Title: Fire and Ice

Author: Mel

Notes: So we'll pretend since it's a fictional world that Smackdown is cool and has awesome superstars on it and the McMahons actually pay attention to it. Many people may be mentioned, but not really sure who will show up along the way. I also have ideas of where this will end up just not sure how long it will take to get there. So if I still have readers, thanks for sticking with me, hopefully I'll get new ones to? Mel


The West Newbury native, known to fans of the WWE as the Doctor of Thuganomics or the Chain Gang Leader, raised an eyebrow over his blue eyes at the sight of Randy Orton, the young man who was late for their breakfast. The man was dressed in a metallica shirt and track pants, and still looked a little green around the gills.

"Damn man, not get any sleep last night?"

"Nah. So let's eat and you run this idea by me. I got stuff to do today."

"What better things to do than hang out with me?"

"You know it man." Randy replied as he lead the way into the downstairs restaurant, going to a table, John following. Neither man spoke for a few minutes because a tall, leggy blonde waitress made her way over, her eyes lingering over Randy, who smiled absent mindedly at her as he ordered water, the same as John. She smiled once more disappointedly then walked off to get the water and bring back menus.

"Damn man I think ya jus' ruined the girl for like ev'r body in the world. She already has a thing for ya ass." John smiled at Randy, but raised a brow at the man's lack of enthusiasm for the joke.

"Okay. So what's crawled up ya ass and died?"

"Nothing. Now seriously man what did you want to meet about?"

"Well I've been thinking and what would you think if I asked Amy out?"

"What?" Randy's mouth fell open. "You want to ask Amy Dumas out?"

"Yeah man. I gotta huge crush on 'er and well most people know it and well do you think she'd go out with me?"

"Hmm, good question. I guess she would man. I just didn't' think Amy was into dating any one on the roster after her breakup with Matt, then the fling with Jericho. But I don't know. She may. I could see if she's into you first. Since she's good friends with Stacy and well Stac still hangs on to my every word practically."

Cena nodded, "could ya man?"

"Yeah. I mean I see no reason for her to say no."

"I hope not. 'Cause I've been in love wit' her for a long time."

"Aww that's cute. Just a little puppy dog, aren't ya man?" Randy asked as the waitress made her way back to the table.

"What y'all gonna order?"

"Well, love sick puppy here, " Randy said pointing to John, "will have a number three with extra grits."

John grimaced. What the hell are grits, he thought. But went with ti. It was a ritual with the two since their OVW days, ordering for each other. It had lead to some interesting meals over the years.

"And limp dick here will have a Number Five with extra hot sauce."

"Okay. It'll be out in a jiffy."

The blonde girl walked off and the men shared a look. "So I'm a limp dick am I? Who ever told ya that was wrong."

"Yeah, well, that's not what Rico said the last time I saw him."

Randy scoffed at the man's words.

"You take the word of a man who I would never allow to see me naked because I know he would hit on me?"

"Yeah. And who' s to say others haven't said it as well?" John raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, that's enough man. I'm tired of the picking. So you want to ask Amy out, I'll do recon with Stacy, anything else you want to talk about?"

"Nah. Just wanted to hang out with my best friend. Ya been absent lately. Why?"

"No reason."

"Hmm…moping. You're moping, over a girl? Am I right?"

Randy sat in silence. "Yup. I'm right. So is this the mystery girl ya been after for a while and still haven't' told me about?"

"Maybe, maybe not." Randy said, leaning back as the waitress brought them their food and left the bill and an extra ticket it looked like. The two men not speaking until she left the table once more.



Jordan had lain in bed for a few minutes after watching Randy leave the room. She had tired to go back to sleep, but it just wasn't going to happen.

She was too wound up. She knew she was pregnant. Her symptoms, lack of her period which was like clockwork in it's regularity. She was sure But she needed the test to be absolutely positive, but had to wait on Randy to return.

Jordan let out a breathe hoping that John didn't keep him long. Jordan hadn't hung out with John on a one on one basis much, but liked the man well enough. She had been around him in mixed company enough to know he had a huge crush on the red headed Lita, who was one of the top divas in the company and from what Jordan knew, a nice person.

Jordan gave up on sleep and sat up in the bed, the sheet falling from her to reveal her nakedness.

This is new, she thought, I never sleep in the nude, but with Randy around, that will change, I bet.

Jordan hoped last night meant Randy would be around. His reactions seemed to reflect that, but Jordan wasn't sure.

She was hopeful though.

