Title: Falling Through Love?

Disclaimer: I don't own Sky High, but I do own Carmen, her family, and the B---h in the story.

Summary: Carmen State was surprised to find out that she was going to start High School at a place known as, Sky High. She was deeply dissapointed, because she wanted to be something other than a superhero or sidekick. But, during her schooling at Sky High, she goes through normal teenage phases, even at a not-so-normal place like Sky High, such as heartbreak, crushes, humiliation, friendship and feelings toward a bully she loved to hate, and at the same time, really liked. (LashxOC, future WillxLayla, slight ZachxMagenta) No Mary-sues. And, it will be in Carmen's POV.

Chapter One: Morning Mahem & Power Placement

Ring! Ring! I could hear my alarm clock pounding in my ear. Why the hell is the alarm clock going off? But then it dawned on me, so I groaned in frustration. It was the first ady of High School. And I wouldn't be going to a normal High School, but a place known as Sky High. Why can't anything be normal around here? I mean, my mother has super powers! Can any of my, normal, friends' mothers become invisible? Probably not...

However, before I could get into my, I-wish-I-were-dead mode, the sound of my door creeking open caused my head to turn curiously toward the door, and open my eyes slightly. I reached over, and slammed my fist onto the alarm clock, because it was still beeping annoyingly. When I heard another noise, I sighed.

" Oh great", I muttered. It has started...

My younger brother lept from the side of the bed, jumped, and landed on top of me. I glared dangerously at him(which didn't seem to work), as I struggled with him. His hands wrapped around my wrists and he pinned me on my bed. I didn't want to kick, because I get into serious trouble with our mother, but I very much wanted to knee him in the gut. This 'wrestling' match, lasted about a few minutes before my anger exploded far beyond the strength of a volcano erupting. I shut my eyes tight, and concentrated for a few seconds. Then, I phased down, through the ceiling, and landed on the living room couch. It hurt somewhat, because everytime I went through something, it took a lot of energy and concentration to stay in my 'phasing' state. Yep, this was my power; I could pass through any solid object. I could even pass through people! Well, it is an amazing power, but I've always pined to be normal. I mean, being a superhero part time would seriously kill my future life. But hey, kicking the hell out of villians seems entertaining enough, and what if a villian happened to be a mortal enemy in real life. Cool...

I started to sit up, but when I looked up, a large smile crept across my afce, and I laughed hard. My brother's legs were dangling helplessly from the ceiling. I must have brought him down with me, but let go half way, causing him to become solid in that particular position; wouldn't be the first time.

" Weren't you just in your room", my mother asked, as she peeked out frm the kitchen. I jumped at the sound of her voice and nearly rolled off the couch. My mother must of heard my hysterical laughter. She cocked an eyebrow at me, and looked up. When she saw my brother's legs, she sighed.

" Go help him out, will you?" I nodded and jumped off the couch. As I began to to jog up the stairs, my mother gapped by upper arm. I turned annoyingly toward her.

" You know you should be more kind toward your brother. Remember, he doesn't have any powers", she said, trying to make me feel remorse, but how could I feel any pity for that...that..brat. I'm truly miserable aren't I?

" But it was his fault. He's the one who came in MY room, and attcked me", I complained. She jsut sighed once more, waved me off, and walked backed toward the kitchen sadly. I huffed up the stairs. My mother was always on his side, probably because he's yunger. Yay, that's it! The little snot nose brat. Good thing he doesn't have a power, then he could never beat me. I stopped before opening the door. In truth, I wish I were the normal one. Maybe that's why I teased and picked on him so much, because I was jealous. I shook off these thoughts and opened the door slowly, ready to hear a huge explosion of anger from him. But, whenI opened the door, he just was tapping his fingers impatiently.

