Love Across Time: Hidden Royalty

Chapter 17: United Planets

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The ballroom of Cephiro was packed with guests when Ferio, Eagle, and Lantis arrived. Everyone was mingled together but as the men surveyed the room, it was easy to tell which guests belonged to which Guardian families. While the nobles and guests of Cephiro, Autozam, Chizeta and Fahren wore various colors and clothing styles, the Guardian nobility wore the traditional colors and styles of their planets.

The Windarian men wore slacks of dark almost black, emerald green, with white shirts with either a green phoniex embroidered on them or the symbol of the ruling family, and tan capes where either carried on one arm, or hung from their shouders. The women wore their empire waisted gowns some with bell sleeves some without but all in shades of greens, with accents of whites and gold.

Vulcanian men wore deep maroon slacks and cream shirts with a wolf embroidered in gold on their collars with matched the color of their slacks. The ladies wore of the shoulder gowns in shades of red with gold accents, and a sheer black over skirts.

The men of Atlantis wore black slacks with dark blue, high collared jackets that reached just past their knees, and some were open showing a carbuncle blue shirt underneath. All had a silver dragon either winding down the front or back. The ladies wore mermaid style dresses of blues and whites, also with accents of gold.

Lantis thought that compared to the other ladies the Vulcanian ladies outfits were dark and somber. The style of the clothing did not match the smiling and laughing faces of the ladies and gentleman, and Lantis thought it strange that they would choose that particular style of clothing, 'Must be the custom.'


The three guardian Kings joined Ferio by his throne with the other rulers of Chizeta, Fahren and Autozam. After quieting the crowd High King Satoru spoke.

"Honored planets, we have gathered together today to announce our decision about Cephiro. After much investigation and discussion, the rulers of Vulcana, Squall and Atlantis have decided," here he paused and looked to his fellow rulers and a collective breath was held.

"Cephiro is no threat and we shall be at peace with each other." The room erupted in cheers and shouts.

"To honor this momentous occasion," shouted King Syouran over crowd, " the Guardian Planets will perform an ancient dance; a visual demonstration of the unity among our three planets. By performing this dance here, we are showing that no hostilities remain between us and you may call upon us if you are ever in need of our aid."


The ballroom floor was emptied and the three families gathered in three separate groups on different sides of the floor.

"King Ferio, if you and the ruler of Chizeta, Fahren and Autozam would have your people, who wish to join the dance, stand in the reaming open space, with the rulers standing in front," invited King Satoru.

"We do not know the steps," said Ferio as he and the other rulers moved nervously to their designated spot.

"Do not worry," smiled Queen Tomoyo, "for the most part it is a waltz, and we will invite you into the dance when it is your turn. Until then just relax and watch."

Once everyone was in place, King Yuu signaled to the orchestra to begin. As the first strands of music started, (A/N: the music is "Bolero" from Moulin Rouge) Windom, Selece, and Rayearth appeared before their families and one by one walked to the center of the floor in their human forms. After a moment they transformed into their sleeping forms and rose above the dance floor and looked down upon it. The Kings, taking their wives hands, walked slowly around the perminiter of the floor. Once returning to their spots, they began a slow waltz. The ladies of Atlantis began to hum along with the music creating an ethereal effect on those who watched.


Satoru and Tomoyo gave a slight incline of their heads to their people, who then immediately paired off, and the fire monarchs lead a line of their people out onto the floor in a slow courtly dance. The music grew to a cliamax, after which the temp changed. At that moment of change, the ladies swept the black gauzy skirts away, letting them fall to the floor. As soon as the skirts touched the ballroom floor, they dissolved into firey roses; some glowed red, some yellow, orange or a cominbination of all three. The dancers spread out and they began to dance more freely, spinning and twirling.

The music started to change again, and King Sayroan and Queen Mitsuyo moved into the middle of the Vulanins, followed closely by their people. The Vulcanians moved to the outside of the floor and watched as the Wind planet moved about in a slow and graceful waltz. The ever-present wind that accompanied the royal family now surrounded all their people, and lifted and licked at their clothing. The fire roses were also picked up and soon the Windarians were gliding through them as if through water.

The music began to speed up and as it did the Windarians formed a large circle, all facing in, but then turned out bowed to the Vulcanians and paired up, green and red mixing together.

The music picked up again and the Atlanticans, lead by their King and Queen glided into the center of the dance floor, like a ships prow parting waves. The other two planets moved to the outside forming a circle, as the men of Atlantis lifted the women into the air, in big and graceful lifts and turns.

The music slowed and all three planets then paired off, no one couple wearing the same colors. Bowing to each other, they started off again. The music swelled to a faster pace and soon the couples began pulling in Cephirians. Soon everyone was dancing and switching off partners, with no one couple staying together long. People were laughing and joking as they tried to keep up with the pace, as partners were switched again and again.


Eagle, Ferio and Lantis were keeping an eye open for the girls, but their brothers, seeming to have formed some kind of alliance, kept guiding their sisters away. They would have probably would have never had a chance, had not Tomoyo, Marina and Kuu stepped in. When the music slowed for a few minutes, they paired up with the frustrated suitors. They glided closer to the girls and when the music changed again, quickly switched with their sisters, not allowing the boys to interfere. The music slowed to a steady waltz and each girl smiled lovingly up at her man.


" I thought I was going to miss my chance to dance with you," said Lantis and Hikaru laughed lightly.

"This is just the first dance, there would have been more afterwards."

"I'm not to sure your brothers would have allowed that," said Lantis with a smile.


"How do you like the dance?" asked Fuu a bit breathlessly.

Ferio laughed, "It is very energetic but, I'm really enjoying it."

