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Chapter 1: High School Astrology

Star found herself gazing into the night time sky on her roof, her blue-green eyes glistening in the light of the full moon. The skies were so clear, she felt as if she could see every tiny detail up in the heavens that she had learned to love so much.

In fact, she felt like her life was similar to a star's. She stared at the Drinking Gourd, her eyebrows lifting up with a soft sigh escaping from her lips.

The Drinking Gourd was like the group of popular people that she hung out with. Paulina was obviously the North Star, while Star was just,well, a star.

She was in that popular group that was always together,that always stood out, but did she stand out? No.

Everyone saw her, everyone knew her name, but did they even take the time to know her? To take the time to see what was beyond that pretty face of hers? Not at all.

No one ever paid attention to what she thought, but what the "popular crowd" thought. Not the individual in it.

Star's eyes wandered aimlessly over to Orion's Belt. As usual, the three stars were together, as they had been for a long time. Those stars wouldn't change for a while either.

In high school, these stars were Danny Fenton, Sam Manson, and Tucker Foley. Like the Drinking Gourd (or popular crowd), they stood out because they were always together. No matter what, But they weren't liked because they were different.


Something Star was, but was afraid to show because she thought her "friends" wouldn't like her anymore.

She knew that if they were her real friends they wouldn't care if she was different. Like how Tucker and Danny accept the fact that Sam is different.

Some friends her friends were.

Star envied Danny, Tucker and Sam's friendship because they didn't care how different each of them were.

According to Paulina, Star sometimes didn't exist, or was uncool. Also, Star couldn't hang out with Valerie that much anymore because she was having money problems, and was to preoccupied with her precious job.

It was right there and then that Star realized that she was lonely. Even though she sometimes had fun with Paulina, she was just a satellite.

She again thought of Danny, Sam, and Tucker and how they were never alone.

Star wondered if there was room in Orion's Belt for one more Star...

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