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Chapter 6: The Truth

Natsume was alone walking around the campus then he decides to lay down on the grass with his two hands behind his head. He stared at the sky.

'that stupid girl doesn't understand at all... the reason why I took the part of the prince… is because… because of her…' he thought and closed his eyes as the cool breeze blew.

He sighed.


Mikan was dumbfounded. She didn't expect those actions from Natsume, The Natsume Hyuuga, the Black cat of the academy, the person that she hated the most when she entered the academy. She kept on walking with those thoughts in her head not paying attention to where she was walking. Then she bumped into a blonde-haired boy.

"Oh, sorry Ruka-pyon I wasn't looking" Mikan said –not blushing anymore-

"It's okay… Hey have you seen Natsume?" Ruka said

"Umm… I saw him earlier but not that long…" Mikan said then the blush appeared again as she heard Natsume's name.

"Mikan, you're blushing" Ruka said then Mikan shook her head.

"No I'm not!" Mikan said as she turned her head away.

"Did something happen? You can tell me you know… if it concerns Natsume I can help you, you know" Ruka said then Mikan looked at him again

"Well you see, I'm confused Ruka-pyon"

"Why is that?"

"Well… earlier… I heard that Natsume burnt the bangs of the girls in the dressing room earlier…"


"Then I went to find Natsume because it wasn't right for him to burn their hair like that… and when I got angry at me…" Mikan paused then blushed again

"Yes? Go on…"

"He suddenly hugged me… I was confused, Ruka" Mikan said

Ruka hit his forehead with his palm.

"Mikan… Isn't it obvious?" Ruka said making Mikan more confused.

"What is?"

"Natsume likes you… and you're the reason why he didn't refused on being the prince… because you were going to be the princess" Ruka said making Mikan speechless.

Ruka let out a sigh.

"Actually… I wasn't suppose to tell you that… oh well… by the way Hotaru was looking for you at the café, come on" Ruka said then walked with Mikan to the Café.

End of chapter

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