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"Extra Special Customer Service"

On a Friday afternoon, Linna Yamazaki strode into "The Silky Doll" with one purpose on her mind, to find a nice dress and hosiery to wear to her company's party. She saw Sylia over in the corner of the store helping a customer as she walked up.

"That dress is a wonderful color for you! You simply must try it on!" Sylia gushed over a woman as she ushered her into a fitting room. "Okay..but only..if you really think so.." the young woman she was helping, said a little uncertainly.

Sylia finally turned around and noticed Linna. She smiled warmly at her friend and teammate." Hello Linna, What brings you here today?". the silvery haired woman asked

Linna smiled back as she suppressed a groan. "I need a dress and hosiery, Sylia. I am going to my company party tonight, and you know how I hate shopping! I have no idea what to wear, so I could use some advice."

Sylia brightened, "I am so glad that you have sought my help on this! I have the perfect dress in mind for you!" She said as she went to a rack and pulled out a black dress, then went to another rack and came back with a black bra and panty set, thigh high stockings, and a black garter belt.

Linna looked at the items that Sylia selected a bit dubiously. She didn't want to seem ungrateful for her help, but told her a bit nervously " I don't really need the bra and panty set, and I was just wanting regular pull on pantyhose, not a garter set."

Sylia sighed a exasperated sigh."C'mon, Linna, just try this on, I think you'll like it! Every woman should treat themselves to some nice lingerie, and this bra and panty set are french lace! I can sell it to you for a very reasonable price!" Sylia told her as she led her to a fitting room, and shoved the items into her arms. "Now you just try these on, while I check on my other customer, okay? I'll be back in a bit."

Linna sighed as she carefully hung up the black dress on the fitting room door so it wouldn't get wrinkled. She began to undress, removing her office suit, and plain bra and underwear until she was naked. She tried the bra on first and found it fit her perfectly. (Hmm, I wonder how Sylia knew exactly what size bra to pick? Must be from the hard suit data). she thought. Then she slid on the skimpy panties. She looked at herself in the mirror and a pink flush spread over her skin. She never wore underwear like this before!

Suddenly, there was a knock on the fitting room door. "Linna? How's it going in there?" Sylia called.

"Uh..j.just fine!" Linna stammered, as she hurriedly pulled on the garter belt and began to pull on the sheer black thigh high stockings. Linna never wore a garter belt before, and was having trouble opening the small clasps to hook into the stockings. As she struggled with the garter snaps, Sylia knocked on the door again."Linna? Are you sure you don't need any help or anything?" she asked in concern.

Linna opened the door a crack, and looked out at Sylia. "I can't get this garter belt to hook properly, so can I PLEASE just get some pull on hosiery instead?" she said, as she blushed with embarrassment.

"Here, let me will help you with your garter belt!" That's part of my job!" Sylia said firmly, as she made her way into the small fitting room with Linna.

Linna felt her whole body turn red, and felt butterflies in her stomach as Sylia looked her over approvingly. "You look delicious!" the silvery haired woman said in her usual flirty way, as she slid her hand down to Linna's thigh and pulled up on the stocking. She tried to hook the hooks of the belt with her other hand.

Linna's heart began racing as she felt her friend's cool touch on her skin. She could smell her exotic perfume too. Sylia was wearing a low cut blue dress. When she bent over to help her, Linna couldn't help but see a good amount of her friend's cleavage.

"Oh my...It's getting hot in here" Linna thought to herself nervously.

As Sylia was attending to the hooks, she noticed that Linna's legs began to shake. When she looked up at her, she noticed the younger woman was looking down at her with a look of desire. Sylia smiled to herself. She was hoping for this effect on Linna. Impulsively, she ran a finger under one of the garter straps for a second, then ran her hand down Linna's stockinged leg."You look very nice.." Sylia said softly.

"Sylia..." Linna began, as her team leader stood up and looked deeply into the younger woman's eyes. Both women could see the desire and need in the other's eyes. They knew that this day would come. They had been getting closer lately.

Suddenly, Linna reached out and softly stroked her friend's cheek. Sylia responded by pushing her up gently against the fitting room wall, and kissed her softly on the lips. Linna put her arms around her friend as they both began to deepen the kiss.

"SYLIA? Are you Here? SIS! You have a delivery!" Mackey called out.

Startled, Sylia broke the kiss and pulled away from Linna, as she heard her brother yell out for her.

"I'm just helping a customer, Mackey! I'll be right out!" Sylia called out of the fitting room.

Sylia looked back at her friend in embarrassment. "I'm sorry if that wasn't very professional of me.." as she looked at her with a unreadable expression. She then turned and left the fitting room leaving Linna feeling very confused about what just happened.

Linna rested against the wall for a few minutes, trying to stop the trembling of her body. She could not stop thinking of the kiss they had just shared. Did Sylia mean it? The way she had looked at her, especially when she had reached out and stroked her friend's cheek seemed to confirm that she had. Pulling herself together so that she could finish her shopping, Linna finally looked at herself in the whole set of lingerie. She had to admit she looked pretty good, even though it wasn't comfortable as her usual sports bra and cotton underwear.