Fuu smiled, "I'm glad, it's one of my favorites."


Eagle pulled Umi closer to him, causing a slight blush to stain her cheeks.

"I don't have to switch partners again do I?"

"Not for a little while but, there is one last change," Umi smiled when her partner groaned in disappointment before giving her a wink.

"I guess I'll just have to enjoy the time I have."


The music picked up at the sound of symbols, the rune gods who had been watching from above the floor, now touched the floor and transforming into their human guardian forms, and politely cut in on their charges.

The groups started to clear the floor as the rune gods and Princesses danced returning to where the dance had first started. As the music slowed to its final end, the three couples moved to the center of the floor. The girls curtsied to their rune gods, then turned and bowed to each other. Then the three monarch families, one by one moved to the center of the floor joining the Princesses. On time with the music, the families bowed to the rune gods, in turn to each other, and finally turned to Ferio and bowed gracefully with the final strain of music and the eruption of applause and cheering.


The large banquet served after the dance was served with everyone lounging about the perimeter of the dance floor on cushions and low couches and tables. The royal families sat together in one corner of the dance floor, while everyone else intermingled with each other. The opposite side of the floor was left open for the performers, which acted as a stage. As they feasted the different Kingdoms put on demonstrations of skill and beauty. From Chizeta came various dances and two mock sword fights, Fahren showed feats of magic, and traditional dances.

Squall put on two plays, one of romance the other comedy, and then had an archery demonstration and contest, in which Geo won a golden bow. Vulcana put on two dances, which involved people in the audience, which had them laughing as they joined in as well as a martial arts demonstration. Atlantis had a sword demonstration and the Princes and Princesses amazed the crowd with their voices and magic, as they sang and created beautiful moving pictures to go with the songs.

It was getting late into the evening by the time Autozam had its turn. First was a GTO battle after which Eagle, who had been sitting by Umi, gently squeezed her hand and stood up. He moved out to the middle of the floor and waited for everyone to quite down before he spoke.

"This is the first time I have ever done this," he started, "I am going to sing for you an Autozamian love song, about two lovers who where pulled apart by unpreventable forces. This song is about their reunion and their love for one another."


Taking a deep breath he began to sing, first turning to the audience around him.

Never knew

I could feel like this

Like I've never seen the sky…before

Eagle turned toward the gathered monarchs and held Umi's eyes with his own, where she sat among her siblings,

Want to vanish inside your kiss

Everyday I love you more and more

Listen to my heart

Can you hear it sing?

Telling me to give you everything?

Seasons may change

Winder to Spring

But I love you

Until the end of time

Eagle extended his hand to Umi,

Come what may

Umi rose and walked slowly to him,

Come what may

I will love you

Slowly she placed her hand in his and Eagle gently tugged her to him,

Until my dieing day

Umi smiled up at him and sang in her gently but strong voice,

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place

Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace

Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste

It all revolves around you

And there's no mountain to high

No river to wide

Sing out this song and I'll be there by your side

Storm clouds may gather

And stars may collide

But I love you,

Eagle pulled out Umi's blue diamond hair clip and held it for her to see, a large smile crossed her face,

I love you,

Umi placed her hand over the clip as their voices harmonized again,

Until the end of time

Come what may

Come what may

I will love you

Eagle gently slid the clip into her hair, and Umi's eyes widen as all her memories came back to her. Ribbons of water surrounded the couple, raising them up before gently setting them back down.

"I remember," She whispered, "I remember!" she cried out throwing her arms around his neck. When she pulled back Eagle kissed her, the cheers of the Atlanticans and Autozamians in the background. The couple pulled apart smiling, and the Autozamians joined in the final strand,

Come what may

I will love

Come what may

Eagle and Umi joined in, their voices the loudest,

Yes, I will love you

Come what may

I will love you

Till my dieing day!


The room erupted in cheers and applause. King Yuu, followed by his wife, daughter, and sons, walked out onto the floor.

"The water magic of the Ryuzaki family has been restored, thank you." He smiled towards his daughter, "and on behalf of my family, I am most thankful to you for restoring the smile and joy to my daughters face.

Eagle gently squeezed Umi's hand and knelt on one knee before King Yuu. "Thank you, your majesty. I would like to ask for your majesty for permission to marry your daughter." Eagle knew that his question appeared to have come from nowhere, but if anything his recent experience had taught him not wait for tomorrow, because it might not come. So he had decided that once Umi recovered her memories he would ask her to marry him, not willing to regret waiting to ask again. Yuu looked surprised for a moment but, then smiled softly and turned to his family.

"I have no objection," said Marina with a smile. The brothers nodded in agreement.

"I agree," smiled Nadesico.

"Well if she will take you, than you have my blessing."

Eagle breathed a breath of relief, "Thank you, your majesty", he turned to Umi taking her hands in his.

"Princess Umi Ryuzaki, will you marry me?"

"Yes!" she laughed happily as Eagle scoped her up and spun her around in his arms. Setting her down Eagle removed the engagement ring from the chain around his neck and, slid it on her finger. Umi realized that the masculine ring she wore was the matching engagement ring for Eagle. Slipping off the ring from the chain she kept it on, and slid it on to Eagle's hand. The two kissed again and the room broke into cheers once more. Umi snuggled closer into Eagle's arms, smiling contently.

"So we are the first to marry."

"Yes," smiled Eagle, "but not the last. Ferio needs a queen, and Lantis needs some one who can put up with his moods. They will not be long in asking but yes we are the first." He smiled down at her, " I love you."

"Until the end of time" smiled Umi, kissing his cheek before leading them towards her family.

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