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Minako glared at her drink. "Damn it!" She looked at Rei who looked worn out. The night before the four of them had run across the one thing they had feared, a phage. "We need Sailor Moon!"

Rei yawned loudly. "At least you're not the one who has a room with a phage locked up in it!"

Makoto rubbed her eyes. "It can't be helped; you have the biggest place and a room that has no windows."

"I had to tell my grandfather that I have a lab experiment in our basement to keep him out of it for the time being." Rei informed them. "This is a big pain though."

Ami nodded her head as she sipped on a cup of coffee. "It maybe, but we cannot kill them. They were originally humans."

Rei leaned back. "I can't believe we actually caught it!"

Ami nodded her head. "That was a great one, Rei."

Rei flashed Ami a winning smile. "Thank you!"

"Sailor Mademoiselle was a hard to catch. I'm just glad that we thought of it in time. Without Sailor Moon, we cannot save these people." Rei tossed her drink to the side as she suddenly grew angry. "We can't just sit here and talk about how much we rely on Usagi… We need to find her!"

"We will, but we need to eat. Haruka is still trying to locate Usagi and Seiya. I just hope she does not kill him when she does find him." Ami said as she bit into her hamburger.

"And I will go to Usagi's house again." Minako said.

The others included their ideas as they finished their food.

Megumi walked beside Seiya as the couple headed back home. The train was stopping at the train station and Megumi felt Seiya's hand take hers into it. She squeezed his hand back knowing that things would change once again. Soon she would remember who she was and she would return to the life she once had.

Seiya led Usagi onto the train and gestured to a seat towards the back of the train car. Usagi sat down and Seiya sat beside her. Within minutes, the doors closed and the trained moved. He cleared his throat. "Odango… there is something I should tell you about."

Usagi turned to look at the handsome man. "What is it?"

Seiya leaned his head onto the top of his seat where the headrest was. He released a heavy sigh. "I know a little more about who you are…"

Usagi's eyes widened. "You… do?"

"Your real name is Usagi. You had a group of girls trying to locate you… and they left flyers about you…"

Megumi glared at him in disbelief. "Why did you never tell me?"

Seiay rolled his eyes. "You know our true identities… we can't let you go alive… so we figured…"

Megumi leaned forward, feeling sick to the stomach. What kind of situation was she going to put herself into now that she told Seiya that she wanted to know who she really was? Would Seiya and the other two have to kill her? Like Yaten and Taiki had already wanted to do? Megumi stared at her lap as the train chucked along. However, she had also almost made love to Seiya. It would have been a terrible thing if she made love to him and found out she was engaged or even married. Megumi grinned at the stupid thought. 'No, defiantly not married.'

"Here's the plan…" Seiya closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "We are going to make your hair blonde again and remove the contacts. They can also straighten your hair as well. Then, I'll drop you off where that blonde girl… Minako usually is."

Megumi suddenly felt scared. What if she would never see Seiya again? One part of her wanted to stop the train and get off with Seiya and live a life with him alone in the mountains as planned. However, the other part felt that she could never truly love him or dedicate herself to him completely if she did not know who she was herself. Megumi hung her head lower as her vision blurred. "It's not fair…"

Seiya pulled her closer to him. "This is for the best. I have a mission that… well, I should fulfill. Our Princess is someplace on this planet…" Seiya stopped himself. His own eyes filled with tears. "I should not allow myself to fall off that path." He shook his head and looked forward. "You're right. You need to remember who you are."

Megumi touched his arm gently. "We have this last moment together though…"

Seiya turned his head and looked down at his weakness, his dilemma. "Odango…" He whispered as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him. He then caught her lips with his for a passionate kiss. Seiya became heated by the feelings of passion from their kiss and he rubbed his tongue against Megumi's lips which caught her by surprise. She leaped back from him and looked at him terrified.

"What was that slimy thing?"

Seiya stared at her with a blank expression. "I wasn't thinking… I…"

She shook her head, terrified by the unusual feeling of a slug withering across her lips. "It was gross!"

Seiya glanced around the train car at the other people glaring at him. He slumped down in his seat and opened up a newspaper that someone had left behind and pretended to read it.

A week later:

The four girls walked together as the skies grew darker. Without even looking for trouble, they had fought with another phage. However, without Sailor Moon, they could only keep the phage in Rei's home. Rei slumped forward. "With all of this stuff going on, the news is having a field day trying to locate some of the people who had vanished for no reason."

Ami nodded her head. "Even if Sailor Moon fixes them, they will have no memories of being Phages and they will regain themselves at Rei's place." Ami shook her head. "This actually seems hopeless."

