Title: It's Enough 4?
Author: Sara
Pairing/Character: Dick/Mac
Word Count: 2044
Rating: R
Summary: She's still Mac and he's still Dick and talking has never really been the strong point of their relationship.
Spoilers: Spoilers through 2x22
Warnings: None

Mac drives over to his house at the crack of dawn the day before freshmen orientation.

The radio's on, but later she won't be able to recall one song that played. She'll remember how her hands were shaking on the wheel and how the nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach was threatening to consumer her entire body.

Summer was almost over and Mac knew she wasn't ready for that.

They spend the morning like every other day that summer, watching some random movie that Dick had found on basic cable. It's from the '80s and the acting is horrible, but there are plenty of explosions so it's enough to keep his attention.

Mac's trying to use it as a distraction from focusing on the fact that tomorrow they'll be moving onto campus at Hearst.

They hadn't really talked about the whole college thing yet.

Mac was rooming with Veronica in the freshmen dorms and Dick was renting out one of the suites with Logan. Their conversation hadn't really gotten past that point and Mac wasn't really sure what that meant for them once summer was over.

"We should go swimming," Dick muses, and Mac notices that the pool has caught his attention, it being blue and shimmery and welcoming. Suddenly, he's pulling her off the sofa and leading her out onto the back patio. They're almost to the pool by the time that Mac's brain catches up with her feet and she pulls them to a stop. "What?"

"Dick, you're still in your regular clothes and I don't even have a bathing suit here," Mac points out, motioning to their fully dressed figures, but then Dick's taking off his shirt and this is definitely not working towards Mac's plan to get them back into the house watching bad movies and eating stale popcorn. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going swimming," he tells her, as if it's the most obvious thing on Earth. And then his pants are off and he's diving into the pool. before she can say anything and when he surfaces he's yelling at her to come in.

"I can't! I'm going inside!" She tells him before she turns to walk into the house, but she only makes it a few steps before she hears him climbing out of the pool.

Then his wet arm is wrapping around her waist, his breath is on her neck, and he's completely naked. Mac doesn't have time to process all that information and react before he's throwing them into the pool.

"I can't believe you did that!" she yells, splashing him but she's laughing. She swims to the edge and climbs out of the pool. She can almost hear Dick pouting behind her.

"Come on, you're already wet," he moans, but Mac just smiles at him before stripping off her shirt. He shuts up when he realizes what she's doing. The look on his face when she takes off her bra makes the whole thing worth it.

She leaves her clothes in a wet pile by the side of the pool before diving in to join Dick in the cool water.

"I thought you couldn't," he jokes swimming over to her.

"I was already wet," she whispers, before splashing Dick when he leans in to kiss her. After all, Mac thinks, it's not like he hadn't seen her naked a hundred times before that summer.

They spend the next several hours splashing each other before Mac finally allows Dick to corner her by the side of the pool and kiss her. She can feel him pressing up against her and she moans into his mouth.

They manage to break apart long to climb out of the pool and Dick grabs a condom from his wallet, but then he's kissing her again. They manage to make it halfway to the house, wrapped up in each other's arms, before Dick trips and they fall into the grass.

They're still naked and wet, and blades of grass stick to her back, when Dick roles over on top of her, but she doesn't care about any of that when he thrusts into her.

He's cupping her breasts and moaning her name as Mac stares up at the clouds and she runs her hand over the pool of sweat and pool water that had formed on the base of his back.

When she comes she screams so loud she's sure that the neighbors heard.

"I have to get some shit from my room," he tells Mac as she pulls one of his sweatshirts over his head. The slogan reads 'sex fiend' in bold black letters across the front, but Mac still had grass blades in her hair so she didn't think he really had any room to object at the moment.

"Oh," she replied, tugging on the smallest pair of jeans that she had been able to find before she finally made eye contact with him. She knew what Dick was asking her to do and she wasn't completely sure she was ready to face Cassidy's room. But she also knew that she couldn't make him face it alone.

"Come on," she assured him, holding out her hand for him to take before they headed up the staircase.

They stand in the doorway to Cassidy's room without saving a word for god knows how long.

It didn't feel right, after everything they had learned. It wasn't supposed to look the same anymore. It was supposed to be as changed as Mac's perception of Cassidy.

But it looked the same as it had the last time she had spent the afternoon in there with him. She remembers kissing him and laughing. He had seemed so happy.

She lets go of Dick's hand when she notices a picture of her on Cassidy's desk and she stuffs it into her pocket. She wants to ask Dick if he feels guilty about whatever it is that they're doing. If he thinks that Cassidy would hate them.

