Link's attention went back to her mechanical arm. He wanted to know why it was the way it was, but something told him that perhaps it was best not to ask. He fought mentally with himself, but eventually his curiosity got the best of him.

"Um, Samus?" Link questioned.

"What?" Samus replied.

"I want to know about…why your arm is all steel."

"It's nothing," she replied as she looked away.


"I said 'it's nothing!'" Samus glared at Link. "Look, once I fix my spaceship, I'm leaving this place. I have no plans on staying in this place."

"I know," Link replied. "I want to go home too, but perhaps we can still get to know each other and…be friends."

"There is no need."

Samus looked away from the elf as she continued to mend her wounds. Link frowned a bit at how cold she was. He looked away from her as he looked at the blue sky. The sun was beginning to set soon. His attention went over to trying to find something to eat. He left the bounty hunter to her wounds as he headed off towards the forest to hunt.

It took Link two hours to find a decent amount of food to feed as many people as he could. The trouble was how to carry the dead carcasses. Somehow Link managed to carry two boars, three rabbits, four quails, and one duck. Once he reached the campsite, he dropped everything and fell from the exhaustion. Taking out a small dagger, Link then began to skin the animals as carefully as he could.

Once he was done, he placed the bloody skins in a small pile. Link began to cut and butcher the animals. He took out their guts and such and put them onto a side. Once he managed to cut the animal, he took a couple of sticks and impaled the bodies onto them, ready to roast them on the fire. He smiled at his accomplishments, however now he was covered in blood. He wiped the blood that was on his hands onto his tunic before he got up and moved the food towards the campfire.

Once evening had settled in, the other nine members of the small group gathered around the campfire. All of them greeted the newcomer Samus then returning to eating what Link managed to hunt down. Some of the characters didn't want to eat what he brought since meat wasn't exactly their diet. Samus looked over at the roasted rabbit before her. She slowly ate some of the animal before she turned her attention over to a short brunette man wearing a red overall. His soft blue eyes sparkled a bit as he stood up near the fire.

"I would like to take the time to welcome the newcomer, Samus," he said. "My name is Mario Mario and I, much like yourself, have gotten lost and ended up on this bizarre place. I have no idea where we are, but I do know is that we have to try to live together for now."

"What have you guys been doing for shelter?" asked Samus.

"We have started to build a home. Unfortunately, our house was destroyed in a storm plus we have many more others, so we are rebuilding the house. As for now, it's basically try to sleep wherever you can. Anyway, we start tomorrow in the morning to try to reconstruct our house again. You all better have a good rest."

With that, Mario left the camp fire and slept over to where he had made a small pile of leaves he used for a bed. Everyone else had begun to head off towards their sleeping area. Samus stood behind by the fire as she curled into a ball. Link still remained by the campfire. Both Samus and Link kept their eyes locked at each other as they engaged into a silent conversation.

In a matter of moments, Link got up from where he was sitting and headed off towards where his sleeping area was. Samus kept her eyes still on the fire. She moved her some of her blonde hair out of her face. She looked up at the stars and frowned somewhat sadly. This place reminds me so much of my old home, she thought.

"Adam," she spoke to her watch.

"Yes, Master Aran?" the computer responded.

"Log entry, it seems that all was not well today. I was attacked after I attacked the abandoned space pirate hideout. I believe it was Ridley's doings, but I can't be too sure. Either way, my ship crash landed on this somewhat remote planet that is uncharted. I was found by one local who didn't speak my language. He proved to be difficult for me to handle.

"However he brought me to someone who was a big help. He brought me over to some vulpine creature who invented the translator that I have now. I am to help them rebuild their old home in return of having a temporary shelter. It might take me months to repair my ship so I can take off. With the limited resources…I may be stuck here for a while. I just plan to get out of here so I can track down Ridley and stop him from doing anymore damage right now. Samus, out."

Samus turned off her wrist watch before she got off from the log she was sitting on and curled into a ball near the fire. She looked once more towards the stars before she closed her emerald eyes and fell to sleep. However, Link hadn't slept yet so he managed to hear what she was saying. He frowned a bit before he thought up of a plan.

"I need to help her," he said softly.

I decided to end this chapter right here. I hope this didn't go too fast or too slow. Please tell me what you think about how it is.