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Chapter 12: Strange Conversations

"Star?" Danny repeated her name. "You followed us?" He floated above the bush, looking furious.


"Uh-um-uh...y-yeah?' Star stuttered, her eyes huge in fear.

Danny's eyes burned intensely as he shook off his anger by sighing deeply.

"How could you? We trusted you-" Danny scolded, "we'll talk later. I have a ghost to catch."

"O-okay..." Star gulped as he flew off to fight the ghost, leaving her alone with Sam and Tucker who were staring at her with strange looks on their faces.

Star avoided eye contact with them in hopes that they wouldn't question her, but it didn't work very well.

"Star," Sam began with a rather calm tone givin the situation, "why did you follow us?"

The blonde stared at her shoes, regretting following them in the first place.

"I...I guess I just wanted to find out what the heck you three were hiding from me. Maybe it was the fact that for once in my life I hadn't heard the latest gossip from Paulina or whatever..." Star defended, "But if I had know that this was what you were all hiding I wouldn't have!"

Tucker, who was still staring at Star in awe, gave a quick glance to Sam before talking.

"You can't tell anyone, Star. That could ruin everything that we have worked for the more than the past year!"

Star looked back at him, finally making eye contact. "I won't tell a soul."

Sam eyed her with a small amount of distrust. "Promise?"

Star thought for a second. 'Who would I tell? Paulina? Yeah right! '


Sam and Tucker began whispering to each other, having a slight arguement over what to do next.

"Star, we think that you should go home. We'll tell Danny everything, okay?He'll probably go over your house later to explain." Tucker spoke with the anger that was in his voice before replaced with worry.

"Fine. Just...tell Danny I'm sorry I followed you guys. I promise I won't tell anyone about this." Star spoke quietly as she stumbled away, paying more attention to her emotions than her surroundings.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Sam and Tucker running in the direction that Danny had flown.

'Wait...Danny flew! How the hell is that possible? He can't be dead and alive at the same time!'

Strange thoughts and ideas filled Star's mind to occupy herself during the short walk back to her house. When she finally got home, immediantly ran up to her room and flopped onto her bed. No one was home for once, so she had her music blasting.

She lay there for a while, pondering how all of this had happened, and wondering what would happen next.

'Maybe Phantom's possessing him?'Nah. He's not evil!'

Star finally sat up and rested her back against the wall, staring at her dangling bare feet as she thought about what she was going to have to do because of this.

'If I told Paulina...she would except me as her best friend again, wouldn't she? I wouldn't have to talk to the three of them anymore. And Paulina used to be Danny's old crush. He'd be happy if she knew because she'd like him.'

Star shook off those thoughts and stood up to go over to her computer and turn it on. As she sat in her swivel chair, and thought more about her idea.

'No! I promised I wouldn't tell anyone. Besides, Paulina would tell everyone, and I don't think Danny still likes her.'

'But if I did tell Paulina-'

Star never finished that thought because as soon as she had logged onto her computer, an IM popped up.

GOCHRAVENS (3:05:39 PM) Star? Are you ok?

'Am I okay? Am I okay? No! But how does he know I'm not?'

ESTELLECELINA (3:06:07 PM) Yea! Of course im ok! Wat gave u the idea that I wasnt?

GOCHRAVENS (3:06:59 PM) I saw u headin into ur house a little a while ago. U looked really worried, so I said hi but u didnt answer.

ESTELLECELINA (3:07:28 PM) OoO. Yea Im ok. I just have somethin really big on my mind.

GOCHRAVENS (3:07:45 PM) Like wat?

ESTELLECELINA (3:08:28 PM) ummm...It's just that I found somethin out about a friend thats really cool, but I had to promise not to tell anyone...

GOCHRAVENS (3:08:56 PM) Oh alright. You promised not to tell ne1 so its cool not to tell me. So wats wrong with that?

ESTELLECELINA (3:09:54 PM) Well...I know this is wrong but maybe if I told Paulina about this...person...then she'd be really excited and let me be her friend again...but I promised, and she isn't that great of a friend...but this person is...

GOCHRAVENS (3:10:39 PM) Then don't tell her. She isn't very nice, she'd blab to everyone, and real friends stick by you and don't desert you like she did.

ESTELLECELINA (3:11:01 PM) Ur right. I just have to think about this for a little while okay? I'm gonna blast Evanescence now and think about the whole thing.

GOCHRAVENS (3:11:15 PM) Okay...

ESTELLECELINA (3:11:31 PM) ttyl. bye

ESTELLECELINA is signed off as of 3:11:46

Star turned off her music for a few seconds so she could switch CD's, but before she could, she heard the doorbell ring downstairs.

"I'm coming!" she yelled as she rushed down the stairs, pulling her hair up into a ponytail so she would look a bit more presentable after it getting messed up when she was thinking before.

The blonde slowly unlocked the door and opened it, only to find a boy with black hair and shining blue eyes staring at her silently.

"Hey Star," Danny began, "It's time to talk."

And he welcomed himself in.

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