This is just a dodgy drabble involving everyone's favourite pairing. I get the feeling I had read a few fanfics of the more questionable variety before i wrote this. Oh well - it will probably only take you about 47 seconds to read :)


"Rikuo…Don't stop…" Kazahaya panted.

Rikuo pushed harder.

Kazahaya was gasping for breath. "Almost there…." He grunted.

Rikuo was silent, concentrating on the task at hand.

Finally they reached the top.

Both boys collapsed to the ground, sweating and breathing hard.

Eventually Rikuo got up, holding out a hand to Kazahaya. The other boy accepted and let himself be hauled up. They turned around to look at their surroundings.

A valley of lush green grass was spread out below them. Both boys leant on the boulder they had been pushing to the top of the hill, as one of Kakei's side jobs, and took in the view.

The stupid things they did for Kakei.