Rei walked over towards Minako's home at high speed suddenly, ignoring Ami's words. "Usagi?"

Usagi turned to see Rei rushing towards her. Her shoulder length hair caressed her cheeks and gently moved with the breeze. "Hello."

Rei stopped several feet before Usagi. "You remember me?"

Usagi held up the flyer that Seiya had given to her. "I actually… don't remember anything."

Makoto grabbed the flyer from Usagi as Ami studied her. "It is you!"

Usagi smiled at the blue haired girl. "Could you guys help me remember who I am?"

Rei embraced Usagi. "You came back!"

Usagi felt a tearing at her heat. She glanced towards the direction that she knew Seiya would be and watched as he waved good bye to her and left the area. Tears slowly sprang from her eyes as her heart ripped in half.

"Usagi! We need your help!" Minako suddenly blurted. "Or, more like, Sailor Moon's help."

Usagi stared at Minako in confusion. "Sailor…Moon?"

Rei held out Usagi's broach. "You need this to transform into Sailor Moon."

Usagi reached out to touch her broach.

"How did you get away from the Three Lights?" Makoto asked.

"Did you forget, she went off with only one of them? It was probably easy to get away from only one of them." Rei informed Makoto.

Usagi felt a headache take over as the girls talked amongst themselves. "Girls… how do I…?"

The girls looked at the confused Usagi. "Sorry. I know you have no idea what is going on… but… we need your help."

Minako held Usagi's arm up. "Yeah, just hold this up and call out Moon Prism Power, Make-up!"

Usagi gawked at Minako. "Moon…Prism… Power, Make-UP!" Suddenly, Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon looked down at her clothes in shock. "I…?"

The other girls cheered at Usagi's transformation. "Great! Do you remember anything? Like how you were able to transform into Sailor Moon when you were kidnapped?"

Usagi looked at Rei in shock. "I was not kidnapped!"

Minako chuckled, "Yeah, Yaten-san would never kidnap her when he could have me!"

Usagi pushed Minako gently but suddenly was flooded with memories. She fell to her knees in pain as the memories overwhelmed her.

"Sailor Moon!" The girls shouted as they knelt by her side.

Sailor Moon's eyes watered as the memories took place in her mind. "There is no room for… Seiya." Sailor Moon looked up at her beloved friend's worried faces. "Have any of you… heard from Mamoru?"

Seiya sighed as he closed the door behind him. He was back at the apartment that he had never wanted to return to. Seiya sighed as he dropped his bags onto the floor.

"So… that comes from… a man?" Taiki's voice asked from the living room.

"And… that is what… is inside a woman?" Yaten asked.

Seiya rubbed his eyes, wondering what on earth the two were talking about. He inched his way to his room when Yaten's voice shrieked.

"HE'S HOME!" Yaten leaped from the living room and pinned Seiya to the ground. "Where is Megumi?"

Taiki followed Yaten and turned on the lights. "Where have you been?"

Seiya pushed Yaten off of him. "I have nothing to say to the two of you."

Yaten glared at Seiya. "BULLSHIT! If Megumi were to blab our secrete… oh…my…" Yaten pointed at Seiya. "You got her pregnant and left her behind!" He pointed at Seiya as he accused Seiya of the awful deed.

Seiya looked at Yaten. "What? Pregnant? Don't they use…" Seiya's eyes widened slightly as he thought of the time that he could not control himself as he wanted to consume her. Without realizing it, Seiya's face became flushed.

"Seiya, you got her pregnant?" Taiki asked. "If you did… this would be a fascinating research material. An earthling's and a Kinmoku's child…" Taiki looked at the two men who both glared at him in degust. "What? It has never happened before!"

Seiya turned away from the other two men. "I didn't do anything with her! Leave my personal life out of this!" Seiya felt sick to his stomach as he thought of wishing they did finish what they had started. He had never even thought of having a child with Megumi… er Usagi before. Seiya slammed his fist into the wall. The drywall concaved and crumbled around Seiya's fist. "Don't say another word to me…"

Yaten jumped back as Seiya removed his fist from the wall. "Taiki… what is this about? We should be the ones that are angry…"

Taiki frowned as he lowered his head. "I think the dilemma is, he fell in love with a mortal girl."

Yaten turned to see the human child on TV crying as it came to earth in the delivery room. "Earthlings sure are messy."

