This is set during the novel Scarlett. So if you haven't read it, what you need to know is this…

After Rhett leaves Scarlett at the end of GWTW, she follows him to Charleston. Long story short, they make love and he leaves her the next day. This time she leaves too after giving Rosemary (Rhett's sister) a note for Miss Eleanor (Rhett's mum). The note is burned by Rosemary so no one knows where Scarlett goes. She goes to Savannah and then to Ireland. She finds out she is pregnant but before she can tell Rhett, he divorces her and marries Anne Hampton. (In the book she is compared to Melly but we all know Melly would never have been in love with a married man. I hate that comparison!)

Scarlett has her baby at Ballyhara, in Ireland. Cat. Scarlett is then introduced into Dublin's High Society where she meet Lord Fenton who owns the neighboring town, Adamstown. This is where all her O'Hara kin live. By now Rhett has found Scarlett, quite by accident but he still doesn't know about Cat. Luke pursues Scarlett in the beginning with the intention of making her his mistress. But after meeting Cat, he is so enchanted by her he decides he wants to marry Scarlett. This is where my story basically starts. I have made a few changes.

While Cat's birth was difficult, it was still a natural birth. Meaning no Graine (the witch) and none of that changeling stuff. Hate that. Let's make her birthday November 1 just to avoid any complications. This also means Scarlett can have more babies.

Scarlett accepts Fenton's proposal the first time because he does it differently. Although he doesn't claim to love her, he says that he cares for her and wants to take care of Cat. Also he needs to produce an heir and wants his child to be like Cat. I'm making Luke and Scarlett friends. So he's a nicer guy than he is shown to be in the book. Also I'm changing the timing of that proposal. Let's say he does it after Scarlett hears about Rhett and Anne having another baby from Bart. She accepts it more out of desperation than anything else. She realizes that she has lost Rhett forever. The proposal is announced immediately. So, pretty much everyone knows about it.

Also the villagers' attitude towards Scarlett and Cat are different. Since there is no witch, there are no superstitions surrounding Cat. Everyone loves Scarlett but are resentful towards her for being engaged to Lord Fenton.

So here goes nothing…