Then again, Cassidy had blown up a bus full of their classmates. He wasn't really in a position to be judging anyone's actions.

They don't go into the room. Dick reaches in and shuts the door, but holds onto the doorknob for a few seconds too long before they continue on to his room.

Mac sits cross legged on his bed as he collects the few items that he needed, stuffing them into a duffle bag that he had retrieved from his closet.

They don't talk.

Sex with Dick had always been urgent and needy.

It wasn't something that was ever really thought out or planned. It always just sort of happened and was over quickly. It was fast and hard and good.

Afterwards, they would dress and go on as if nothing had happened. There was a solace in their easy silence about it.

But now Dick's kissing her softly and sweetly and it's making her feel all sorts of things that she's not ready to deal with. This is too close to feeling like a relationship and he's not allowed to do this to her, not without defining whatever the fuck is going on between them.

So Mac roles him over so she's straddling his waist and she feels the bed adjust to their change of position as she pins his hands above his head. She roles her hips, feeling him pressing up against her and then he's looking at her with lust in his eyes and Mac feels herself relax. This was normal, and there was comfort in routine.

"Fuck," he moans, as she pulls the sweatshirt over her head to expose her breast. He arches himself off the bed, his tongue darting out over her nipple. She gasps as he sucks it into his mouth and bites it gently.

Mac's panting now and he roles her over before trailing kisses down her stomach and licking a trail along her jean line. Dick tugs off her jeans and then his mouth is in between her legs and, oh god, this is new.

She runs her hand through his blonde hair and moans his name as he sucks at her gently. She could definitely get use to this.

Later, when he's fucking her, Mac realizes that it's the first time they've ever had sex in a bed. It's always been on the couch or in the backseat of his truck or the one time on top of the kitchen table.

But Mac doesn't think that accounts for how different it feels. Because it's more tender and they're taking their time and when they come he's looking into her eyes with something that's a little too close to love.

Afterwards, he wraps his arm tightly around her waist before pulling the blanket up over them. When she tries to pull away from him he doesn't let her go.

Mac knows that the bedding hasn't been changed in months and that her mother is going to expect her home by midnight. Her cell phone is still in her purse on the end table and her clothes are probably still out by the pool. They'll be damp if she leaves them out there now that the sun has set and her parents will be calling if she doesn't come home.

But Dick's bed is comfy and his arms feel nice around her. And she's not quite sure yet if she's ever going to get this chance again so she closes her eyes and lets herself fall asleep.

It's the sun through the curtains that wakes her up at 9 am and she's wrapped up in Dick under the covers of his bed.

He looks sweet when he's sleeping so Mac untangles herself from his arm and retrieves some of the clothes from the floor. She was supposed to pick Veronica an hour ago to start moving their stuff into their dorm room.

She dresses quickly and runs downstairs to make some toast. There are four voicemails on her phone.

The first three are from her mother, ranging from worry to anger. Mac decides against calling her back, figuring she could smooth things over better in person.

She starts to butter her toast as she listens to the final message.

"Hey Mac. It's Veronica. Um, you were supposed to be here like half an hour ago. I tried your house, but your mom just started ranting to me about you being out all night. So yeah, say 'hi' to Dick for me and try to get over here before noon," Mac smiles as she finishes the message while Dick enters the kitchen.

"I thought you left," Dick says, grabbing a beer from the fridge.

"Nope, I'm avoiding the walk of shame as long as possible," Mac says as munches at her toast. "And you do realize it's like 9 am, right?"

"So?" Dick asks, taking a drink. Mac just sighs and shakes her head.

"I gotta get going. We're moving in today and I still don't have my stuff loaded in my car," Mac explains, popping the last piece of toast in her mouth before heading towards the door.

"Stay," Dick urges, as Mac slips on her sandals and tries to come up with a convincingly good reason to give her mother to explain why she's wearing men's clothing.

"I can't. I have like a zillion things to do today," Mac explains, but then his hands are around her waist and she's facing him and the world feels like it kinda stopped for a second.

Her hair is frizzed and knotted, she has breadcrumbs sticking to her lips, and she hasn't showered in over 24 hours. He's not supposed to be looking at her like she's beautiful.

"Stay with me?" he asks and Mac knows that he's not just talking about this morning.

"Yeah, I'm gonna stay with you," she answers, before pressing her lips against his and he tastes a little like toothpaste.

And this was not really the moment of clarification that she was hoping for. Cause she still doesn't know exactly what this is, only that there is something. It's not a promise and it's not a guarantee, but Mac doesn't care. For now, it's enough to keep her there.