" About time. I wasn't going to wait all day", he said. I giggled a little, when I noticed how half his body was cut off just above his chest. Only his neck and head were showing. I walked over to him, phased my hand through the bed, clasped his shoulder, and pulled him up. He landed on the bed and looked up at me angerly. He sat up suddenly and was about to lung at me. When he did, his body simly fell through mine, and he landed on the ground with a thud. I smiled with triumph and marched passed him.


When I reached the kitchen, my mother had already served breakfast. On the kitchen table, was a plate with scrambled eggs, toast with butter spread gracefully across the surface, and a glass of milk. I sat down and began rapidly eating the food. I ignored my brother when he sat down across from me.

" Slow down pig", my brother said, before pickimg up the silverware and slowly start eating his breakfast. I rolled my eyes. For the first day of High School, I didn't want to be late. I wanted to make an impression on the other freshman, but I may have to wait in line. Supposedly, there's this kid whose the son of the hero, Commander, and heroine, Jetstream. I've heard he's got his fathers power, super-strength. How awseum it would be to have super-strength. At least it's better then being able to pass through stuff. I sighed, and set down my silverware. Immediately, my mother grabbed the plate and silverware, and walked back to the sink.

I got off from my seat and headed toward my room. " Better hurry", my mother yelled as I ran up the stairs and into my bedroom. When I got into my bedroom, I walked toward the dresser, and scrambled through the unfolded mess of clothes. After a few minutes, I finally found something I though was appealing for the first day of school. Smiling, I slid into the outfit quickly and looked at my reflection in the mirror at the corner of my room.

I wore a dark black skirt that flew swifly around my legs, and reached right above my knees, and was slanted going down. A light green shirt was clasped tightly around me, and over that, a lacey see-through top that had many beautiful patterns around it. I was also wearing a short black sweater that seemed to be cut in half. Walking into the bathroom, I stared at my hair. I just shrugged, and left my hair down, nothing to do with it anyway. It's just, I loved the color of my hair and how it looked when it was down. I had chestnut brown hair, and warm inviting eyes(Think, Keira Knightely). But I wouldn't say I was beautiful, but not ugly. I'll leave the uglyness to my younger brother, Richard. Yep, that's his name. I kind of thought his name was all proper, and my name, Carmen, was sassy. Sassy, where'd that come from?

" Carmen, the bus is here", my mother yelled up the stairs. I exhaled deeply and marched out of my room and down the stairs. My mother was awaiting me by the door with my messenger bag. I smiled thankfully at her, and slid it around me. She held out her arms and I generously hugged her. My brother snorted, but I ignored him. The bus driver honked the horn, and I walked out, waving my mother good-bye.

When i reached the bus, I inhaled a bunch of air, and stood up straight. Nothing was going to stop me from making an impression, not even that boy Will Stronghold, who I very much hoped to meet. Yes, that's it, nothing can stop me! But what I wasn't expecting, was to trip while walking up the steps, and falling right on my face. I could hear the amount of laughter in the bus, and the bus driver trying to tell everyone to be quiet, but nobody ceased. Tears threatened to form, but inhaled again, stood up, and walked slowly toward the bus driver. He smiled warmly, probably trying to comfort me.

" Sorry, but you'll be taking the Juniors and Seniors", the bus driver said. My eyes widened in fear. Junior? Senior? Oh God, Oh God, Oh God... I kept repeating in my mind. I've heard, from my mother, that they like to pick on and humiliate freshman. Oh crap, I am so dead...

" She's a freshman", a random kid blurted out. I closed my eyes until I reached the back of the bus. When I reached the back, an empty seat was there, and I slumped down miserably on it. The messenger bag that was by my side slunk down too. This, was going to be horrible...


I jumped off the bus with my messenger bag. A sick feeling was in my stomach. That was a very interesting bus ride, especially the part where we were in the air. That air! What kind of bus ride was that. Then I realized, Sky High, was actually in the sky! I stared in wonder for a few seconds before someone shoved past me. I looked as a girl walked past me, stopped, and stared at me.

