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The prologue contains mostly Mary Anne's thoughts, but dialogue will be exchanged in upcoming chapters. Happy reading!


It hadn't always been this way.

At thirteen, Mary Anne Spier had had everything that she could ever dream of. A cute, southern boyfriend, two best friends, one of whom was her sister. She had a new family to make up for the years that she had lived alone with her father after her mother died. And of course she had the Babysitter's Club- the closest friends that she could have ever asked for. Thirteen had been a great year, one that had seemed to last more than a decade.

Fourteen was when things started to slip a bit. Maybe it was finally making it to high school that did it. Either way, the Babysitter's Club had split up, despite all of the promises to stay best friends forever. Claudia and Stacy were in the popular scene, and she was lucky if they acknowledged her in the halls. Kristy and Abby had bonded over their love of sports and their proximity. Dawn was of course, in California, and rarely came back to Stoneybrook. Shannon was never that close to her to begin with, and Jessi h was living in New York where she could truly focus on her dancing. Lastly, and most strangely, Mallory was still at Riverbend, and had become something of a Queen Bee. No one had seen this coming.

With all this going on around her, it shouldn't have been such a surprise when Mary Anne began to retreat into herself. Admittedly, she wasn't very good at making friends. So when her old friends drifted away, she found herself to be very much alone. Everything became even worse when Logan broke up with her for Miranda Shillibar, saying that he couldn't date someone who never wanted to socialize or have fun. What he didn't realize was that she really did want those things, but did not know just how to get them.

Mary Anne could never remember feeling this alone. Sure, she had always been the sidekick to whatever scheme Kristy had come up with, but whatever they did, they did it together. It didn't help that her dad and Sharon were so involved with each other that they didn't notice that the new family they had created wasn't exactly cohesive. Mary Anne was indeed alone, but for her kitten, Tigger.

She was fifteen now. It had been a long summer, and she welcomed the upcoming school year to break up the monotony of books and social isolation that had been her summer. Despite everything that had happened in the last year, Mary Anne still held onto the idealism of her youth. Maybe fourteen had been an off year, and nothing more. After all, freshman never really have any idea what's going on, but sophomores are generally more sure of their place in the world. She would work hard to do well in school, and she would make every effort at getting in with her old friends. Eventually everything would fall back into place.

Thinking of this, Mary Anne felt happier than she had in a long time. Sure, things hadn't always been this way. But that didn't mean that they had to stay this way, either.