Back, and with more of this story. I thank you for your patience, now here is your reward. Oh, and one more thing: those that question why Adam calls Samus "Master Samus" is because Samus wanted to keep her gender a secret.

It Won't be You

Chapter Two

Giggles echoed through the dark abyss. The sounds of tiny footsteps pattered along with the giggles. Suddenly a light beamed through the abyss and a small silhouette emerged. The figure seemed to be a child holding onto a small sack in its hands. The child continued to giggle as it ran towards the light. The scenery of the dark abyss changed to a lush, green forest.

The figure of the child soon became clear. It was a little girl of short, blonde hair. Her big emerald colored eyes took in all of the surroundings and processed it through her mind. This was the first time she had been anywhere outside of the camp she usually stood at. As she walked through the forest, a small animal caught her eyes.

It was an animal she had never seen before in her life. The strange creature looked like a rabbit mixed with a squirrel. The animal looked at the small sack that the girl was holding onto and snatched it away. She quickly gave off chase to it. The small animal looked at her then quickly scurried through the forest ground and up to a tree. The little girl tried to catch the animal, but couldn't climb up the tree. Upset about this, tears began to threaten her eyes. Suddenly, the sunny sky turned dark.

"You there, child," spoke a low, but gentle voice, "what is the matter?"

The young girl turned around to see an alien she had never laid eyes on. He looked like an old owl, but it wasn't an owl. He stood up on two legs and wore a long, dark cloak. The old bird creature kneeled down a bit, so he can meet eye to eye with the young girl.

"That animal," the little girl said, "he took my bag."

"Well now," the giant bird creature said, "perhaps it is scared right now."


"Or perhaps, he wants to merely be friends with you. If you get yourself worked up, you'll never have your item back. Why don't you give it a name?"

"Hmm," the little girl thought about that for a moment."I know! I'll call him Ponchi!"

The old bird gave of a small chuckle . Soon the little girl chuckled along with him at the situation. The rabbit creature twitched its ears as it looked at the two figures at the ground. Soon, it climbed down from the tree branch and towards the little girl. It dropped the bag right at the girl's feet. The girl picked it up. She smiled at the small animal as she picked it up in her arms.

"See?" the old owl said. "It's all about patience."

"Ah," the little girl said, "now I get it! Thank you, Mr. Bird."

"Heh, my pleasure little girl."

"I'm Samus Aran!" The little girl piped as she extended her arm to the giant bird. "I'm only three and a half years old."

"Three and a half years old? Wow, you're so smart for such a young age. I'm a Chozo, but you can call me Mr. Bird or Grandpa Bird. It is up to you."

"All right! I'll keep that in mind!"

"Samus!" a male voice called out through the jungle. "Come on back!"

The old Chozo smiled at Samus as the little girl took a hold of his winged hand and began to walk back to the camp. The small animal was still in Samus' hand as she tried not to let him drop. Just as they reached the camp, the entire place was in a flame. The old Chozo began to look around for his other crewmembers in the fire, leaving Samus alone with her new pet.

Samus felt her entire body tense up as she quickly began to ran into the fires. She didn't know what controlled her, but her body just told her to go into the fire. The fires began to singe off parts of her very short, blond hair off. Samus could barely make out through the embers some of the bodies of the people that lived in the camp. She still couldn't find her father anywhere. She began to shout out and cry for her father, but no answer came.

The flames now began to burn her skin slowly. Her clothing began to rip a bit. Tears ran down her cheeks as she shouted out in pain and panic. Through her tears, she looked at a figure she had never seen before. It was a rather large, purple monster with a wing span unlike any other. Its dark beak had been stained with a dark red liquid. Samus walked over to the monster as if she was in a trance.

"Mister," Samus said softly.

The beast turned around to see the little girl.

"What am I suppose to do now? Where's my daddy?"

"I can't take a child with me," the monster replied with a sad tone, "you will be too much trouble."

"But…we're still friends, right?" Samus asked with a cute tone to her voice. "I'm Samus; three and a half years old. What's your name?"

"You can call me Ridley."

Ridley turned around and began to walk away from the small child. Samus was left all alone, surrounded by the flames of what appeared to be a hate war…no, a slaughter. The young child kept her eyes locked as she saw the giant purple bird fly off. The smoke and the smell of the burnt corpses all filled up in her nostrils. Samus fell back onto the hard, cold floor and closed her emerald colored eyes as she felt everything go dark for her.