Usagi fell onto her bed as the tears flew from her eyes. She was finally alone and at home. She could not believe that calling her senshi powers had brought back her memories. She looked at the picture of Mamoru and her that was on her desk. She was smiling brightly while Mamoru was calm by her side. She turned away from the picture and began to weep. Maybe it would have been better if she had continued to live her life without knowing that Mamoru stopped loving her. He have not written her a single letter since he proposed to her and left for America. "Seiya…" Usagi whispered as she closed her eyes and started to fall into a deep slumber.

"Oi, Neko!"

Usagi turned over to see Haruka sitting on her windowsill. "Haruka!"

Haruka jumped into her room and took her hand into hers. "Neko! You came back!"

Usagi sat up in her bed and smiled down at the boyish looking woman. "It's so good to see you too, Haruka!" She quickly embraced Haruka.

Haruka grinned as she released Usagi. "Things can return to normal now, but Michiru and I are going to keep a very sharp eye on you. We will not allow another guy to take you away from us again!"

Usagi grinned at her friend. "Thank you Haruka, but you don't…"

"Now, don't say such a thing. After all, you were gone for a fourth of the year!" Michiru suddenly informed her from the window.

"Michiru-chan!" Usagi choked as she embraced the beautiful older woman.

"Boy, is this favoritism?" Haruka huffed as she raised her chin in the air slightly.

Usagi used her index finger to wipe away a tear from the corner of her eye. "Of course not!"

The two older women grinned as they embraced Usagi once again.

Yaten snuggled Luna in his bed, sleeping as if he really was a little girl who had her first pet. The window was open as Haruka was no longer coming by and trying to blow the three of them up. Seiya closed the door gently as he went over to peek in at Taiki. Taiki had fallen asleep while reading a bok in bed about the human anatomy. Seiya rolled his eyes as he closed the door to Taiki's room. He rushed over to the front door and grabbed his keys. He threw on his leather jacket and opened the door. He quickly closed the door as quietly as possible behind him. He could not believe that these few hours away from Odango felt like a million years. He rushed down the hall and took off in the direction of Usagi's house.

"I don't think so, mister."

Seiya stopped short. A woman was behind him, and he had not sensed her until that moment. Seiya slowly turned around to see a beautiful older woman with green hair looking at him. "I beg your pardon?"

"You will never see Usagi again." Setsuna informed him.

Seiya glared at her. "Who are you?"

Setsuna turned her back on him. "She already has someone else."

Seiya felt as if something had slammed into his gut hard. "Someone else?"

Setsuna did not reply, instead she vanished into the night sky. Seiya exhaled a breath of relief and yet, his body trembled. Was it really the right choice, to let Megumi return to her previous life? Seiya looked towards the apartment that he and the other two lived in. He was kind of surprised that they did not threaten to kill her yet. Seiya tightened his hand into a fist. "It was the right choice, if I love her; I will set her free…" His eyes glistened with unshed tears. "Now, I should give my all back to the Princess… Goodbye, Megumi, my beloved Odango."

Usagi walked down her stairs the next morning late. It was a Saturday and her family still was not back from their trip. Usagi looked around the kitchen and frowned. She was lonely. More now than ever before. She could hear Yaten shouting in the back of her mind about being woken up early and Seiya's playful teases towards Yaten's laziness. She also remembered Taiki's fatherly voice telling his roommates to stop misbehaving. Usagi folded her arms across her chest and rubbed her forearms. Even memories of her own family's smiling faces played in her mind. However, the truth was that she was alone. Even Mamoru was gone. Usagi walked over to the cabinet and opened it to see that there was no cereal left. Usagi chuckled to herself in disbelief. Her friends must have raided her home in her absence. Usagi looked in the empty refrigerator and shook her head. "Well, at least I know they were here a lot while I was gone." Usagi muttered. She walked over to the table and sat down in her seat. Everything was back to how it should be, but her heart now ached and she felt empty inside. Usagi looked at the ceiling as tears started to fall down her cheeks. "Was this the right decision?"

Seiya sat alone in at his favorite club. Yaten and Taiki stood n a railing across the room and watched the saddened Seiya. "This is for the best." Yaten informed Taiki. "Now we can focus all of our attentions on finding the princess."

Taiki nodded his head. "I agree, but the place does seem lonelier without Megumi."

Yaten shook his head. "Who cares, what is most important is…"

"Our Princess." Taiki finished as he took his eyes off Seiya.

Seiya frowned as he sipped on his drink. He did not even feel like dancing, his mind was completely engulfed by Odango. "Why didn't she choose me?" The music which he loved to dance to played all around him, but he didn't hear it as he thought of the warmth of Megumi's soft skin.

Suddenly, the lights and music turned off. Seiya looked around, shocked as something like this never happens. "What the hell?"

