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Chapter 3 of By Any Other Name.


Piper had never really had any emotional attatchemtn to her whitelighter; at least, not that she'd admit. Sure, she cared for him, she tolerated his presense, but he'd never felt worried for him, not as she did now.

He was completely out, lying partially on his side. His face was sickly pale, contrating starkly with his dark hair. Piper didn't have to be a doctor to know that he was clearly not well at all. And that worried her, hell, even scared her!

"Chris? Chris, come on, you with us?" Paige called clearly, shaking his shoulder. The half breed gave no notice, though, and remained still.

"Maybe we should call Leo?" Paige suggested, looking up at her sister. Piper took one more look at Chris's thin form and answered,

"I think so. I don't know what's wrong, but he's been a complete wreck lately…" she trailed off, still studying Chris's clack face. "You orb him on the couch, I'll call for him. Phoebe?"

The middle Halliwell sister jumped at the sound of her name, startling her out of her thoughts. She's also been staring at Chris, but not for the same reason. Her mind was too busy trying to…to register…it couldn't be…

"W-what?" she answered, breaking her gaze away from the swirl of orbs that was now her Whitelighter and little sister.

"I want you to take the baby upstairs." she said, running a hand anxiously through her chestnut hair. "I want Leo to heal Chris before I introduce him to our mini-friend here."

Phoebe nodded, readjusting her hold on the slumbering infant. He too was sill, but in sleep, instead of illness. Walking past Piper without even seeing her, Phoebe carried the boy up the stairs, setting herself down in Wyatt's room on a rocking chair. She began gliding the rocker to and fro, more to calm her own nerves than the newborn's. Alone, more or less, she unfolded the letter she still clutched in her hand.

His birth name is Chris. Christopher Perry

There was just no way, no possible way! The boy he held in her arms could NOT be the same being as the young man downstairs. But…

But their names…Chris Perry…

Their lineage; male witches just were NOT common, by any means…

Chris was in his early twenties, so he'd have to be born soon…if that made any sense at all. And he knew SO much about them, about their home…knew which light switches had to be shaken to turn on, knew the trick to opening that drawer in the conservatory, knew their entire history…

This baby…he'd been abandoned, discarded, his parents didn't want him…if this really WAS Chris…did he know?

'he couldn't have,' Phoebe reasoned, 'not after seeing his reaction downstairs'…Good God, how does someone deal with something like that?

The focused her attention once more on the baby, his pink face still bearing that pinched look of a newborn.

"No wonder you turn out so neurotic," she told him quietly, though it failed to hold the humor she intended…


"And he just fainted?" Leo confirmed, sitting on the coffee table next to the sofa on which Chris was laying.

"Yeah," Piper said, standing behind the couch. "We were just discussing he latest…activity…and he turned pale and collapsed." Sure, she left out one detail, but it wasn't anything relevant. No one ever lost consciousness from reading a letter.

Sighing, Leo placed the back of his hand against Chris's forehead briefly. "He doesn't feel warm," he reported, studying the still form. "He's been overworking himself like crazy lately. He's probably just exhausted."

"So, you aren't going to try to heal him?" questioned a rather puzzled Paige.

Leo shook his head slightly. "Exhaustion doesn't start out physically; it's mental more than anything. Just let him sleep for a while, and he'll be fine." He paused again, deep in thought. "I would think he'd have calmed down since we saved Wyatt; that's what he was so worried about, wasn't it?"

"Well, yeah," Piper mused aloud. "But maybe it's just now sinking in,, that everthing is going to be alright. He's spent over a year and a half sacrificing everything to save him…"

"Hass he ever talked about going home?" Leo asked the sisters curiously, almost…almost concerned.

"No," Piper replied, sinking down into an arm chair near the couch. "Now that I think about it, he's never really talked about going back. He's talked about the future itself, some, but he's never said a word about returning…"

They all fell silent for several moments, lost in their own thoughts and musings…until a squealing cry pierced the quiet, drawing all of them, especially Leo, back to reality.

"That's…That isn't…are you babysitting?" Leo guessed, his brow furrowed as the crying loudened.

Piper and Paige shifted uncomfortably, swapping guilty looks.

"Um," mumbled Paige, pursing her lips. "Not exactly…"


"You found him WHERE?" Leo gaped, completely sideswiped, not able to take his eyes off the newborn boy.

