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Hell Hath No Fury

Chapter One: Sleeping with the enemy

Do you ever wake up in the morning and realize that your bed has never been more comfortable? You know, your sheets are perfectly cozy and not too hot or too cold. Your pillow feels like heaven and your body has molded perfectly into the mattress. It's like you never want to get up. Then suddenly the real world rips you out of your little utopia.


And just like that I'm on the cold hard wood floor rubbing my bum. Damn Kingsley Shacklebot!

"What in the bloody name of Salazar is wrong with you!" I shriek at my fireplace, which currently has the head of my not so polite boss.

"You better be taking that tone of voice and asking me that because you're actually at your office right now, working on the, "oh so fun" case you were assigned yesterday. If your highness is not too busy to come to work and do something instead of me paying you to sit on your arse and sleep, I would be ever so grateful! I want to see you and Potter down here NOW or Deatheaters will seem like pigmy puffs!" Wow I've never seen him so mad. The vein on his forehead is throbbing, not a good sign. Yeah, that's right, I'm an Auror, and the-boy-who-saved-us is my lovely partner….and roommate. Joy. Long story short, we got paired together in Auror training and it turns out we make a pretty kickass team. Kingsley wanted us to be ready to go at any moment, or some rubbish like that, so this charming living arrangement was made up. Yet another reason that proves God does have a sense of humor, and is pointing and laughing at me this very moment.

"Fine, fine; don't get your pretty knickers in a twist. We're coming, milord." I exaggerated with a bow. His face was grave and with that he disappeared in a puff of smoke. I sighed.

"Here we go." I mumbled. I got up from the floor and went into my bathroom. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Next I went into the kitchen and got the coffee and breakfast started. I know I could have just as easily used my wand but I actually liked doing it the muggle way. It was fascinating. I walked across the apartment to Harry's room; it was locked so I knocked. Not a sound. So I helped myself in with a simple "Alohomora." I opened the door and there he was. Sheets rumpled, clothes all over the floor, lamp knocked over, pillow askew. If I didn't know him better I would think he got fucked three times to the wind last night, but this was how his room always looked. I called to him.

"Oh Potter." I sing-sang to him. Nothing.

"Oh Potty- Potty Potter." Nope.

"Oh fucker." He mumbled and rolled over. Hmmmm progress.

"Come on Harry get the hell up! Kingsley is gonna shove your wand up your arse if you don't get up." I moved over to his bed. He put his pillow over his head.

"Go away." He mumbled from under the pillow. I sighed. I would just leave him if only Kingsley wouldn't tie me up like a piñata and beat me. Oh well, desperate times called for desperate measures. I pointed my wand at him.

"Wingardium Leviosa" Harry's body was lifted off of his bed, pillow and all. I floated it out the window. We were on the top floor.

"Oh Harry." I cooed sweetly. He grunted. "Look out below, Finite Incantatum." And just like that he dropped. I know it sounds harsh but I had to wake him up, and besides Harry's a smart boy. Any second now he'll apparate right back up here. Then almost as if he'd heard me, a loud POP, came from behind me. And the-boy-who-lived looked like the boy-who'd-murder.

"What was that for!" he asked with a dangerously low voice. I smirked.
"That darling was me taking out the trash." I smiled and turned to walk out of his room. But before I even got a chance to get to the door it slammed. I turned back around and there was Harry wand at the ready with a mischievous gleam in his emerald eyes. He stalked towards me, but in held my ground. We stared at each other. Cobalt blue and Mint green competing for dominance. Then his stare traveled down my body and I realized that I had forgotten to put on a robe before coming here. My pajamas consisted of a black Weird Sisters t-shirt I wore in the third year, that wasn't too small on me but was too short. It ended a little before my bellybutton and was tight in the boobage area. And a pair of green shorts that had 'Slytherin' printed on my arse.

"See something you like, Potter?" He looked up at me and smirked; licking his lips. I hate it when he does that. It makes me fell like almost agreeing to anything. Well two could play at this game. I gave him a good look over. His body was filled out. All those games of Quidditch and then Auror training did him well. His shoulders were broad and his arms were toned. He had an amazingly flat and muscled stomach, I'm sure you could make an omlette on. And his legs were lean and strong, I suppose chasing all the "bad guys" down will do that to you. I looked up at him, and he had a smile on his face I just wanted to rip off.

"See something you like, Parkinson." I gave him a sultry smile and walked over to him licking my pouty lips. I raised my hand to caress his cheek and kept going down his chest. I leaned in to him, I could tell I was giving him chills, and moaned into his ear.

"Why yes Potter, I do see something I like." I pulled away and looked at him. His eyes glazed over and I could tell he was getting hard. I chuckled huskily. "Oliver Woods's poster over there, I always knew he would go pro. Bloody hell what a wizard, I'm sure he has plenty of experience in how to use his balls." I smirked at the look of outrage on Harry's face.

"Well time to get ready for work, wouldn't want you to lose your balls. Although if you don't get them to shall we say "retreat" they might break off at any form of contact." I innocently state. He looked pissed, so I just turned and walked towards the door swaying my hips provocatively. When I got to the door I turned and saw his hungry stare, I winked and closed the door after me. I could hear him groan; 'bloody bitch' as I was walking to the kitchen. I grabbed a mug of coffee and a bagel and proceeded into my room to dress.

