Title: Diary of Brooke Davis

Fandom: One Tree Hill

Characters: Brooke Davis

Prompt: Beginnings

Word Count:

Rating: PG

Summary: What is really going on in Brooke's head?

Author's Notes: N/A

Dear Diary,

Where do I begin? Peyton gave me this book 4 years ago and I never used it. Today though I feel the need to tell someone how I feel and as usual, there is no one around when I need them. Lucas lost his uncle a few weeks ago and his mom needs him. I need him too, but I understand that he can't be here and there too.

Peyton is off doing her own thing. What am I kidding; she's off making my life miserable! How could she do this to me again? She tore my heart out last year by cheating on me with Luke. I let both of them back in my life, her as my best friend and him I gave my heart again.

He begged me for another chance and she promised to never go near Luke again. Liars!

See that's why I don't write beginnings well, because everything around me ends!

My parents are always fighting, Luke broke my heart twice, and I lost my best friend.

This little diary is my only friend right now. Mouth has called, but I can't find the courage to call him back. Everyone either feels sorry for me or thinks I had it coming for forgiving them to begin with.

Actually, I think I was a fool for forgiving them. They hurt me and that's the bottom line. I will never forgive either of them again.

I've decided to move back to California with my parents. I hate them, but at least I know what to expect from them. They never surprise me with anything they do. They don't love me and I accepted that a long time ago. Now I have to learn that people that say they love you can hurt you more than those who hate you can.

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