Samus opened her eyes to see not the fiery inferno she was surrounded in, but rather a clear sky above her. She moved her arm, only to feel the mechanical feel it had always had for years. She sat up from the log she had been leaning against on. Where am I? She asked herself as she looked around the area. She saw most of the people she had met the day before, still asleep. That's right, I crash landed here on this primitive planet.

Samus shook her head a bit as she placed her hand on her head. She stretched out a bit as she shifted a bit from her sitting position. The leaves and twigs were not kind to her. A shadow hovered over here. She quickly looked up to see a pair of friendly cerulean eyes. Link gave her a small smile before he sat right beside Samus. In his hands were baked fish on a stick. He handed over a fish-kabob over to Samus.

"Here," he said to her, "I hope you're hungry. I got up early and made you something to eat."

Samus took a hold of the fish-kabob.

"Usually…we get our own food," Link continued, "even though we were suppose to get one person to bring in food for everyone to eat."

"Why didn't you guys continued that?" Samus asked as she bit into the fish.

"Everyone got a bit…picky, I suppose. Besides, we couldn't understand each other's words at the time."

"Wait…if you didn't understand each other's words…how did you guys…?"

"Just a bit of gestures, grunts, and well…I thought I got through with them, but I guess not."

"You're a strange and stupid one, aren't you?" Samus said coldly to Link.

"Ugh…did you have to be so…mean?" Link asked with a bashful look on his face.

"I suppose not…after all…down to your primitive clothing, you must have lost either your real clothing or your original clothing must have been torn."

"Original clothing?" Link questioned. "This is the clothing I always wear. I don't know why a woman like you is wearing what you're wearing, whatever it is. You don't appear to be Sheikah."

"Sheikah?" Samus responded. "I don't know what you're talking about…but if what you're saying is true…that must mean that you're from some very primitive planet."

"Primitive planet? You're a strange one yourself, but then again, where we are, we all appear to be primitive and such. It is like time itself has stopped for us."

"One would have thought this would be hopeless…especially to communicate with people that don't understand each other."

"Sometimes," Link said softly, "you have to give people a chance."

Samus looked at Link. Link looked at Samus. He smiled at her sweetly. Samus' face still stayed stoic as ever. Never smiling at anyone or anything. She wish she could have smiled at him, but she couldn't. Instead, she looked back down at the fish. Bits of her blond hair covered her face.

"The fish…" she said, "it's good."

"Thanks," Link replied.

"Hey, you two love birds!" Fox shouted as he waved to them.

Link and Samus turned around to see Fox smiling at them while carrying a big piece of lumber.

"Sorry to break your romantic moment here," Fox said, "but you need to help us out to rebuild that house. The faster we get it done, the better it will be for our backs."

"Alright," Link replied as he got up from the ground and fixed his tunic, "we'll go help. You ready for some work, Samus?"

"I suppose so," Samus replied as she got up from the ground.

Link went off towards the woods to get more wood for lumber. Meanwhile Samus didn't know what to do. Fox gave her a bit of a nudge to follow him. Samus slowly followed the kitsune. He placed the lumber down on the ground and began to look around at his tools. All Samus could see were a bunch of rocks tied down with some sort of vine and were held together with sticks.

"What you're going to do," Fox said to Samus without looking at her, "you are going to have to nail in the missing lumber onto the skeleton of the house. Think you can do that?"

"Fox thing," Samus replied, "you really don't know who you're dealing with."

Samus took a hold of one of the rock hammers and began to climb up the broken parts of the house. She snarled a bit, indicating that she wanted Fox to give her nails and the lumber. Fox snorted a bit before he threw the bounty hunter a vine. She took a hold of the vine and began to pull up the bucket of nails that was on the ground. She placed the nails on the beam where she was standing. She beckoned Fox to pass her the lumber, in which he did so obediently.

Samus began to nail the lumber diligently. She grunted a bit as she nailed one nail in. She took up another nail and nailed on the other side of the board. It must have been hours since Samus started to nail in lumber. Everyone had been busy with their own work to a point where they ignored the growls of their stomachs. Samus just hissed a bit as her stomach growled very loudly.

"Master Samus," Adam said, "you are wanting and needing nourishment."

"Shut up, Adam," Samus hissed through her clenched teeth.

