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Chapter 7:

Mikan just walked in silence with Ruka as they arrived the café in Central Town. Hotaru stood and walked to them seeing Mikan depressed she stared at Ruka.

"I didn't do anything okay" Ruka said in a panic not wanting to be shot nor hit by any of Hotaru's inventions. Hotaru just sighed and patted Mikan on the head.

"Why don't we have the tea and cookies that you love so much? It'll be my treat okay" hearing that Mikan looked at Hotaru with sparkling eyes and hugged her. Hotaru let out a small smile and still patting her head. Ruka felt happy that at least she cheered up.

Meanwhile at the garden in the High school dormitory, Natsume was lying down on the grass gazing at the sky. He kept on remembering his argument with Mikan. He let out a sigh and closed his eyes.

"Did you and Mikan have a little lover's quarrel again?" a familiar voice of a young man said as he walks to Natsume's side.

"It doesn't concern you, Tsubasa-senpai"

"Of course it does~ Me and the others tried so hard to make the two of you get along then now this… you should be more honest you know how naïve she is" Tsubasa said as he sat down on the grass with Natsume.

"She's too Naïve that it's irritating"

"Well… If you give up easily on her… someone might take her away from you, you know."

"I know that… I just… forget it. I'm going back to my room" Natsume stood up and brushed off the possible dirt on his uniform and walked to the dorm.

Tsubasa just looked at him watching as Natsume entered the dormitory and let out a sigh.

"Seriously kids these days are too serious or too naïve… they should just be honest with each other already"

Natsume arrived in his room. He leaned his back on the door. "Tomorrow… I'll take my chance"

The day of the play arrived and everyone changed to their costumes. The girls were very cautious around Natsume that they would stiffen once he passes by. Ruka sweatdrops at the sight.

"The girls are… really scared of you Natsume"

"Well… I burnt their hair… I think it's natural that they'd be scared of me and Mikan right?" Ruka stopped walking and Natsume paused.

"Natsume, why don't you just tell Mikan the truth? You've been hiding your feelings for years." Ruka said and Natsume just looked at him.

"You know me well right Ruka?"

"Well, yeah"

"Then you know very well that I'm not that type." Natsume turned around and headed to the queuing area for the actors and Ruka followed him.

'It wouldn't hurt to tell Mikan after all their feelings are mutual' he thought

'It's not that simple to confess… I love her too much and knowing the danger that I could possibly involve her with…' Natsume though while waiting for his turn and sees Mikan on the other wing of the stage obviously she was very nervous.

"Mikan stop shaking will you?" Hotaru said vein twitching from the shivering Mikan

"I Can't help it! I'm too scared!" Hotaru just glared at her then she noticed Natsume and Ruka on the other wing of the stage

"Mikan, look at the other wing of the stage" without hesitating Mikan looked at the other wing and saw Natsume holding a board with something written on it

"You can do it, our group is depending on you… Idiot" Mikan blushed, smiled and nodded. Natsume looked away then Ruka chuckled.

"Shut up Ruka, not a word" He said then Ruka just nodded.

"Well isn't that sweet coming from your prince" Hotaru said and Mikan blushed but still she was very happy.

The play was doing quite well and now the most awaited scene is currently on going. The Prince Natsume has slayed the evil fairy and is not on the way to the tower and save Princess Mikan from her deep slumber.

"Fear not my dear Princess, I shall save your from your deep slumber" Natsume said his line and leaned over the sleeping Princess and caressed her cheek.

Mikan was definitely feeling nervous so nervous that she's feeling her faced flushed. 'Oh my God, this is it… this is the the the kissing scene… I can hear my heartbeat'

"You idiot stop being so nervous you're distracting me" Nastume whispered allowing only the two of them to hear.

"I can't help it…" Mikan said Natsume let out a small smile while caressing her cheek.

"Really makes me wonder why I fell in love with someone as naïve as you" Mikan's eyes widened as Natsume placed a kiss on her lips.

Everyone in the auditorium squealed at that very scene.

