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This chapter is a teaser, and therefor, REALLY short!

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"By Any Other Name."

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Chris was confused. No, confused wasn't the word…he'd been confused about five months ago. He was dumbfounded. No, that didn't quite sound right either. Perplexed, maybe? Yeah…that aws more like it.

Chris Halliwell was perplexed.

It just didn't make any sense! By all laws of biology, magic and time travel, he shouldn't be sitting in the back room of P3 right now. Hell, he shouldn't even be breathing!

How can someone not be conceived, yet still exist?

Well, he was pretty sure he hadn't been conceived…yet, he was quite positive that he HAD been! Oh God, was it too soon to take another dose of Advil?

"Aaaagh!" Chris groaned in frustration, flinging himself down onto the worn olive couch. His head was pounding (nothing new) his stomach was staging an uproar in response to how little he'd been eating (again, old news) and the knot of panic was coiling itself tighter and tighter in his belly. (And this is new because…?)

But this was…different. For the past nine years of his life, Chris had constantly been on the verge of a breakdown. Every waking moment was occupied with thoughts of his brother. Who was after him? Was Chris going to find him in time? Would things REALLY change?

But Gideon was dead now. Had been for two days now. Leo had made it slow and painful. So theoretically, Chris's anxiety should have died with that little bastard. But it hadn't.

In fact, it had intensified.

Because two days ago, the day Gideon had met his end, was Chris's birthday.

But he hadn't been born.


Chris had started to know that something was up around May, what should have been three months into Pipers pregnancy. From his knowledge (albeit, it wasn't much) woman could typically know they where pregnant by three months. However, Piper, that same woman who'd been chronically ill throughout Wyatt's percolation, who'd been unable to fit into her jeans at four months, and who'd been crabby, cranky, and all-around grumpy with Wyatt, hadn't seem to change at all. She wasn't constantly running to the bathroom, wasn't snapping at people for no reason (except for Chris, whom she still wasn't very fond of)

In fact, if Chris hadn't known any better, he'd almost say that Piper wasn't even pregnant. Which was absurd, of course…because, if Piper wasn't pregnant, Chris wouldn't exist!

But four months came and went, and Piper was still wearing her favorite clothes, fitting snugly over her slim body.

By now, Chris was in his "confused" stage. How could a woman, who was most definitely pregnant, NOT be pregnant?

He'd bought himself ample time to stay in the past, saying that the only portal he knew of that went to the future only opened once a year, on New Years Eve. The sisters (and Leo especially) had been skeptical, but accepted his excuse. He HAD helped save Wyatt, after all.

And Chris used his extra time to his advantage. He visited over a dozen web pages on pregnancy, googled it, searched on Wikipedia. According to most sites, a woman might not show many signs of pregnancy, and could possibly not begin showing till her fifth month or later. He'd also read a befuddling story about a woman who'd given birth to an 8 pound girl, without even knowing she was pregnant.

Chris had taken all of this into account, as well as the possibility that Piper might be magically hiding the pregnancy from, her sisters. She was probably waiting for the right time to spring it on them, then they'd all go nuts choosing names and clothes and stocking up on food and diapers...

He just had to keep telling himself that.

After all, anything was better than the possibility that he didn't exist…


But November arrived, cold and snapping, and Pipers closet remained what it was; a closet. There was no crib set up, no bassinet waiting to cradle a newborn. The cabinets in the kitchen was completely void of bottles and jars of mashed carrots. Pipers figure was as trim and petite as always, and Chris had tore several small chunks of his hair out in frustration.

"How can someone disappear, be conceived, reappear, yet not be born? How does that happen!" he cried out early one morning while pacing the attic. He'd taken to pacing lately. Nervous habbit. Paige said he looked like an expectant father. If Chris's adn't been this close to an anxiety attack, he would have laughed at the irony.

As far as he could tell, Piper wasn't hiding anything, including a growing fetus. She would have been shopping ages ago.

"Damn it! What the Hell is going on?" he dropped his weary body in the window seat, and drew his knees up, resting his fatigue-heavy head on them. He'd been wracking his brain for months, trying to figure this out, but nothing came to him. Hell, he had come right out and ASKED Piper if she was pregnant, but all he got for his efforts was Piper doubling over in laugher.

Groaning at the unfairness of it all, Chris ran a hand over his drooping eyes. He hadn't slept since his birthday, hadn't eaten since yesterday. And his body was punishing him for it.

He sat there, curled up on the cushion, and listened to the sound of his own breathing, the only noise in the usually bustling attic. The steady, constant shushing sound had a calming effect on his crazed mind, and he felt himself begin to drift off.

And he was almost asleep when he heard Piper scream.


Piper Halliwell had awoke early that morning to start cleaning. Thanksgiving was in three days, and she was having her father over for the holiday. And anyway, she liked cleaning, as well as cooking. Both activities were simple, allowed her to think.

And boy, did she have a lot to think about. Namely, one neurotic Whitelighter.

He had been acting strange for months now. True, Chris had always been paranoid, slightly jumpy, sleep deprived. But lately, his Schizo behavior had increased tenfold. He always seemed to be distracted, as though something was worrying him...He could almost always be seen nursing a cup of coffee, though he never really ate much. And he didn't look so good either; too much stress, not enough food...Piper still held a grudge against the lying little twerp, but she couldn't help but worry. If he didn't pull it together, he was probably going to end up in a hospital from exhaustion. Maybe if we would...

But Pipers thoughts where (rudely, she thought) interrupted by a loud and urgent-sounding knock on the front door of the manor.

"Who the Hell comes visiting at.." She checked the kitchen clock. "Seven twenty on a Monday morning?" she said to herself. "Obviously must not be very sane"

Throwing her dust rag on the counter, Piper called out an "I'm coming!" to the knocker and headed for the foyer.

It was chilly out of the kitchen; definitely time to start the furnace.

Piper paused at the door long enough to check her apearance in the mirror. Not exactly Miss America, but she was presentable. Tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear, she turned the knob and swung open the heavy mahogany door. To find...

Nobody. Not a soul.

Confused, she stepped out onto the porch, to get a better look around. But she had to thrash out her arms to grab the door, when she nearly tripped over a bundle left on the doorstep.

"What the Hell..." Piper muttered, as she bent down to get a closer look.

And her eyes got wide as coins.

And she screamed.

Because the bundle wasn't just a bundle.

It was a newborn baby, wrapped in a pale, blue blanket.


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