Hidden Royalty

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P.S " " mean talking '' mean thinking or talking telepathically

Chapter 1: The Sigh of the Wind

Tears poured down her face as she sat curled up in a chair on her balcony.

"You killed her! How could I love you?" She cringed as she remembered his cruel words. "Ferio please, we…I had no choice. It was what she wished," she had pleaded.

"NO!" he had shot back, "She wanted to live. Why could you not see that? Your suppose to be the smart one!"

Fuu looked up at the full moon of Cephiro, two weeks had passed since the defeat of Debonair, and Cephiro had turned back into the beautiful world it had once been. Everything had seemed to be going great, that is until Ferio began to act oddly. He started to spend less and less time with Fuu, which did not bother her at first because, she knew he had his royal duties. But during the time they did spend together, he began to grow distant from her, and she did not know why.

Tonight however, she had received her answer. During the ball celebrating the uniting of Chizeta with the rest of its planet, she had asked Ferio what was troubling him. It was then, before the whole court of Cephiro, before Autozam, Fahren and Chizeta, that he accused her of the murder of his sister, and how could he love her. Her pleading had been to no avail. With tear filled eyes, and a broken heart, she had fled the ballroom, to the sanctuary of her room. Locking the door behind her she curled up, on her favorite chair on her bedroom balcony.

' What is left for me?' she thought desperately sobbing. 'The man I love hates me. But then I guess he has a right to be.'

Had Fuu been thinking more clearly, she might have wondered why she was acting to weak, but she only felt her pain and that was all she could focus on.

A soft wind wrapped around her, almost as if the element was trying to ease its mistress's pain. Finding her self completely exhausted from crying so heavily, an idea suddenly hit her. Why continue to live in pain? The life ahead of her looked bleak at best; why not end her sad existence?

Emotionlessly she rose from her chair, and entered her dark room. Silently she changed out of her formal gown, into a dark green nightgown. Sliding on her jeweled glove, she called forth her sword. She looked solemnly at it, and then waving her hand over the hilt, a dagger emerged from the sword.

"This will do." she whispered.

In the shrine of the wind, Windom suddenly raised his giant head.

'The wind is restless,' thought the rune god worriedly, the feeling of disaster pricked at his mind. 'But for who?'

'I must act quickly' thought Fuu moving towards her bed, 'Windom will known soon enough, and alert the others to stop me.' Laying her large sword on her bed, Fuu slid under the covers beside it. Pulling the sheets away from her heart, she poised the dagger directly above it.

"Dagger be true and find your mark" she whispered, as she drove the point in. Turning slightly she pulled the sheets up to her chin.

"Good-bye Windom. Please forgive me. At least now Ferio will be happy. Farewell dear friend" she whispered, slowly shutting her eyes.

Ferio stood silently in a corner of the ballroom, watching as guests started to leave. 'You idiot! What were you thinking!' he scolded himself. His royal duties had been stressing him out lately, and poor Fuu had paid for it. "I didn't mean it, I was just…ugh…I don't know tired" he groaned out.

"Well if I were you I'd go apologies to Fuu right now" came Umi's angry voice as she approached him, on the arm of Eagle Vision. The two had become very close, after the last battle, but Ferio didn't think more about it, since Umi was looking at him expectantly for an answer.

"I know Umi, but I have a feeling she won't want to see me. I'll talk to her first thing in the morning." Hikaru and Lantis approached, followed by Ascot, Caldina, Lafarga, and Clef. Each told Ferio what Umi had already told him, and as Caldina was putting in her two cents, Windom's voice filled the empty ballroom.

Windom listened to the uneasy wind as a dark foreboding filled him. "Fuu!" Windom tried to reach her mind, but it was blocked, that could only mean two things, one she was blocking him, or…she was dead.

Suddenly Fuu's gentle voice reached him, "Good-bye Windom. Please forgive me. At least now Ferio will be happy. Farewell dear friend."

"NO!" yelled Windom as Fuu's presence weakened steadily. 'The Prince' he thought. Quickly he called to Ferio.

"Hurry, disaster has taken hold of my wind knight. Reach her before it is to late." He saw the Prince and those with him run for Fuu's room. Windom teleported himself to his knight's room, the sight that met him broke his heart.

'What have I done!' thought Ferio fearfully as he ran faster to his loves room. When they reached her door, they found it lock. Ferio was turning the door handle fiercely and calling for Fuu when Windom's sad voice announced, "It is too late."

"NO!" yelled Ferio, as he and Lafarga threw themselves against the door, breaking it down. As everyone scrabbled in they stopped short. The great four-winged phoenix, Windom, stood next to Fuu's bed. His huge head was bent over her, and great tears fell from his golden eyes.

Hikaru and Umi were the first to move, and ran to Fuu's side. At first they saw nothing unusual except that their friends sword was lying next to her. As Umi moved the sheets to check her friend, she found the sheets bloody, and a dagger in Fuu's heart. Hikaru screamed, and fainted caught just in time by Lantis. Eagle quickly pulled Umi into his arms, as she stared in shock. She began to cry into his chest as the shock of what she saw sunk in. Ferio pulled his love into his arms, and cried out bitterly. Suddenly the dagger disappeared in a puff of wind, and Windom raised his head and let out a cry. A green wind wrapped itself around Fuu, and she disappeared. Windom faded as well.

" I go back to my sleep" he said solemnly, sadness filling his heart as he entered the wind shrine.

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