"A power failure?" Yaten asked no one in particular.

"I hope so," Taiki responded.

Usagi walked to the grocery store frustrated with her friends. As she approached the glass doors, a man with a baseball hat ran past her, nearly knocking her over. "HEY! Watch where you're going!" Usagi shouted as she raised her fist in the air. Suddenly, she noticed that her shoulder was lighter. "Er?" She realized that her purse was snatched by that man. "ACK! All of the money I have is in there!" She quickly chased after the man who was trying to lose her in the crowds. "GIVE ME BACK MY PURSE!" Usagi ran around the other people as her eyes never left the man's back. She saw him duck into a building and she quickly followed. The building was dark inside and people were screaming in fear. Usagi allowed her eyes to focus as she saw the profile of the man who took her purse. "GOT YOU!" She shouted as she grabbed the man's shoulder. However, when the man turned around, a woman was glaring at her in his place. "EAP! I'm sorry!"

The woman jerked away from Usagi's touch and walked further into the room. Usagi felt her spirits fall as she lost sight of the man. She quickly moved around the crowded dark room looking for her purse snatcher. She made her way to the bar and groaned as she sat down and shoved her right elbow on the counter. "What rotten luck I have." Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around her waist as a person laid their head on her back.

"Don't move."

Usagi's heart stopped as she recognized the voice of the man behind her. "Seiya-kun?"

Seiya cringed. "Odango… is it really you? Why are you calling my name with a kun at the end?"

Usagi lowered her head. "I remember everything…"

Seiya remained quiet as the darkness hid his expressions. He took in Usagi's pleasant scent. He wished that she was telling him that she wanted to be with him however, that was impossible.

Suddenly, a voice broke their uncomfortable silence. "OHhhhh! You can't escape! I am here for your Star Seed, Seiya-kun!" Sailor Iron Mouse suddenly appeared from the darkness. She looked determined to turn Seiya into a phage.

Seiya quickly stood in front of Usagi, protecting her from Sailor Iron mouse.

"But…!" Usagi said as Seiya protected her.

"Quick!" Seiya said.

Usagi did not resist. "Yes!" She quickly ran from the room, leaving Seiya in harm's way. 'He will be fine, after all… he is Sailor Star Fighter…'

Sailor Iron Mouse giggled as she watched Usagi escape.

'I have to transform quickly!' Usagi thought.

Seiya stood his ground as Sailor Iron Mouse focused on him. She aimed her arms so that she could fire at him. "Please give me your Star Seed!" Two golden lights shot out from her bracelets. Seiya watched as the two golden lights came closer to him. Suddenly, there was an explosion as Sailor Iron Mouse began to pray. "Please God; I need to bring in a Star Seed first thing in the morning!" When she opened her eyes after praying, she noticed that the golden light was unoccupied and it quickly vanished. "Yo Yo?"

"You can't catch me even after a 100 million years!" Yaten's voice called out to her. Sailor Iron Mouse looked up to see Seiya hidden in the darkness. "Fighter Star Power, Make-Up!" After transforming, Sailor Star Fighter landed before Sailor Iron Mouse and glared at Sailor Iron Mouse. "I am a shooting star, breaking through the dark evils! Sailor Star Fighter! Stage ON!"

Sailor Iron Mouse leaped up and down, "I wasn't told that you're a Sailor Soldier!"

Sailor Star Healer appeared behind Fighter. "Looks like you have bad luck!"

Then, Sailor Star Maker appeared on the other side of Fighter. "It seems it is the end of your day, huh?"

Iron Mouse became frustrated. "Stop making poses! This is serious!"

Suddenly, another voice blared through the room. "Stop right there!"

Everyone's attention was drawn towards Sailor Moon who was standing in the doorway. "You attacked an idol on his important day off. I won't forgive you!" Sailor Moon informed everyone. The three star lights became annoyed as Sailor Moon went on her speech. "Agent of Love and justice!"

Sailor Iron Mouse also grew annoyed with sailor Moon's speech. "Well… So listen…"

"…pretty Sailor Soldier…"

Sailor Iron Mouse's eyebrow wiggled as she began to hit her peak of annoyance.

"I can't wait for that kind of thing…" Iron Mouse's body began to shake with aggravation.

"Sailor Moon!"

As Sailor Moon's voice screeched, Sailor Iron Mouse erupted in tears.

"In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!"

"See? Damn! Nobody understands how I feel!" Sailor Iron Mouse started to wave her arms as she became blinded by her tears. The Star Lights looked at Iron Mouse. Iron Mouse's voice suddenly became angry as she aimed her wrists, ready to fire.

