It was a beautiful day at the campus. A 15 year old brunette was running to her class with her hair tied in a half-ponytail. She opens the classroom door.

"Ohayou gouzaimas, mina!" She greeted

"Ohayou" Two girls greeted one with pink hair and the other with blue hair.

"Ohayou, Anna, and Nonoko" she greeted them back

A blonde haired boy was stomping his feet and approached a girl with raven hair.

"Imai! You told me you wouldn't sell those pictures! I did what you told me to do, didn't I?" he said furiously

"That's right"

"Then why did you sell them?"

"It's in demand you know, dancing with a lion is so kawaii, Ruka" Hotaru said as she shows a picture of Ruka dancing with a lion

"Give me that!" Ruka said as he tries to grab it but Hotaru would just place it to the different direction from where Ruka reaches.

She rides on her flying duck and flies outside of the classroom then Ruka follows her with a large eagle.

"Come back here!" Ruka said as he was being carried by the eagle to the air.

Back to the Brunette…

"Hotaru is so mean to Ruka-pyon" she said

"Yeah, she always makes money out of his pictures" a boy with glasses said

"Hey Iinchou, what are we going to do today? Is Narumi-sensei coming or the substitute teacher?" Mikan asked as she sat on her seat near the window.

((Note: I didn't change the teachers))

"Well, Narumi-sensei said that he'll be coming today and he'll be announcing something about a project"

"I wonder what kind of project is it?" she said as she placed her elbow on the desk and places her chin on her hand (was that right?) while thinking

After a few minutes,

Hotaru comes in the room through the door and dusts her blue skirt a little.

"Hotaru, where's Ruka-pyon?" Mikan asked but Hotaru didn't answer

"Hotaru… give… it… to… me" Ruka said coming in from the door and catches his breath.

Hotaru handed a brown bag to Ruka with all of his blackmail pictures which Ruka grabbed immediately then he went to his seat next to Natsume who was still reading his Manga with his legs on top of the desk as usual.

(Bell rings and Narumi-sensei comes in)

"Ohayou my precious students, today I'll be giving a project that will be needing 6-8 members. You'll be preparing to perform a play of that will be assigned to your group for the up coming anniversary of the academy and all the members are required to work in this" Narumi said

"What kind of play sir?" a student asked

"Hmm… for example a fairy tale, you can edit new characters if you like and also you can ask the students at Class A to help you if you want, are there any more questions?" Narumi said

"Then if it's all clear I'll say the members of the groups" Narumi said

After a while…

"The last will consist of 9 members namely…

Imai Hotaru-chan




Nogi Ruka-kun

Hyuuga Natsume-kun

Shouda Sumire-chan

Sumire-chan's friend (the one beside her during class)


Sakura Mikan-chan

And you'll be practicing sleeping beauty, that's all meet with your group mates, you'll be given 8 days to practice for it so do your best everyone" Narumi said then left.

The last group met with each other to decide on what role to have.

"Ok, how'll assign the characters?" Ruka asked

"I have cards here, all of them have the characters, who ever you'll get it will be the role you'll do, no more changes, ok?" Hotaru said then placed the cards on the grass. All of them picked a card then slowly looked at it.

"I got the Blue fairy" Nonoko said

"Mine is the red fairy" Anna said

"And I'm an inserted character the sister of Princess Aurora" Hotaru

"HEY! Why did I get the Black Fairy!" Sumire complained

"But the role suites you" Ruka said then Sumire went wild hearing that from Ruka making her shake Ruka hard.

"I'll DO it! Because Ruka-kun said it!" Sumire said

"Stop it, I'm getting dizzy" Ruka said then Sumire stopped

"Gomen, Ruka-kun"

"Why didn't you get a card Iinchou?" Hotaru said

"I figured that I should do the illusion, don't you think?"

"You do have a point, this is a fairy tale" Sumire's friend said

"What did you get?" Sumire asked

"The Green fairy" her friend replied

"I also got an inserted character, the brother of the Prince" Ruka said

"What did you get Natsume?" Ruka asked with a smile

"The Prince" he replied

'WHAT!' Mikan thought

Mikan felt her jaw drop for she got…

"Who got the Princess?" Sumire's friend asked

"No way! Mikan got it?" Sumire said

"Well… yeah I got it" Mikan said

"Hmm… won't you look at that, be sure to do your best"

"Tch! Are you really that desperate for me? Picking the card with the character that will be my partner in the play is Typical of you, Polka dots" Natsume said

"Oh shut up Natsume! Do you think that I want that role if you were that prince? Dream on! Hmmp!" Mikan said then turned away from Natsume

"Whatever," Natsume said

"What about the script?" Anna asked

"I talked to Narumi-sensei before I came, he told me that he'll be making our script, all we have to do is act it out" Iinchou said

"Well let's meet up again later same place at 5 pm" Hotaru said

"Ok," all said in chorus except for Ruka and Natsume of course. Then the others left except for Natsume, Ruka, Mikan, Yuu and Hotaru

"Oh Ruka, listen to this," Hotaru said then a sound of Ruka singing was heard for a while, Ruka went furious again

"Where did you get that?"

"I call that 'Dancing with the Lion'" Hotaru said then Ruka chased her again.

Natsume sat under a tree and was reading his Manga again.

"Mikan, let's talk to Narumi-sensei about the costumes," Yuu said

"Ok, See ya Natsume!" Mikan said then smiled at him then walked with Yuu

Natsume looked at her then back to his Manga

'Even after teasing her, she still smiles at me? Well that's why I love her, I guess' Natsume thought then smiled

End of Chapter

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