"But Master Samus, you really need…"

"I don't need anything right now. First off, we need shelter, that's the important thing."

"Very well then."

Without another word, Adam had turned itself off. Samus continued to work on nailing her part of the house. On the other side, Mario had began to fix the broken holes in the walls that were left by the storm. Everyone was busy doing their part. It must have taken them four days straight before the house was now fixed. The group cheered with glee as they celebrated their accomplishments. Everyone gathered around the bonfire that night eating fish, berries, and a boar.

Link sat next to Samus again and passed her a piece of boar that he managed to hunt down that day. Samus looked at it with a suspicious eye but took it anyway, knowing that it was edible. Through the remainder of the night, Samus remained silent.

It's going to take forever to get the necessary materials to fix my ship, Samus thought as she looked at the ground. We'll have to create some sort of a generator or something if we can't find any source of electricity nearby. Even if we did find some sign of civilization, we will need money to get anything. And sad thing is, is that we'll need their currency. Sadly we don't have anything of that sort so we'll need to get a job. Nowadays its hard to get a decent job around here without any skills. Ugh! This will turn into some sort of vicious cycle. I need to get my ship repaired soon.

Link noticed the frustration in Samus' eyes. He frowned as he knew something was wrong with her. He looked around the area for something. Once a couple of sticks caught his eyes, he left Samus' side to go get them. Samus didn't even notice that he was gone since she was stuck thinking about what to do. Once Link came back he tapped Samus on the shoulder. Samus turned around to see Link with two sticks stuck up his nose and two in his mouth. He made a strange noise.

Samus just stared at Link with a strange look on her face. "You are a weird one, aren't you?" she said bluntly.

"Mayhbe," Link muffled as he took out the sticks from his face. "At least I tried to make you laugh."

"Its hard to make me laugh," Samus said flatly. "Still I'll give you credit for trying."

"Well, at least now I have a new goal."

"What's that?"

"To make you laugh," Link said as he smiled. "I'm sure you'll have a cute laugh."

Samus felt a strange blush creep on her cheeks. She wasn't too sure how to respond to that one. The last one who actually made her blush was someone she knew a long time ago. She shook her head as he turned away from Link. This is stupid, she thought as she looked at the stars. From here…they look so far away. Link looked up at the stars as well. He smiled brightly as he pointed towards the sky.

"You see those stars?" Link said, "do you know what they're made of?"

"They're nothing more than balls of gas burning millions of miles away," Samus stated flatly.

"Nope! Guess again!" Link giggled.

"Oh come on. I know that they are balls of gases out there."

"Stars are basically the souls of people who died and went to the sky. If they have been good people they will live amongst the stars and watch over us even in death."

"Who told you that crap?"

"Saria," Link replied sadly, "she was my best friend. You see things a different way than I do…but I would like to think that stars are the souls of people. At least I can hope that my father and mother live amongst the stars. I may have never met them…but I'm sure they were good people."

Samus could feel a hint of sadness from Link's tone of voice. She felt a bit bad about being rather rude to the elf boy. He was trying to only be friends and all she could do is push him away as if he was nothing more than garbage. She let out a sigh as she tried to think of something nice to say to him. "You think…my dad could be up there?" she asked. "He was a good man after all."

"Then he should be up there," Link replied with a happy tone, "I'm sure he's looking down at you right now."

"If he really was looking at me…he'd be ashamed."

"Why's that?" Link asked as he looked away from the stars and down at Samus.

"The work that I do. I'm not too proud of it. I guess…what I've become I something he wouldn't expect. My father really didn't want me to go into any type of business that I am in…but what choice do I have but to live the way I live? Fighting for my next meal…always in the line of danger…not knowing if I will live or die…alone…"

"Well…you don't have to worry about that."

"Why's that?"

"Because you're not alone. At least not right now! You got all of us and we'll be there for you. I'm sure the type of job you do is something your father would be proud of. Even though I don't know what you do."

"I'm a bounty hunter. I hunt down Space Pirates, the criminally insane, parasites, and anything else that is a threat to the Galactic Federation."

"That sounds important," Link replied as he stood in awe.

"It sorta is. My job is quite difficult but it has to be done. All I have to do is fix my ship and go back for my next mission."

"Oh…" Link let out a sigh, "so you're going to leave."