The three sisters and Leo were all seaed in Wyatt's nursery (Wyatt being at Magic School for the day). Piper was now seated in the rocking chair the child in her arms, happily finishing a bottle.

"On the porch," Piper repeated again, a bit impatient now, as Leo had asked the same question 3 times in a row. "I heard a pounding, and when I opened the door…there he was, wrapped in a blanket."

"And you didn't see ANYone?" he clarified, running a hand through his graying hair anxiously.

"No, Leo. There was no one. They just left him," her last words, though calm, had distinct bitterness to them.

Leo just shook his head, sighed deeply, and looked skyward for a moment, as though expecting instructions to be paited on his son's ceiling. "I cannot believe this." He murmured. "This…this doesn't happen in real life! This is a Lifetime movie waiting to happen!"

"Well, it's about to turn primetime, Leo, because he wasn't the only thing I found on the steps. His parents left a note."

"Of course they did," he mumbled, mostly to himself. "What did it say?"

Piper readjusted the baby in her arms, laying him across her shoulder and gently patting his back. Sighing, she briefed him about the contents of the handwritten letter. Leo went from looking lost, to shocked, to downright outrage as he learned why a newborn had been uncaringly abandoned.

"You're forgetting something, Piper," Phoebe prompted gently. She had been unusually quiet the last several minutes.

"I didn't forget," Piper whispered, her hand wrapped gently behind the bys neck, suorting his head. She bit her lip, and tok several moments to choose her words.

"Leo, in the letter, they…they know about Wyatt, that we have a son, and they…want us…Leo, they asked us to raise the baby."

Leo said nothing for several moments, and his face was blank, impossible to read, but Piper could see the wheels a'turning, thinking…and she could also see that Leo never tok her eyes off the boy, who lay contentedly across Piper's shoulder, fed, burped and ready for a nap, probably.

"Oh no, Leo!" Paige's voice came up suddenly. "You can NOT be thinking what I think you're thinking, cause if you're thinking what I think you're thinking than I think you've lost it!"

"What are you babbling about?" Phoebe asked, confused.

The youngest sister sighed dramatically. "He's got that look in his eye, Pheebes! You know how much he loves kids! He's as bad as Piper!"

"I don't think it's bad to want to take in an abandoned baby, Paige," Leo spoke softly, coming forward towards Piper with his hand outstretched, wanting to hold him. Smiling Piper passed the drowsy infant over to Leo, who cradled him warmly in his arms, holding him close.

"He's right, Paige," Piper continued. "If we don't take him in, what will we do? Turn him over to social services?"

"Yes!" Paige proclaimed, happy that they'd finally gotten her thought process. "Listen, I worked in social services for years, and saw SO many kids like him find loving, happy homes!"

"And how many didn't, Paige?"

The rooms occupants jumped slightly; they'd almost forgotten Phoebe was still there, she'd been so quiet, keeping her opinions close.

"W-what?" aige prompted, caught off guard.

Phebe sighed, her eyes on the infant nestled against Leo's chest "How many kids DIDN'T find homes, Paige? How many grew up bouncing around in foster care, or in a state home?" she loked pointedly at her little sister, as did Piper and Leo, waiting for an answer.

Paige didn't respond, she just looked down at the floor; too many, of course. Too many had grown up without a place to call home…

"That's what I thought." Phoebe whispered evenly. "So why gamble his future by turning him over to the state when we can guarantee him a good upbringing with us?"

Paige looked up, then, from Phoebe, to Piper, to Leo and, finally, to the baby…he was sound asleep now, his dark hair curling faintly around his face, pale lids closed lightly over bright jade eyes.

Running a hand through her hair, she just shook her head an smiled forfeiting.

"I guess I'm outnumbered, aren't I?" she laughed lightly, though still anxious. "You two sure bout this?"

Piper looked up at Leo, somewhat questioningly. He looked back down at the newborn in his arms, and there was no question.

There never was.


"Happy mother's day Mommy!" two small, light eyed boys greeted in chorus as they catapulted themselves onto their parents king-size bed. The oldest, 6 years old, was blonde, dimpled and had the loudest voice. The smaller one was raven-haired with large, curious eyes, and had a more reserved demeanor.

The woman in question, just jostled from sleep, blinked rapidly for several long moments, before smiling broadly at her two sons, her children.

