1Warning! KH2 spoilers! Warning!

A poem about Roxas when he fuses with Sora

So far apart, so different from

So different from what I know

Seen through of another, yet still through the eyes of me

I left so much, but now I know

I'll have something I never had

As long as I continue to stand

Let me share my feelings, as you share yours

Together we'll find the answers

And protect each other once more

Let me share you feeling, friends, thoughts, and journeys

But please, understand, when it feels sad to lose so much

In a way, I'm still in touch

But to leave what I once called home, and my friends...

"Sora, you're lucky. My summer vacation is over."

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts II, or Roxas, or Sora! Considering this is the main subject, I sometimes wonder if I even own this poem. But I do, somehow, so I need you to ask permission before using my poem for anything.