"Not any time soon. I can't go anywhere. My ship is totally wrecked and I don't have any tools or resources to fix it. We'll have to go search around this planet for any signs of civilization. As for now I'm stuck here with you guys."

"That's not a bad things…is it?" Link asked.

Samus remained quiet. She wasn't too sure about how to answer that. She wanted to leave more than anything, but the company she had, she never really got used to. All she did was push everyone away. Link didn't seem too bad to her. She let out a snort as she thought that perhaps it was time to actually get to know the people she was staying with. "Maybe not…" she said. "I just…need to get to know you guys more."

"That's the spirit!" Link chided. "I'm sure you'll make even more friends as soon as you can."


The night went on. Samus continued to look at the stars with Link. Once the fire died out, everyone had gone off to sleep. Samus started to get tired. She closed her eyes and fell back to the ground. She soon drifted off to sleep. Instead of having a bad dream like she usually had, she had a good dream. She smiled a bit as she snuggled against something that was keeping her warm.

Morning came quickly. Samus opened her soft emerald colored eyes and looked up at the bright blue sky. She yawned and stretched a bit. However, she froze when she managed to feel something warm and soft beside her. She looked over to see a sleeping Link holding her soft frame. Samus' eyes widen as her heart began to race. She slowly slipped out of Link's grasps and got up from the ground. What did I do last night? she thought. I hope nothing I'll regret later on.

"Good morning Samus," a mellow voice said.

Samus looked over her shoulder to see a rather shabby looking Fox walk by. In his paws he carried a bit of wood and dropped them down beside where the campfire once was. Fox smiled rather slyly as he looked over at the sleeping figure of Link. "So," he said softly, "did you and him get a bit friendly last night?"

"Don't push it, Fox boy," Samus said.

"Heh, just kidding. Anyway we decided to search for more resources for the mansion. However due to limited transportation we are going to have to grin and bear harsh environments."

"That's alright. I was going to suggest sending someone to search this planet and look for any signs of civilization. If I had some sort of vehicle it would be easier but of course since we're on foot it will be impossible for us to do so. Unless you got something cooked up, just like how you did with these communicators."

"I have been trying to make a vehicle however I need a few more parts to make it work," Fox said. "I guess we're going to go on foot."

"Alright…who's going?"

"I'm going off. Mario volunteered to come with me and we'll need just two more guys. We can't afford to take many with us. Some people have to stay here and take care of things."

"I'll go," Samus said. "I'll need a couple of things in order to fix my ship."

"Okay! We will leave soon so get what you need. Meet by this campfire in fifteen minutes."

Samus nodded and fooled around with Adam. She viewed the damage report from her ship and tried to make a list of what she needed to buy in order to repair the ship. Link awoke from his sleep. He sat up from the ground and smiled at both Fox and Samus. Fox waved at the blond elf and explained to him what their plan was. "And that's pretty much what we're going to do," Fox said.

"Sounds like a plan," Link said, "Can I go too? I would like to help."

"Alright, but you're the last recruit. Everyone else has to stay here and help around. Mario should be back soon. He's going around getting a list of things that everyone wants. We'll be making some shopping trips."

"Is-a everyone ready?" Mario asked as he arrived at the meeting spot. "I-a got the list from everybody. It was-a a bit difficult, but I got it. Anyway, which-a way should we-a go?"

"Moss grows on the north side of trees," Fox spoke, "Samus crash landed to the west, the lake is to the south, leaving us with two options: east or north."

"We should head north," Samus said. "It will be slightly easier for us to follow the moss."

"Then north it is," Fox responded, "one last thing I have to mention. Once we leave a certain distance, the translators will stop working so we won't be able to communicate properly to one another. So, we have to rely on each other."

Mario, Fox, Samus, and Link left the campground and took off towards the north. The group walked through a rather clear looking forest. About two hours into the journey, their communicators beep indicating that they were inactive for the remainder of the journey. There wasn't much trouble walking through it, however any signs of other life forms beside animals were slim. The group was beginning to lose hope as the sun was starting to set. Tired and rather downhearted, the group settled down in a small area.

Samus typed into her arm computer and began to type in information to Adam. Adam registered the pictures of his surroundings. Samus soon began to talk in her log all the events that have happened. Link, Fox, and Mario had no clue what she was saying, but they all thought it was something good.