"We b-brought you breakfast, Mommy," the brown haired boy announced eagerly, carrying a large box of Cheerios, which nearly overwhelmed the small 4 year old. Christopher. He stuttered slightly, but didn't seem to notice much.

"I can see that!" Piper laughed, sitting up with her two. Leo had woke up with his sons, and was downstairs, fixing he actual breakfast. But little Chris was completely sold on the idea of sharing his favorite food, cheerios, with his Mommy this morning. "Thank you so much, boys."

Wyatt smiled idely, showing off the three missing front teeth, while Chris grinned a bit more shyly around his fingers, which he still had the habit of sucking on when he got bashful.

"Daddy's fixing p-pancakes for breakfast, but I though you m-m-might want an ap…apet-peri…"

"Appetizer?" Wyatt suggested, one arm around his brother's shoulders to keep the squirrelly toddler from tipping over the edge of the bed.

"Yeah, that," Chris agreed solemnly, his jade eyes bright.

Piper just laughed, pulling her two sons close, Her youngest snuggled on his lap, her first cuddling warmly at her side.

"You boys know why I love mother's day so much?" Piper asked her children, who both shook their heads. "Because," she answered happily, "It reminds me of how blessed I am to have you both in my life. My two beautiful boys."


Chris woke startled, a cold sweat bathing his body. For several long moments, all he was aware of was his racing heart, the chilled moisture climbing to his torso and the chills that shook his too-thin body.

Chris felt as though he had lost his bearings, like a sailboat caught in a hurricane. That dream…it wasn't a bad dream; it was a great one, actually; one of the few happy moments he could recall from his childhood. Him, Wyatt, when he was still so good, and Mom…


Oh god!

Chris felt his head swirl dizzyingly as the day's events came crashing back to him. He couldn't breathe…

No, no…surely that had been part of his dream as well…yeah, that's why he was so panicky when he woke up…there was no way, just…NO way that he was…was…

Feeling light-headed again, he bent forward over the edge of the couch, putting his head between his knees. It helped, a little, though his vision was still ominously dark around the edges.

He stayed down for a few minutes, waiting for his pulse to return to a normal rate. He'd always had horrendously vivid nightmares, ever since he was little. All this stress was just getting to him, which was all…

And he'd nearly convinced himself that the news of his apparent abandonment on a porch was nothing more than misplaced tension, when his bent head caught sight of an envelope on the floor…one marked to the Halliwell Family….

And the chest-binding shock returned with vengeance, dragging the young witch down into dark, icy water, stealing the air from his lungs…

The letter…the baby…HIM!

Adreamadreamadream…it had to be a dream…had to be….because Chris couldn't accept that it wasn't…couldn't accept what that would mean.

His chest ached, burned as Chris went still longer without breathing. Natural instinct was gone, leaving him without even the most basic of functions; he wouldn't be surprised if his heart altogether quit on him at any second…

But one thought, one action came to him through the haze of oxygen deprivation; one more primal, more natural to Chris even than drawing breath…


"You know, Leo, this little guy here is gonna need a name." Piper thought suddenly, halfway down the stairs with Leo just behind her. They'd put the slumbering child down to sleep in Wyatt's bassinette, which they'd dug out from the way back of the hall closet.

"I thought of that too. Do you think you should try for a "P" name, or continue to disregard centuries of Halliwell tradition?" Leo smirked lightly.

Piper snorted in soft laughter. "Well why not? We already disgraced the estrogen-ruled heritage with Wyatt; might as well keep on, dontcha think?"

The pair was headed towards the kitchen to grab a bite to eat for themselves, Paige and Phoebe. An Chris to, if he was awake yet. And speaking of which…

Piper stopped abruptly s they walked past the living room, a dark aura to the air. Leo nearly toppled forward at her unexpected pit stop, but regained balance, and followed her to the doorway. Peering through the threshold, her sinking feelings were confirmed, and a hundred more thoughts flew through her head, mingled and jumbling with the already filled space of babies, neglectful parents and names.

"Leo…" she said hesitantly, as though she wasn't sure the elder was looking in the same room as her. "D-do you see something wrong with this picture?"

Leo took a quick glance around the room, though it took him no more than a second to spot the cause of his ex's concern.

"Yeah," he replied, "Where's Chris?"


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