Jordan got out of the bed and headed to her bags, pulling out a large t-shirt and finding some underwear. She wasn't even sure she would ever find hers from the night before.

Jordan looked at the clock, noting that Randy had been gone about twenty minutes. She wanted him to be back now. She couldn't take it.

I need to talk to someone. The natural red head thought to herself. But who?

She began to pace thinking. She quickly marked off Mark, Chris and Dean, they just wouldn't understand. She definitely needed a female point of view.

"Stacy?" She said out loud. "Hell no. That tall blonde ho, hates me. And I hate her."

"Hmm.." She continued her pacing and talking to herself and it hit her. Duh, Jor, you're stupid to have forgotten her.

Jordan made her way over to her cell phone and quickly dialed Melina Perez.

"Hey Mel, I have a huge favor, can you come to my room. I need to talk to someone."

The diva quickly agreed saying she'd be over in a few minutes.

Jordan felt happy, glad she had called Melina. Melina could be called her closest female friend, besides Mark's wife Sara. Jordan had hung out with the woman since coming to the roster, because Nitro, Melina's boyfriend, was good friends with Randy and thus good friends with her.

The Latina diva arrived at the hotel room promptly five minutes after the phone conversation ended.

"Okay, I'm here, not fully awake, but here. Now what's up." She demanded as she entered the room. Jordan's eyebrows raising at the apparel of the diva, which happened to be a shirt and shorts, short shorts.

"And you're dressed like that because?" Jordan asked, a fine brow raising over her brown eyes.

"Because you woke my ass up. Now what is up, hold on." The Latina diva said as she took in the disarray of the room, the messiness of the bed. "What the hell happened here?"

"Umm I got in a pillow fight?" Jordan laughed nervously.

"Actually if you take a seat…" Melina headed towards the bed, "You may wanna sit at the table, because umm…"

Melina smiled. "Did you have company last night?"


"Tell all or I'll find out some other way."

"Well that's why I wanted you to come over. You're my closest friend of the girl persuasion in the WWE right?"


"Well okay so I umm ahh…you know have a crush on someone."

"Yeah. You have the hots for Randy. I'm the only one who has noticed besides maybe Stacy and she doesn't count."

"Yeah and well he likes me too and six weeks ago after the night out, we ahh slept together, he didn't remember, and then he came here last night and well we uhh slept together again."


"I slept with Randy."

"I knew it!"

"Yeah and umm there's more."

"There's more?" Melina said excitedly, staring at the still standing Smackdown executive.

"Yeah, I think I might be pregnant."


"You heard me Mel and I know we're not as close as we could be because I have guy friends…"

"Shut up!"

Jordan shut up and actually sat down on the bed.

"Now…I know you're close with like Mark and some of the others like Malenko and Benoit, but you're also close to Orton and Me. I am you're closest girlfriend. If you had told this to one of the guys I would have been horrified. You need a female perspective on this, not another guy when a guy is how you got into it."

Both women grew quiet for several minutes.

"So you think you're pregnant?"

Jordan nodded.

"Well that's big. I mean you and Randy have been dancing around each other for months. I could tell right off the two of you were in love, but you stayed "Friends" woop-t-do. Now you may be having your best friend's baby and well okay. And you slept with him last night and from the looks, slept is just a word. So let's break this down…are you dating?"

Jordan shrugged.

"Okay. Are you at least gonna be on the same page for your baby?"

"Yes. Randy actually.." Jordan laughed….Melina looked confused. "Sorry. Randy thought I slept with Joey and was pregnant with his baby."

Melina burst out laughing. "What? Stupid boy."

"I know and he was willing to raise the baby with me."

"Aww. That's sweet. I think that's all you need to know. He wants to be with you it's just a matter of time before he tells you and have you figured out if you're pregnant yet?"


"What are you waiting for?"

"Randy to get back from breakfast with Cena."


'Yeah, so when he gets back I'll take the test, then if it says yes, off to the doctor I gotta go."

"Yeah. Well I would stay but I don't think I want to be here for the big reveal, you and Randy need to do that yourselves so I'm gonna go back to bed with Johnny, just give me a holla later to let me know and yeah."

Melina made her way to the door, Jordan following, saying her goodbye at the door, then closing it behind her.

Jordan made her way back to the bed and sat down to await Randy so she could confirm that she was pregnant.


Note: Sorry so long in between updates and for everyone who is asking, yes Jordan will be pregnant. Okay? Now just continue to read and find out what happens. K? Mel