"Captain's Log," Samus spoke into Adam, "I think we have no hope of finding life. It really is hard to get a signal of any sort from here. The other three seem confident that we will find someone out there, but I am not so sure. I haven't entirely given up hope though. I need to repair my ship no matter what. Or at least fix its communication system so I can get in contact with the Galactic Federation and have some sort of a repairman come down here and repair in. I do hope I have enough cash on me to pay the guy."

"You know," Link said to Mario, "I really wish I knew what she was saying right now. You don't think it would be hard for us to learn a new language, right?"

"What?" Mario said as he looked at Link with a confused look. "Sorry, but I didn't understand-a you right-a now."

"That's what I thought. I knew you would be able to understand me. I know that deep down that you want to learn to communicate with everyone."

"It really is-a pity that I can't understand-a you."

"I hope you guys aren't talking about me," Fox said to the two of them. "Sometimes I wonder if you guys aren't saying bad stuff about everyone. I can guarantee that Samus over there has a thing against a couple of people."

Samus caught Fox pointing at her and stopped talking to her log. "What did you just say about me, Fox? If ever find out what you're saying I will skin you alive."

"It feels like its going to rain," Link said as he looked at a couple of dark clouds. "Hey!" Link shook Mario as he pointed at the sky. "It might rain! Look at the sky, not me!"

"Link, what's the matter?!" Mario shouted as he tried to pry Link's hand away from his overalls. "What's wrong with the sky? I don't see anything."

Suddenly a small drop fell on Mario's nose. Mario looked up at the sky and saw a tiny drop fall down next to him. "Rain?" he said. "We better try to find something for shelter. Listen up, we better try to work together and make something that might cover us!" The three other members of the group all looked at Mario with much confusion. Mario slapped a hand on his forehead and started to make gestures with his hands. "We look for shelter. We need something to protect us from rain. Do you understand?"

With the few gestures he did, the other three members caught part of what he was saying. Fox began to search around the area and found what appeared to be an abandoned blanket. He picked it up. A blanket? he thought. If there is some sort of material around here that means we might be close to other intelligent life forms. "Hey guys," he said as he showed them the blanket, "look what I found. Do you know what this means? We must be close!"

Samus took a hold of the blanket and tied the ends to a couple of branches. She managed to make a quick tent and went underneath it. She gestured a bit to the other three. "You get under here," she said. "This is shelter!" Fox quickly got underneath the blanket followed by Mario then Link. All four of them had to sit under it with parts of their legs and arms sticking out. The blanket couldn't hold four grown adults.

Fox continued to make gestures as he tried to get his point across to the other three Smashers. Link and Mario were confused, but Samus took the time to analyze the blanket. Adam took an estimated guess at how old the blanket was. Samus smiled when she found out that it was barely two months old. This means that we're close, she thought. If we have a chance we could use Fox' nose to sniff out a trail. Not meaning to be rude, but isn't he part animal and more importantly a fox? He should be able to smell something.

The four of them tried to get comfortable underneath the blanket as the rain poured, but personal space was an issue. All four of them pushed and shoved each other lightly; wanting to have as much of their body out of the rain as they could. However, their tries weren't doing much good. The group tried to go to sleep, but due to the rain as well as personal space it was hard.

Samus growled as he talked into Adam. "Captain's Log again," she said, "I really need to give these guys some hygiene products because they smell terrible. No offense to Link but he does smell like high heaven. He looks like he's from some medieval time where baths and deodorant haven't been invented yet. Fox doesn't smell bad but with the rain and his fur, he smells like wet dog. Mario smells like sweat. Of course I don't smell like a bag of roses myself, but at least I'm not that bad."

While Samus was talking about body odor to Adam, Link passed out and fell asleep already. Fox looked at the elf. "This guy can sleep through anything, can't he?" Fox asked Mario. However he felt like such an idiot since he couldn't understand him. Mario shrugged his shoulders before he rolled on the ground trying to get comfortable. When the rain stopped, all four Smashers were asleep soundly. Samus woke up due to being cold. Her body was pretty much out from the tent and now her body suit was wet.

She growled as she crawled out from the tent and walked off for a bit. Mud stuck to her suit. "Damn!" she cursed. "This sucks. I really wish I had my ship repaired then I wouldn't have to deal with this. At least those guys are asleep though." Samus unzipped her suit and took it off from her body, revealing her black bra and panties. She hung her suit up by a branch and hoped that it would dry before the guys woke up the next morning.

