Fandom: NYPD:Blue
Character: John Kelly
Title: You've Got A Friend
Prompt: Friends
Word Count: roughly 300
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Comfort comes from the most unlikely sources. This one is for alamogirl 80. I hope she gets a kick out of it.
Author's Notes: Don't own John. Just like bringing him out every so often. Not making any money off of John, so don't sue me this week.

John watched Janice walked out of the bar and his heart. He knew as soon as he offered her the chance to save her career that their relationship was over.

He just wished that it didn't hurt so much.


Mel watched John turn his attention back to his drink. She got a brief glimpse of the pain etched on his face and felt like the wind had been knocked out of her.

She took a few shakey breaths amazed that someone she had only met a few weeks before could have such an effect on her. She had promised herself not to become interested in another man on the rebound, but she couldn't really help herself with John Kelly.

He was not hard on the eyes. He had boyishly handsome features topped with reddish gold hair that she longed to run her fingers through, but it was his eyes that drew her to him. They were very expressive as well as being the most incredible shade of blue Mel had ever seen.

He was trouble with a capital "T".


John looked up when he sensed someone was watching him. He forced a smile. "Evening, Mel."

"Need a touch up, John?" Mel inquired with a smile of her own.

John thought about it for a few seconds and then with a deft flick of his wrist he knocked back the rest of his drink. His little voice was telling him getting drunk wouldn't solve anything, but he ignored it and held out his glass for a refill.

Mel pour two fingers of good single malt Scotch in it and then poured herself one as well.

"I thought Pat didn't approve of his bartenders drinking on the job?" John inquired gently.

"I like to live dangerously," Mel quipped with a dry laugh.

John held up his glass and toasted, "Here's to living dangerously."

Mel tapped her glass against his and said, "Cheers!"


Mel led the way upstairs to her apartment above the bar. She fumbled with her keys in the dim light of the hallway. After a few false tries, she found the right one and unlocked the door. She didn't open it, but rested her hand on the doorknob.

"Are you sure?" she asked John, who leaned on the wall across from her apartment.

"Are you?" he countered. He wasn't drunk just comfortable numb.

Mel didn't answer. She opened the door instead. John followed her inside and locked the door behind him.


Mel had offered John a compassionate ear. They sat on her Goodwill couch drinking her best Scotch. Between sips, he poured out the sordid tale of his and Janice's failed relationship.

Mel listened. She held him when he broke down and cried. She offered him her bed when the need for sleep became too great for him to fight anymore.

They slept curled around one another like lovers that they had yet to become.