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Kitty Jones

It had been five years since Nathaniel had died. Kitty had been offered a seat in the Council of Parliament, but she had declined the offer. She was more interested in djinn nowadays. Ever since her visit to the Other Place, her curiosity had been sparked. There was no limit to her lust for knowledge. So many questions were left unanswered. Whenever she got one answered, she'd think of a dozen more.

Sometimes, Kitty would summon djinn to simply answer a question. She would summon the djinn, ask the question, -and when she got the answer-, would scribble down the answer in her notebook and dismiss the djinn. Summons rarely lasted more then a few hours. She used no discipline, and always stuck to her original plan no matter what. She planned to somehow reunite Bartimaeus and Ptolemy.

But that hypothesis was impossible, wasn't it? How was it possible to summon a human's spirit? There was, in theory, a world called the Spirit World, a place where all of the spirits of the dead went to live forever. If she was correct in her studies, then she'd be able to summon Ptolemy with ease. Just so long as she followed the proper steps. But Ptolemy had been dead and gone for over two thousand years. Summoning the dead seemed impossible. Surely it was. Was it, though? That was where Kitty's true imagination sparked.

Kitty yawned. She forced her eyes to stay open and she forced her mind to concentrate on the book she was reading. She could feel her consciousness on the subject slipping away.

Off in the distance, Big Ben struck midnight. His chimes echoed around London, beckoning Kitty to sleep. Kitty stifled a yawn. She had been up for three days straight, researching the possibilities of spiritually summoning a human. It seemed she had gone on a wild goose chase. Kitty's eyes got heavier and heavier until finally…

Kitty woke with a start the next morning. She glanced over at the clock on the wall opposite her. Noon. Kitty slammed her fist on the table. "Damn." She said aloud. She was late for work again. Kitty sighed and hurried with her things. "If I'm late again, Mr. Button'll kill me." She said quietly to herself. She hurried out the door.

By the time Kitty got to Mr. Button's place, it was two-thirty. Kitty rushed through the door. "Sorry I'm late Mr. Button!" She called. No answer. "Mr. Button?" Kitty called out, almost to herself. Still no answer. Kitty slowly crept into the 'library' portion of Mr. Button's house. Everything was quiet. Too quiet. Eerily quiet. Something was up. "Mr. Button?" Kitty called again. Her voice was a little stronger then before. But she still seemed desperate.

Kitty slowly turned down the corridor and opened the door to Mr. Button's study.

Kitty screamed.

An hour later, the authorities piled in and around Mr. Button's house.

Kitty's hands were shaking violently from both shock and anger. She was sitting in a chair now, trying to recap what had happened. She dared not close her eyes, for fear of what she might see.

Kitty had found Mr. Button's body in chains on the right hand wall. He had been stabbed multiple times. His normally clean cloths were stained with blood. Blood had not only poured from his wounds, but every opening in his body. He had a red gag tied around his mouth to keep him of screaming out for help. The gag had originally been white. His teeth were covered in blood and saliva. Every inch of his body had been torn open, every pore oozing blood.

It was a gruesome sight, really. Mr. Button had been unrecognizable. His face had been torn apart, most likely from something in humane. His stomach had been torn open, and most of his insides were missing. His back had been stabbed multiple times. Most of his scalp was missing. The brain underneath it was massacred. Its pieces had been thrown around the room, its blood used to decorate the walls. Mr. Button's intestines were tied around his own throat, as if it was used to choke him.

Jane Farrar walked over to Kitty and sat in a chair opposite her. She was quiet for a moment, and then spoke. "Lizzie, do you have any idea who might have done this or why they might have done so?"

Kitty shook her head violently from both anger and shock. "No. No idea at all."

"At what time did you find Mr. Button?"


"And what were you doing before you got here?"

Kitty gave a heavy sigh. She didn't like to be interrogated, especially by Farrar. "I was up all night the night before. I fell asleep at midnight and woke up at noon. Then I left and got here at two-thirty."

"Where were you exactly?"

"My place." Farrar nodded, sighed, and sat back in her chair. Someone broke into their conversation.

"Mrs. Farrar," Kitty and Farrar both looked up to the source of the voice. A Grey back Policeman with dark black hair and dangerous yellow eyes. The figure motioned for Farrar to come over. "a word please." Farrar and Kitty turned to face each other.

"Please excuse me, Lizzie." Kitty nodded and watched Farrar as she walked away.

Kitty stared at the man. Either Djinn, She thought to herself. Or werewolf. The thought of Mr. Button's body came back to her. She quickly looked away.


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