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Chapter 10-

As Linna linked arms with Regan and let the Priss look-alike lead her through the crowed sidewalk, she thought she heard her name being called. She turned around and saw Nene running towards her.

"Linna, I need to talk to you NOW!" she called.

Regan looked over her shoulder at the short blonde girl. "Linna and I have plans, so talk to her later, luv," the tall brunette said in dismissal with her English accent.

Linna felt her temper rise. She didn't like that Regan answered for her and broke away from the woman.

She faced Nene. "What's wrong? Why do you need to talk to me about?" Linna asked in concern.

"It's about Sylia, she's in the hospital," Nene told her, fighting off tears.

Linna felt like she had been punched in the stomach, her knees went weak and her heart started racing. Sylia, her beautiful and elegant ex-girlfriend was in the hospital. She grabbed on to Nene.

"W...why is she in the hospital? What happened to her?" Linna stammered.

"Look luv, I understand that you need to go see Sylia so if you need a lift to the hospital, I can drive you and your friend there," the British singer offered.

"That would be great, Regan, Thank you so much for the offer." Linna said in appreciation, and Nene nodded.

As they made their way to the British singer's car, Nene whispered to Linna "Oh my God, Linna, she looks almost exactly like Priss! I can see why you are attracted to her, but Sylia needs you now," the blonde reminded her.

"And I need to see Sylia, to touch and kiss her. Oh God, I hope she's okay." Linna said, her voice shaking. Tears ran down her face. "Please tell me she's going to be alright!" the brunette woman begged her friend.

'I'll tell you as soon as we get to the hospital." Nene said as the women were standing in front of a fancy red sports car. Regan unlocked the doors, Linna, and Nene climbed into the car, with Linna taking the passenger seat next to the singer.

Regan noticed that Linna was shaking and reached over and put her hand over the brown-haired woman. "It's going to be alright, Linna, try not to worry," the singer said in her elegant English accent.

Linna looked over at her. "Thanks, I hope you are right."

"I hate to sound rude but can we please hurry to the hospital?" Nene asked in frustration from the back seat.


Mackey paced nervously up and down the hospital corridor as he waited for news from the doctors, and hoping Nene and Linna would hurry and arrive soon.

He could not lose Sylia. He felt partly responsible for not noticing how much his sister was suffering. He also blamed Linna for her part in Sylia's breakdown even though he liked the brown-haired woman. Mackey even blamed Priss or the ghost of her for being a source of obsession of both Linna and Sylia.

He was deep in thought when he was glomped by his girlfriend, Nene. He lifted his face and was showered with kisses. "Mackey, I've missed you so much!

Linna raced over to him "How's Sylia? Is she okay?" she asked, fear in her voice.

"I'm still waiting on the doctor. However, I found Sylia collapsed on the floor of her bedroom. She wouldn't wake up and a note was found nearby. She tried to kill herself, Linna, and I still don't know if she is alive or d...dead…" Mackey sounded near tears and Nene reached out to hold him and cradled his head, whispering to him softly.

Linna slid down the hospital wall until she was sitting on the floor. 'Sylia tried to kill herself? But why? Why did she break-up with me, I could have prevented her from doing that.' she thought to herself as tears rolled down her face.

"You okay, luv?" Regan Fairfield asked as she reached out to brush away the tears from Linna's cheek. "Is there anything I can do?"

"No Priss, I'll be okay. Thank you for the ride over here." Linna said in a voice full of emotion. She looked up into the brown eyes of her ex-girlfriend and was shocked to find that the eyes she stared back into were blue. She had called Reagan by her long lost girlfriend, Priss.

"I'm sorry, Reagan, it was just a little slip of tongue," Linna said, as she cringed at the words she used.

"Linna, I think you need to focus on Sylia and stop trying to find Priss. She is gone, I am not her, and I refuse to be a replacement for her. I wish you and Sylia will fix your relationship because it's too precious for you to be apart over stupid misunderstandings," Regan said gently, and then stood up.

"Come with Sylia and see my show when things get better and you're both so happy with each other that roses and sparkles surround you whenever you two walk into the room together." The British woman said her voice kind and understanding.

Linna realized that she was had still been obsessed with Priss and was using Reagan because the two women looked almost identical. She drove Sylia to her desperate act.

"I'm sorry, Reagan. I guess I was using you as a replacement and I hope you forgive me." Linna said as she took Regan's offered hand, stood up, and bowed before her.

"Of course, I do. I apologize for pushing you to come to my place. I will always be your friend, but like I said, please fix your relationship with Sylia." Reagan said and the two women embraced quickly.

"I'll see you around, luv" the singer said gently and walked out of the hospital.

Nene and Mackey were waiting for her.

So was Sylia.


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