I was just finishing my make-up when I stopped to look at myself in the mirror. I always thought of myself as pretty. I mean I know that I am rather beautiful but I never really paid much attention to it. I rarely wear make-up or do my hair. My hair is naturally curly so I just let it dry on its own, and my skin is pretty tan and flawless so I don't put much make-up. Besides the usual mascara, eye liner and lip gloss. I use to have a little pug face but it went away sometime in sixth year. My body was very toned and curved. Auror training was quite vigorous. All in all I was happy with my appearance but my life still felt…..empty. Sure I dated and shagged here and there, but I've never really found that certain someone that completes me. I thought I did once. I really great guy, or at least I thought he was, named Nathan. He was a wizard and he was on the Chuddley Cannons Quidditch team. He was a chaser and perfect. With dirty blonde messy hair and deep blue eyes, he seemed like the picture perfect boyfriend. Hell he became my picture perfect fiancé. I was actually happy, he made me laugh and let loose, although he did have his moments. Like when he got drunk. He would get very abusive. At first it started out as verbal abuse and then he would do something really sweet the next day, like send me flowers and candy. I couldn't resist. Draco and Blaise never liked him, but they've always been protective of me, their like the Bloody brothers I've never had and never wanted. Too bad they were right not to like him, because later the verbal abuse wasn't enough and the physical abuse began. At first it was just a really tight grab or he'd pin me down. Then came the slaps and blows to my face and finally the rest of my body. It was easy enough to conceal the bruises and clean the cuts, but instead of us being happy with the occasional fights, we were fighting with the occasional moments of happiness. So after one particularly bad fight I apparated to Draco's and told him everything. He and Blaise both went to Nathan and told him that if he ever got within a foot of me he would find pieces of himself severed from his body. And that was that. No one beside Draco, Blaise, and myself know what truly happened between Nate and I. And so far I haven't had the pleasure of seeing him again. I know I'm not the best person in the world but I do deserve better then that. But then again maybe love just isn't in the cards for me? I mean Draco has Ginny and Blaise has Daphne. Of course Ron and Hermione finally saw that they were perfect for each other. Even Longbottom has that Lovegood girl. But now that I come to think of it Harry hasn't had a girlfriend since that Belinda girl almost two years ago. I never really knew what happened between those too.Oh well,I guess we all have our little secrets, and I suppose we could be miserable together. I stopped my pathetic thoughts and walked out of my room. I looked at the clock. Shit! Kingsley was gonna kill us!

"Harry, hurry up! We're way beyond late. We're practically early for tomorrow!" He raced out of his room and put on his cloak. I was about to apparate when he grabbed my shoulder.

"No apparating makes too much noise. Let's use flew powder better." I nodded and we both grabbed a handful and went into the fireplace. Within seconds we were in our office. We let out a sigh but just then we heard Kingsley outside our door.

"Maggie have Parkinson and Potter arrived yet?"

"I haven't seen them sir, or heard them come in." Kingsley growled and stomped over to our office. Harry and I quickly threw our cloaks off put our wands on our desk and divided the mountain of papers in two. We heard the doorknob move and quickly pretended to be working. Kingsley burst in and paused, his anger quickly replaced by shock.

"Oh you're here."

"Uh yeah boss, we've been here for a while, right Potter." I looked at Harry.

"That's right, Parkinson. Kingsley you feeling okay there, buddy. Lucky the weekends coming up, you look like you can use it." I nodded and with that Kingsley left. I blew out a breath I didn't even know I was holding.

"That was close." Harry sighed.

"Yeah but nothing to hard for the Delectable Duo." I smirked. Harry chuckled.

"Hey it's Melinda's 6th birthday tomorrow and you know we have to go." Harry reminded me.

"Oh yeah, probably in the godparents contract, huh?"

"Of course."

"Well what are you gonna get her? Wait let me guess…..a broom?" Harry blushed slightly.

"Am I that obvious?" I smiled.

"Only….a lot. You've wanted to get her on a broom since she was 8 months old. I remember the first time you tried to go flying with her I thought for sure Ginny was gonna castrate you. And Draco's face was murderous." I laughed. Harry shook his head.

"You'd think that because her mum's a chaser and her dad's was seeker in school that they would have got her up in the air as soon as she was brought home. At least I would with my kids." His face became a bit wistful in towards the end. I smiled. I could actually see that. Harry and a little baby with his messy hair and my blue eyes….Whoa! My blue eyes? Did I just picture Harry and I having a baby? Man I really am overworked and definitely spend too much time with the boy wonder. Although I suppose there's no denying that Harry is certainly no longer a boy, but a man, a very handsome man at that. What? Oh come on.

Look but don't touch

Touch but don't taste

Taste but don't swallow

Words to live by, baby! I looked up at Harry and he was looking at me curiously.

"What were you thinking about?" I turned a bit pink.

"Me, oh nothing, nothing at all. Shall we? The sooner we finish this, the sooner we can go home." And I just began to work. I could tell Harry was still studying me out of the corner of my eye, but then after a moment he started working as well. Wow that was close. I don't know what's got into me.What's happening, I mean sure Harry andI hated each other at first but then we began to tolerate each other and soon trust each otherand now we even purposely get on each others nerves for funand flirt a little here and there. But it's never been anything...has it?Could I possibly be falling for the-man-that-lived? I shook my head. Oh this was definetley going to be an interestingweekend.

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