Link was fast asleep. A tiny bug managed to fly over the elf's face and land near his nose. This caused a disturbance in his sleep. He snorted as he woke up from his sleep. He swatted the fly away from his face before he tried to go back to sleep. He noticed that Samus wasn't sleeping underneath the tent anymore. Worried, Link got out from the tent and began to walk around the area. He began to shout for Samus but stopped once he saw her in only her undergarments. Link let out a slight blush.

Samus looked over at Link and let out a horrifying scream. "Pervert!" she shouted as she pointed at Link. "You sick pervert! Quit looking at my body!" She managed to hit Link while trying to chase him off. Link held his hands up trying to protect himself from Samus' assault. The entire commotion woke Mario and Fox up.

Both men's eyes connected with Samus' undergarment clad body. Fox blushed slightly as he felt a nosebleed coming. Mario, on the other hand, covered his face with his cap. Samus looked over at both men and began to shout at them. "You're all pervert!" she screamed as she began to beat them. "You sick, sick perverts!"

Morning came, however it wasn't a very good one. Mario, Link, and Fox were covered with bruises and other injures from Samus' attacks that dawn. Samus just crossed her arms. "That outta teach you for staring at my body!" Samus, still in her undergarments, walked off to the tree she left her suit in and checked it. She groaned as she noticed that it was still damp. However, with not much choice, Samus donned her body suit and joined the guys. "Let's go already," she said. "If we keep this blanket we might find someone. Say Fox boy," she handed the blanket over to Fox. "I need you to sniff this out and see if you can find a trail."

Fox took the blanket and began to make gestures. "Listen, I found this last night and I think we can find someone. Now we need to figure out what to do with it."

Samus scoffed as she took the blanket and made gestures with it. "You sniff! You know, sniff!" Samus placed the blanket on her face and began to smell it. "Look for a trail." Samus got on all fours and pretended to smell the ground. Mario looked at Samus as if she had some bizarre disease. Link, on the other hand, thought that Samus was playing some sort of game and began to identify animals. Fox caught what she was trying to say to him and felt greatly offended.

"I'm not any type of search animal!" he said as he crossed his arms. "You think I will be used for a primitive dog of any sort then you're greatly mistaken! Its very degrading!"

"Listen, I know you're probably pissed at this," Samus said. "But if you have a good nose we can find civilization." Samus pointed at Fox as nose as she said this. "You're our only hope so use your nose, fox boy or else."

Fox growled a bit before hew noticed that he really didn't have much of choice. It would be easier for him to smell it out, but he was only going to do it once and that was it. He took a hold of the blanket and took a whiff of the blanket. The smell of it was almost intoxicating that he almost throw up. However, the smell was strong enough that he was able to follow it without going on all fours and smelling the ground. He pointed over to the direction they had to go.

All four Smashers continued their journey. It took them about four hours before they stopped and found a small village nearby. All of their hopes were lifted as they finally found more people. A young girl with long red hair wearing a soft white dress approached the group. "Welcome to Kairo Village," she said softly. "I hope you'll enjoy it." Much to their dismay, they did not understand that.

"Um miss," Fox said as he tried to make gestures. "We are trying to look for nutrition and other resources." He took Mario's list and showed it to her. "Look! We need these."

"Eh?" the girl looked at the paper. "I'm sorry, I can't read this. Maybe that other outsider might know. Follow me!" The girl beckoned the group to follow her through the village. As they walked passed several homes, they received a lot of stares from the villagers. Many of them have never seen an elf or a fox stand on two legs before. The girl reached a small hut and opened the door to it.

The interior of the small hut was dark and rather dirty looking. However, the dishes and silverware were cleaned. Sitting on one of the wooden chairs was a young man with dark blue hair and blue eyes. He wore rather magnificent clothing along with armor and a cape. On his head he wore a golden tiara. The young girl walked over to the young man and handed him the list. He looked at it and frowned. "I can make out a few words but not that much."

"You can talk English?" Mario asked.

"Proper English, yes," the young man said. "Finally, someone who can talk this language. It was rather hard to find someone."

"We were-a beginning to lose-a hope. Anyway, let me introduce myself. I am-a Mario and this is-a Fox, Link, and Samus."

"My name is Marth Lowell," the young man said as he lowered his head. "It is a pleasure to meet you all. I'll try to help you all out with these villagers."

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