" Watch your step", she sneered. My eyes narrowed, and before I could make a comeback, the bus driver hollered from the inside of the bus." The freshman group is just over there", he said while pointing toward a group of girls and boys. I pulled my bag up higher, and hurried over to the group. That bitch of a girl took one last menacing look at me, before walking off.

I slid into the group unnoticed, and waited for something to happen. As we all walked toward the enteramce, everyone was looking around at the magnificent High School. While everyone was staring I noticed two boys staring at the group. They looked very, how can I say this... evil? The first, was very tall and lean, the sesond boy, was heavy, but still cute in his own way. But, before I knew it, the heavier one was gone, and a something was spinning around in circles around us and herding us like sheep. Then, the fat boy appeared in front of the group.

" Hey, freshmen", he yelled, as the other boy stretched down the school's steps like a slinky." Your attention please", the fatter boy continued. The stretchy boy turned back to a normal looking human next to his friend, and stretched out his arms side to side. He then leaned against the heavy boy.

" I'm Lash, and this is Speed..." said the tall boy before being interrupted by the other guy," And as members of the Welcoming Comittee-"

" We'd like to take your 15 dollar, new student fee", he added quickly, as 'Lash', literally stretched out his hand. Everyone hesitated, before a geeky looking kid with HUGE glasses spoke up." New student fee? There was nothing in the handbook about a new student fee", he said, obviously not dumb enough to believe these two. I registered what he said, and was also about to speak up when a rather, pretty, girl stepped in front of them.

" Very funny boys", she said as she flipped her hair to the side. For some reason, her smile looked very, menacing. But she looked so perfect. She began to speak," I'm Gwen, and as president..." I didn't listen to anyting esle she was saying, because for some reason, my power started acting up. I tryed to calm, but then, my bag began to phase through me. Clenching my fists, I concentrated hard on keeping solid. I pulled up my messenger bag quickly, as I finally became solid. Did my dad ever have these problems... Yes, I inherited my father's powers. I just wish he could have been alive to see it. I'm not that sad about his death, because I was too young. I just ignored these thoughts, before it became to sappy, and walked with the rest of the group. Luckily, I was in the back, so no one would have seen what just happened.


Just a second ago, a woman that turned into what seemed like a comet(s), and now, a man calling himself Coach Boomer. What kind of name is that? He just explained about this whole power placement thing. Hero, or sidekick he said. Well, so far, its been three heros, five sidekicks. It was funny though, when this kid said he was glowing. After he whispered something, Coach Boomer used his power on him, sending him into a wall. I smiled in amusement, but jerked up when Coach Boomer yelled again." You! Get up here!"

I looked up, and saw him pointing at me. Oh great...

I walked up the steps, and stood in front of him. He looked me, up and down, then clicked his pen." What's your name and power?"

" Carmen State, and I can phase through solid objects." I tryed not to sound too nervous, but it didn't reallly work. He nodded for me to deminstrate. I closed my eyes and concentrated, then I fell through the floor, went back up, and was behind him. Then, to make my power seem cooler, I walked right through him. I could tell Coach Boomer felt something when I went through him, because he stared down at himself strangely. He then looked up, and said," Hero."

I was so overjoyed, that I skipped down the steps, and walked to the group that was already finished." Nice job", a girl wearing all purple whispered to me. I grinned at her, and she gave a faint smile. I remember her name being, I think, Magenta, yay, that's it! Magenta...

So, I waited, most of the time playing with my hair or yawning once in awhile, but what woke me, was when the bell rang loudly. I almost fell over again from the sudden noise. Magenta smiled, and held her hand out." Your a bit jumpy, aren't you", she asked as she pulled me up. I smiled again. She stared at me for a few seconds before asking," Do you want to hang out with me? If you don't mind me being a sidekick?"

" Sure-I'll hang out. And, no, I don't care if you're a sidekick", I exclaimed. Already I've made a friend. Maybe it won't be so bad after all?


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