This a poem Rose wrote about that horrible night.

Watching the terror frozen in your eyes

I knew you were gone,

I couldn't say goodbye,

So I just looked beyond.

Beyond the sea of death,

Watching for a sign for life,

I lied their waiting,

Waiting in the ice,

Hours ago, I lied in your arms,

And said I love you,

Now as I hold your cold hands,

I dread what I must do.

I kiss you once more,

The last one I'll give,

I'll never forget you,

As long as I live,

I let go of your hands,

And you start to disappear,

And the sound of someone calling,

Comes to my ears,

I call out for help,

And they come my way,

As they pull me out of the water,

I wish my pain away,

I close my eyes,

And I'm with you once more,

And we start waltzing,

All across the dance floor,

I know I can't deny it anymore,

As the tears fall from my eyes,

I look up to the heavens,

And I whisper goodbye.