She turned to the black dress Sylia had picked, and tried it on. It fit her perfectly, except it showed a bit more cleavage than she would have liked. The dress had short sleeves, and hit a few inches above her knees covering the garter belt and stockings nicely. Linna really didn't wear much black, but since she was going to a party, she guessed she would try something different. She had her black heels with her and she slipped them on.

Finally dressed, Linna folded up her work clothes and came out of the fitting room to look into the big three -way mirror. As she was looking at herself, Sylia came back into the room.

"That looks marvelous on you!" she raved, as she came over to stand next to her friend.

"Uh, thank you". Linna said, feeling a bit uneasy and awkward. They had just shared an intense kiss, and now they both were trying to act like nothing happened.

"How you decided how you are going to wear your hair?" Sylia asked, suddenly.

"No, I was just going to wear it as I usually do. Why? Does it look okay if I wear it like this?" Linna asked nervously, as she glanced uncertainly in the mirror.

Sylia silently walked over and stood in front of her, then she slowly ran her fingers through her friend's brown hair and pushed her bangs back.

"You could just brush your bangs back like this, for a more polished look. I can style it for you if you want." Sylia suggested softly.

"You also need some earrings and a necklace. I have some you can borrow for the party if you'd like.." the silvery haired woman said, as she was still gently stroking her friend's hair back.

Linna subconsciously closed her eyes as Sylia ran her hands through her hair, and she could feel her soft breath against her face. She was fighting to stay in control as she answered "Thank you. I think I'll take you up on the offers."

After her hair was finished, Sylia asked her if she could do her makeup for her. "You're getting my extra special services today, Linna!" She laughed as she began to apply the makeup to the younger woman's face.

Linna blushed as she remembered their kiss and embrace they had shared earlier. "I guess I am, and it's been very special." Linna replied softly.

Sylia looked at her as she put the blusher on her cheeks. "Do you have a date?" she asked carefully.

"No...I'm just going by myself, that's all." the younger woman answered softly. (I wish you could come with me) the brown haired woman thought sadly.

"Are you hoping to meet someone there tonight?" She asked, looking at her intently with her violet eyes. Linna wondered why her friend was being so curious all of a sudden. ( Maybe she does care, could it be she's jealous?) Linna thought hopefully.

"No, I am just meeting some of my work friends. Plus I feel like I need to be there since it is my company's party. And plus, it's something to do." Linna replied.

"Oh..well.. I understand." Sylia said, nodding.( You could skip the party, and stay with me tonight) the silvery haired woman thought longingly.

"Now hold still and pucker up!" Sylia said, as she applied a red lipstick to her friend's lips.

She turned Linna back to face the mirror, she gasped as she realized how good she looked.

"Sylia, thank you! You really did a good job!" She said happily as she hugged Sylia.

Sylia hugged her back tight. "You look beautiful."

The two women stood there in the warm embrace of the other's for a second, before Linna pulled away.

"Oh Darn! I didn't realize how late it was getting, I'd better pay for these things and go!" Linna said as she grabbed her purse, and started to pay.

"Don't worry about paying! Consider these items a gift from me to you." Sylia said, as she refused her friend's money.

"Sylia, are you sure? I can afford it!" the younger woman said, touched by her friends generosity.

"Yes, I am sure! And let me let Henderson drive you to the party." Sylia suggested.

"I appreciate that but I will just ride on my moped. If I leave now, I'll get there in time!" Linna said as she grabbed her things, and ran to the door of the store.

'But your helmet will ruin your hair! What if you have a wreck? Your dress and stockings could get ruined!" Sylia cried out, rushing after her.

Linna walked over to her moped and gingerly put her helmet on. "See, my hair is fine and I'll be careful! Thanks for everything." and with that she rode off .

9:00 pm- Friday night- Sylia Stingray's place

Sylia and Henderson had a light supper, then Sylia went into her living room and poured herself a small drink. She still couldn't get the image of Linna stubbornly
riding off to her party, with her helmet over her freshly styled hair.

"Damn hard headed woman! Just like Priss used to be!" Sylia thought, and she poured herself another glass of wine. She wanted to forget that Priss had never returned from the battle with Galatea. Linna and Nene had finally returned about 3 weeks later, having been saved by a passing fishing boat. Both women were dehydrated, skinny, and had cuts and bruises, but they were alive. Nigel, Sylia, and Mackey were living at the country estate. A few weeks after Linna & Nene's return, Nigel was killed in a car crash. Sylia and Mackey returned to Tokyo. There were just too many painful memories to stay at the country house. Sylia decided to reopen "The SILKY DOLL.".

