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Craving for that Dobe Chapter 1

Author: KyoKat003

Genre: Naruto

Subgenera: Humor/Romance

Rated: T defiantly will go up. Be warned!

Pairing: Sasunaru


Summary: Naruto's house burns down. No one knows the cause of the disaster. Now

where is the little kitsune to go? To Sasuke's that's where! But did Sasuke plan

all this? And will his so-called 'plan' backfire in his face?

Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Haven't you heard this line about a million


Note: This contains yaoi. If you don't like yaoi then you obviously you didn't

read the summary.

So next time read the summary! Otherwise enjoy and be happy!

Naruto lazily dragged himself out of bed, got ready and headed out to the bridge

to meet up with his fellow teammates and of course, his sensei Kakashi. He did

not sleep a wink last night so he wasn't his usual perky self.

He arrived and saw Sakura and Sasuke. Kakashi sensei usually likes to take his

time before coming to fetch his students. But as hours past they started to get


"Ugghh...I'm so hungry!" Naruto whined and sat down, crossing his legs and

holding his grumbling stomach. Sakura's eye twitched.

"Shut up Naruto! We are to and we're not whining like you are!" She spat. But

Naruto kept groaning. She scowled at the starving blonde and then focused all of

her energy back to Sasuke, who rolled his eyes and shake his head, turning to

face the river.

"See your annoying Sasuke!" She said in her high pitched tone. Sasuke shivered

at the sound.

"Sakura... You're even more annoying that he is so don't talk." Sakura was

stunned. She turned away with a sad expression all across her face to the bank

of the river and sulked. Sasuke smiled inwardly. 'That'll teach her to talk that

way to my kitsune.' Then he glanced over at Naruto, who still was moaning and

groaning, clutching his stomach and shutting his eyes. Sasuke had a thought

about Naruto moaning, but he wasn't wearing any clothes, was under Sasuke and

wasn't moaning the word 'ramen'. Sasuke immediately snapped out of it as Kakashi

poofed in front of them. (He obviously used a jutsu.)

"Yo!" was the only word Kakashi got out before Naruto was yelling at him. "Where

in the hell were you? You should have been here five hours ago and don't tell me

that you lost track of time because you've used that line too much!" Naruto

screamed and had to catch a breath after he finished. Kakashi looked at Naruto

and bowed his head to the ground in shame. Naruto raised a brow, "Uh... Kakashi?

Why do you look so down?" He didn't answer.

"Hey! I asked you a..."

"Naruto, your house caught on fire and we couldn't stop it in time." Kakashi

said as fast as he could. Then prepared himself for a lot of yelling.

"WHAT!" Naruto screamed. He sounded like the world was ending; well his home was

gone so I guess you can put that in the category. Naruto yelled on and on until

he was out of breath. His face flushed out of anger, and pure rage. "You can

kill a bunch of skilled ninjas but you can't keep a house from burning up in

flames?" Kakashi sighed and tried to calm the outraged blond (who now doesn't

have a home.) and saw out of the corner of his eye (don't be stupid and ask me

which eye it is cause you should know that.) none other than Uchiha Sasuke

himself, SMILING!

The dark haired boys smile soon turned into a frown as he saw his sensei staring

him down.

'So that's how it is' Kakashi thought and what looked like to be smirking behind

the cloth he wore over his mouth and one of his eyes. 'Sasuke's got a crush on

our little Naru-chan. O..I can't wait to tell Iruka about this!' Then an idea

popped into his perverted head.

"Naruto..." Naruto gave an evil glare and huffed. "Since you have no where to go

then I will assign you to stay with Sasuke until we can rebuild your apartment."

Sasuke turned his attention over to Kakashi and eyed him curiously. 'Does he

know about me? How did he figure it out...Oh well. Besides, I like where this is

going. snickers.'

"Do I have to stay with that bastard Sasuke? Why can't I stay at Iruka's?"

Kakashi shook his head and glanced over at Sasuke. 'Yep. Kakashi does know.'

Sasuke smirked at their teacher and gave a gesture telling him to 'seal the

deal' on Naruto living with him. He got the hint of course. Kakashi isn't

stupid. "Then it's settled." Just before Naruto was about to complain Sasuke

came behind him and put his hand on the blonde's shoulder. Naruto looked back at

Sasuke, who was smirking. 'Oh yeah... This will be fun... Sasuke's going to kill

me!' Naruto shuddered and cursed in his mind about all the stuff the Uchiha

could do to make him suffer. But he snapped out of it as he recalled a loud,

annoying, pink billboard. (Meaning her big head.)

"You better not be a nuisance to Sasuke-kun, or else!" She clearly stated.

"He's going to be the nuisance! He'll probably have me starve to death!" He

replied, paying no attention to the fact that Sasuke was right behind him. The

two quarreled for a few minutes 'til neither had any good comebacks. Kakashi

paid no attention. He was too caught up in one of his perverted books, again.

Sasuke decided to finally break the feud between the two loud mouths. (Naruto

and Sakura)

Sakura quickly brushed it off like nothing happened but Naruto held a grudge and

not on Sakura, but on Sasuke.

"Sasuke! Because of you, Sakura hates me!" Naruto screamed.

"No! You did that yourself, baka!" Sakura stated. Naruto showed no emotion,

although his cerulean blue eyes told it all. He hung his head low and mumbled to

himself. Sasuke clutched his fists and wanted to punch the pink haired girl

senseless. He hated seeing his little kitsune so sad and she was to blame for

it. But Kakashi stepped in and signaled all three to go home.

"There is no mission today. You guys are lucky; you would have had to pluck

weeds again."

Naruto cringed at his thought of the last time he plucked weeds. Not good times.

And with a little wave of goodbye he vanished. Sakura gave Sasuke a cheerful

wave and left, purposely forgetting about Naruto's presence. Naruto sighed and

scuffed some dirt on the ground with his foot.

"Oi! Naruto you comin' or not?" Sasuke said walking to his house. Naruto faintly

nodded and ran to catch up with the dark haired boy.

"So Sasuke, how long do you think I'll have to stay?"

"Hopefully longer than a month." Sasuke said intentionally. Naruto's eyes

widened in shock.

"..." Naruto tried to speak but didn't know what to say. 'Why does he want me to


Sasuke noticed how freaked out Naruto was and said something that he hoped would

make Naruto more comfortable. "It's nice having company once in a while." Naruto

knew that Sasuke lived alone but didn't know that he actually liked being around

people. 'Maybe I can get to know Sasuke more. Maybe Sasuke isn't the jerk I

thought he was.'

'Naruto! You are soo mine!'

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