"Just a second!" Sailor Moon shouted.

"What is this?" Unable to take Sailor Moon any more, Irion Mouse fell over.

"Star Fighter…" Sailor Moon began.

Fighter looked back at Sailor Moon. "What?"

"Are you… okay?" She asked softly.

Fighter sighed. "I'm fine."

Sailor Iron Mouse grinned. "I will take that Star Seed!" She aimed her wrists at Fighter and Fighter prepared her own attack.

"Star Serious laser!"

She shot a beam at Iron Mouse but a phone booth suddenly engulfed Iron Mouse. Iron Mouse laughed half out of relief, and half out of the fact that she got away. "Give me your Star Seeds!" She demanded just before the black phone began to ring. Iron Mouse screamed in shock and horro as the ringing met her ears. She felt dread as her hand unwillingly reached towards the phone that her master was calling on. "Eh! Uh!" tears formed in the corners of her eyes as her fingers inched closer to the phone. Suddenly, she snagged the receiver and placed it against her ear. Her face grew a fake smile as she tried to hide her fear. "Hello! Thank you for calling! This is Sailor Iron Mouse!" Even though she tried to sound cheerful, her voice was filled with fear.

"You disappoint me, sailor Iron Mouse." A serious, cold voice said from the receiver.

Iron Mouse stepped away from the receiver, holding it out at arm's length as she screamed out with fear. "YIEEEEE!" Her two pigtails stood up on end as the fear went through her entire body. Suddenly, the area that surrounded the phone booth was engulfed with fire. The other four watched in shock at the scene.

"What?" Sailor Moon asked softly as her eyes did not believe the sight before her.

"Galaxia-sama! Are you mad because I hung up on you?" Iron Mouse cried out.

"I don't need you anymore." Galaxia commented.

Suddenly, Iron mouse's voice screamed out as if on top of her lungs, "Galaxia-sama, please forgive me!"

A woman's shadowy profile appeared beside the phone booth, looking in at the caught mouse. The other four gasped at this sight as Iron Mouse dropped the phone.

Iron Mouse's wrists shook as she tried to fight them from being pulled together. "Uhahahaha!" She whined as she fought but, Galaxia's powers were stronger then her and her wrists flew together. "PLEASE! Don't take my bracelets!" Iron Mouse cried out with terror and fear as she shook her head no.

The profile became that of a woman in golden armor, her dark golden eyes glared at Iron Mouse as her expression seemed to be uncaring. She extended her arm out towards Iron Mouse.

Iron Mouse screamed but suddenly stopped as an idea appeared in her head. "I have an idea! Why don't you forgive me if you can't answer this riddle?" Galaxia opens her extended hand and slowly closes it as the air became redder, engulfing both women. "A pig chef and a horse compete at making Tonkatsu. Which chef wins?" Iron Mouse's last word was drawn out as her body vanished. Her bracelets appeared in Galaxia's hand as the red skies turned golden. Galaxia returned to her normal coloring as sailor Moon gasped.

"She's gone!"

Galaxia turned her attention towards the other four as she held up the bracelets. "The whole galaxy belongs to me, Sailor Galaxia! If you don't want to end up like this, don't disobey me!" With those words, Galaxia vanished, returning everything back to normal.

Healer's voice, filled with hate, muttered Galaxia's name.

Maker replied to Healer's anger. "The real enemy who ruined our home planet!"

Sailor Moon gasped. "What?"

Fighter was brought to the presents of Sailor Moon once again, forgetting the annoying woman was there as well. "You should be careful too!" She informed Sailor Moon as she turned to look at her.

Sailor Moon became hopeful with Fighter's warning. "You want to fight with us, too, right? If we get together, we have no enemies…"

Fighter became angered by her words. "Don't depend on us!" She kept her back to Sailor Moon.

Maker added, "We didn't come here to protect the Earth…"

"You should protect your planet by yourselves!" Healer added. With those words, the three of them vanished.

"Wait!" Sailor Moon called out to them. However, it was too late. She lowered her head and realized that she could never tell any of them who she really was, as they probably thought of her as an enemy in this form.

Seiya stood outside as he watched the sun set over the ocean. 'It's for the best that Odango is no with us anymore. It was not safe for her.' Seiya felt a single tear form in the corner of his eye. 'The other two gave up on her… and she is safe. I will dedicate my life to my Princess.' Seiya released a sigh as he turned to see Usagi walking towards him with her head hung down in deep thought. "Good bye, Megumi." He whispered as he vanished into the sunset.

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