Sylia, Linna, Nene, and Mackie reformed "The Knight Sabers". There were very few rogue Boomer attacks nowadays, and the AD Police seemed to take care of most of those. Linna and Leon Mcnichol were both devastated by Priss's absence. Linna cried over her lost friend for weeks, while Nene tried to find any lead on her wear abouts, but there was no evidence that she survived or not. Sylia still put off finding another replacement for Priss. She was hoping that somehow she would return someday.

Mackie, Linna, Nene, and Henderson were her family now. The four of them tried hard to stay close. Sylia worked through her pain over losing Nigel, as Linna worked through her pain over losing Priss. There was no doubt that the singer being gone affected Linna the most. Whether the two women had ever been lovers was something Sylia never found out.

It now had been over a year since the death of Nigel, and the battle with Galatea. Slowly the pain was lessening over the losses of their loved ones. The close friendship with her teammates and butler/father figure helped. At least 3 times a week they all had dinner at Sylia's. Linna liked to cook and would cook a lot of the meals. Nene loved to bake. Nene was a almost constant presence because of her relationship with Sylia's brother, Mackey. Linna and Sylia had formed a stronger bond due to their shared pain and loneliness. Now Sylia, (who had had been with women as well as men in her lifetime) found her feelings for Linna start to change into more emotional ones. She couldn't imagine what she'd do if the younger woman left or was killed. She had always been attracted to her, but now it was more than that. It was desire and love.

Sylia thought of what happened at "The Silky Doll" today. She couldn't believe how she had came on to Linna by picking out that sexy lingerie, knowing it wasn't what her friend wore. Then she had come on to her by stroking her leg and kissing her.

Linna had kissed her back, stroked her face, and embraced her. She felt like she wanted her as much as she wanted Linna. Then Mackey had called out for her and snapped Sylia back to reality, making her realize that she was seducing her friend in her own shop. Where customers or Nene could walk in on them, and Mackey almost did. She hoped that everything would be alright between them and that Linna still respected her. She had looked so beautiful when she left, and Sylia wished she could have been her date for the party. She hoped that she had a good time. Then she went to bed, and dreamed of Linna, Nigel, Priss, and boomers. They weren't very good dreams unfortunately.

Saturday – 11:30 am "The Silky Doll" dress shop


Once again, Linna Yamazaki strode into the "The Silky Doll" with one purpose on her mind. She was going to find out where she stood with her silver haired leader and friend.

She had thought about Sylia and their kiss during the whole party. Her friends had noticed that her mind was elsewhere and teased her. Linna did have a lot of men ask her to dance, and she politely danced with some of them, but it wasn't men she was interested in. It once had been Priss but she was gone from her life. Now it was Sylia who she wanted, and she had to let her know how she felt. She didn't want to make the same mistakes with her that she had with Priss.

Sylia was with a customer as usual, when she looked up and saw Linna. Immediately, she sent her customer into a fitting room with a stack of dresses.

"Linna! Did you have a good time last night?' Sylia asked, as she made her way over to her friend. She noticed Linna's hair was still brushed back off her face, and it looked as if she had on some red lipstick.

She smiled at Sylia as she answered "Yes I did! Thank you for the clothes, but I still think I should pay you for them." She slid a small box towards her siver haired friend. "Here are the necklace and earrings you let me borrow." Her hand rested on the box for a moment as Sylia reached for it, then pulled away.

"Thank you." Sylia said, as she looked closely at her friend."What's wrong?" the older woman asked, wondering why Linna looked so sad.

Linna looked at Sylia intensely. " I need to know how you feel about me. I mean, about yesterday... Why did you kiss me?" she asked softly.

Sylia met her eyes. " You kissed me back too." she reminded her friend.

Linna blushed. " I know, but that isn't what platonic friends do, is it?" she asked, as she stared deeply into Sylia's violet eyes.

Sylia took a deep breath before she replied "Okay... the truth is that I think I am falling for you. I kissed you and touched you because I really want you. I think we are past platonic friends now, and have been for some time." the older woman admitted nervously.

Linna looked stunned for a moment as she processed what her leader just said. "You really feel that way for me?" she asked in disbelief.

"Yes, I do!" Sylia said as she grabbed Linna's hand and began stroking the top of her hand with her thumb."Why are you so surprised? I just hope I haven't just made a fool of myself though." she said a bit embarrassed.

Linna squeezed Sylia's hand. "No, because I feel the same way about you. I didn't want that kiss to end yesterday, and I wished Mackey had not have come in and interupted us. I would have loved to see how far we could have gotten." Linna whispered to her silvery haired friend, as she used her free hand to softly stroke Sylia's face.

Sylia smiled slowly. "I think I'm going to close the store early today, Is there anywhere special you have to be? Henderson has the day off, and Nene and Mackey are out on a day trip. So we have the whole place to ourselves."

Linna smiled " I don't have anywhere special to be, because I am already here." she said happily.

12:00 pm- The Silky Doll- CLOSED TILL FURTHER NOTICE-

Chapter 2- Shampoo and Sandwiches