"Magnificent performance my dear students. You have made me so proud for your performance I will give you all a perfect score Sleeping Beauty group. Please pack up now" Narumi said happily.

In the dressing room, Mikan was staring blankly while brushing her hair.

"n an kan ikan ikan MIKAN" a sharp pain was felt on the brunette's head

"Ouch! Hotaru! That hurt so much!" Mikan said while rubbing her head with waterfall tears from her eyes.

"I've been calling you for minutes, Baka. Was that kiss too much a shock for you?" Hotaru said making Mikan's whole face red.

"Natsume… he… he said that 'he didn't know why she fell in love with such a naïve girl' then kissed me" Mikan said while staring at the floor and Hotaru was fixing Mikan's ribbon and blazer.

"Well… that definitely wasn't in the script… What a great chance getter that Natsume" Hotaru smiled.

"I… I'm confused"

"What's there to be confused? You love him too right? Isn't it a dream come true for you?"

Suddenly Mikan remembered that Natsume was always there for her and made sure that she was happy and safe for the past years.

"I'm going to him now"

"Wait Mikan why are you… stupid girl they're just waiting outside" Hotaru said then continued fixing her stuff.

Mikan ran out of the room and finds Natsume and Ruka waiting for them

"I'll go and help Hotaru with her stuff" Ruka said and went in the room.

It was awkward for Natsume and Mikan. It was so quiet. Natsume looked at Mikan but Mikan just stared at the floor.

"Why don't we take a walk outside, it's suffocating here" Natsume said taking Mikan's bag and started walking out. Of course Mikan followed her but still wasn't talking. She didn't know how to ask. They reached a bench and decided to wait for the others there. Still everything was silent.

Natsume grabbed Mikan's hand and look at Mikan "What I said earlier was true, you know that it's not in the script right?" Mikan just blushed and looked at Natsume but still looking away every second.

"I don't understand. There's nothing special about me not to mention that we always fight with one another. I'm clumsy, naïve, I can't do anything right so why…" Mikan said then Natsume pulled her to an embrace.

"You're special. You're tough, you make sure everyone that are important to you are safe and you always fight for what you think is right. You also changed me and you're always there when I need you… Isn't that enough reason for me to fall for you?" Mikan buried her face on Natsume's chest and wrapped her arms around Natsume.

"You're so rude and selfish but you always make sure everyone is safe and happy even though you don't want to show it. Even if we fight a lot I would always still care for you a lot."

"Honestly I don't know if you're confessing or what" Natsume vein twitched.

"What I wanted to say is… I love you too Natsume" Mikan said while looking at Natsume in the eye and he unexpectedly blushed. Mikan found it cute and pinched Natsume's cheeks.

"St stop it!"

"I can't help it you were so cute when you blushed!" Mikan said with a smile and Natsume just stared at her while rubbing his sore cheeks.

"Mikan, Natsume, Were sorry we took so long" Hotaru said while walking to them

"It's alright but where's Ruka-pyon?"

"Hotaru… how… the heck… am I… going to… carry this… all the way… back… to your… dorm?" Ruka said as he was breathing heavily while carrying Hotaru's big heavy bag (as big as Ruka by the way XD)

Hotaru walked over to Ruka and just pressed a button on the side of the bag and it folded to a small bag and the weight became lighter. "You could have done that sooner you know!"

"Where would the fun of torturing you be?" Hotaru said

"Okay enough of this let's head back to the dorm already" Natsume said while carrying Mikan's bag and walked ahead.

"Natsume! Wait!" Mikan ran to Natsume's side and walked together while Hotaru and Ruka walked a little father from them.

The Sunset was pretty visible from where they were and while walking they couldn't help but watch it as well.

"Well at least they're okay now" Ruka said

"Yeah" Hotaru grabbed Ruka's hand and placed her fingers in between his and Ruka blushed.

"Why don't you be sweet all the time?"

"Bullying… It's how I show my affection to you" Hotaru said and Ruka just blushed and kept quiet.

Not long after that they saw Mikan and Natsume holding hands as well and Ruka and Hotaru stared at each other and they just smiled and were happy that finally the two got together.

The End

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