Yuuri hurried along the hallway. Greta close behind. When they reached a corner they flattened them selves against the wall and peeked around. Seeing no one they moved forward towards their destination.

Yuuri could barley conceal a grin. Wolfram's habit of talking in his sleep had lead to the greatest prank ever. The unknowing boy had had a nightmare last night and called out the name of his enemy as her thrashed about in his sleep. Now Yuuri and Greta were going to exploit that discovery.

Presently the conspirators came to the library, where the knew Wolfram was reading. They opened the doors and snuck in.

A scream of terror and then rage echoed through the castle. Conrad, Günther and Gwendal looked up from their various tasks.

"His Majesty!" the thought rang through all of their heads as they sprinted toward the source of the scream. They nearly collided when they simultaneously arrived in front of the library.

They nodded to each other and drew their swords. Conrad cautiously opened the door and peeked in. Then he grinned and opened the door fully. Gwendal and Günther looked in and froze in amusement and mortification.

Wolfram chased Yuuri around the library brandishing his sword and cursing. Greta sat next to a fallen chair laughing.

Both Yuuri and Greta wore giant pink bunny suits. Conrad, Gwendal and Günther looked at each other then simultaneously turned and exited the library closing the door behind them.