Story: The Angels From My Nightmare

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Summary: This was his family, his angels in the darkness.

Chapter 3: My Family

Note: This was just a fun piece to write, and I really had fun writing it. Hope everyone enjoys a purely fluff family-centered piece! Tis great fun! Okay, here's your last chapter! All fluff and fun. Enjoy! -ash

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Last time: "I don't need a bandaide." She claimed. She pulled herself out of his grasp and walked over to the dresser. Her fingers found the edge of a silver frame and she righted the fallen photographs. It was her favorite frame; one Russ had given her for her birthday last year. It held three pictures, and the silver framing was inlaid with little skulls and birds. Slightly morbid, but it was her favorite nonetheless. She gazed lovingly at the three pictures the frame now held, smiling at each memory.

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The long frame held three pictures, each with a heartwarming memory behind it. There was the vacation to Yelapa she took with Booth, here was the 4th of July, and here was her family in their backyard… Her three favorite pictures in her favorite picture frame.

The first on the left housed a glossy photograph of Tempe on Booth's back at the beach. Tempe looked like she was about to scream and Booth looked up at her with an evil grin on his face. Both of them were soaking wet and Booth was ankle-deep in the salty water and soft sand. A large wave was approaching them from behind, both oblivious to the wall of wet about to crash into both of them.

"Bones, what are you doing?" Booth yelled at her from the water. The waves lapped at his body, each gently flowing past him, surrounding his already tanned body with their cool waters before continuing on the shore. His hands were on his hips in traditional Booth-stance and he was staring at her like she was crazy.

"Finding shark's teeth!" Tempe called back. She was crouched over a small pile of sand and shells, sifting through it like she was doing her job. Booth laughed and turned away from Tempe and Angela to meet a particularly big wave, diving through the wall of water with expertise.

"Alrighty, Bones. You know we left D.C. to avoid this kind of thing, right?" Tempe ignored him. "Go squint for you little teeth while I have fun in the water, see if I care." He said to her, diving back under a wave. Brennan set her mouth in a small smirk, blue eyes glinting in the hot Mexican sun.

"Sweetie…" Angela said in a warning tone as Brennan began to stalk towards Booth turned back. She seemed to change her mind and head back to Angela, but she only removed something from her left ring finger.

"Hold this." Brennan handed the diamond ring to Angela. "I'll be back in a second." She got to the edge of the water and stopped, watching the waves of Yelapa recede and crash. Timing her run, she sprinted out into the water at its low level and caught Booth around the middle when the wave came in. He had no time to react to the blue bikini clad figure and they pitched headfirst through the wall of water. Angela leapt up from her towel and grabbed her camera as Booth emerged with his fiancé on his back, her legs clamped around his waist and arms around his neck, holding on for dear life as he spun around and around trying to knock her off. Angela snapped the picture just before a particularly large wave flew across the sand and knocked them down. As it receded, Angela dropped back to her towel in a fit of laughter.

Tempe was sitting triumphantly on Booth's chest, her legs off to one side as she faced him from her perch on his chest. She stuck her tongue out at him and grinned. Booth stood up in one fluid motion and caught her in his arms as she fell from him. Taking the kicking scientist towards the water, he threw the protesting anthropologist back into the cold water before sitting on the ground to wait for her to come back out, a smile on his face.

Tempe moved her hand from the left to the right, slowly tracing the far right picture, her eyes locked on the four faces smiling back at her. She felt Booth come up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder as he watched her and the picture. It was from last weekend, and once again, it revolved around water.

"Mommy, save me!" Jordan sprinted past her with surprising speed for a four year old. Parker was hot on her heels with a water balloon clutched tightly to his chest. Riley came behind Parker with Parker's large water gun in his arms. Jordan disappeared around the corner of the house, the boys following her. Booth stepped beside Tempe and put an arm around her shoulders, kissing her cheek.

"Don't you just love the weekends?" He said as little shouts came from around the corner followed by splashes.

"They adore Parker. I'm glad Rebecca's letting us have him again next weekend." Tempe smiled. Booth opened his mouth to respond, but two shouts interrupted him.

Simultaneous cries of "Mommy," and "Tempe," carried across the grass and the two boys ran back past her. Riley was ahead of Parker, the water gun dropping to the ground.

"Every man for himself!" Parker cried out and chunked the water balloon at Riley's head, the plastic breaking and soaking Riley's once dry hair. Parker zoomed past the wet kid to Booth who scooped first him then Riley up into his arms. Jordan was slowly advancing on them, the hose held in both hands as she stomped across the wet ground.

"You are sooo going to get it!" She called as she yanked the hose along with her. Booth opened his mouth in mock surprise and looked at Parker and Riley.

"You two are sooo going to get it…" He mimicked Jordan with a melodramatic air. He dropped them to the ground with instructions to stay put and approached Jordan with his hands in the air. She looked suspicious, but as he whispered to her, she smiled. Booth picked the child up and put her on his shoulders, handing her the hose and turning towards Tempe.

"GO!" Booth cried, a crazy grin on his face. Jordan's own smile mirrored her father's as she sprayed first Tempe with the frigid water then turned it on her brothers.

"Jordan!" Tempe gaped, sputtering through the cold. "Seeley!" Jordan pointed an accusatory finger at her fathers head as the two boys jumped on him, one in each arm.

"Traitor!" Parker accused.

"You cheated!" Riley added, shivering a little.

"Hey, say cheese." Tempe got their attention and took a picture of the smiling faces. Jordan was still on her father's broad shoulders, the hose clutched in one hand and her hair dripping onto Booth's face. Parker and Riley each had one arm under them so they sat against Booth's chest, and he was smiling with his children in his arms. Tempe hated to break up such a happy moment.

"Now scream." She deadpanned with a wicked smirk before blasting all of them with the forgotten water gun.

The one in the middle though, was her absolute favorite memory. Angela had called it her true initiation into motherhood because fireworks were always an obstacle for little children. Riley had been easy; he loved them. But Jordan wasa different matter. She lightly followed the edges of the picture, a smile on her face. Booth joined her hand in tracing the faces as he pressed his lips to her hair.

It was the Fourth of July and everyone was at the little park by their house. There was their big red and white checkered blanket spread across a small hill where they sat together: the kids, Tempe, Booth, Hodgins, and Angela. Tempe was leaning against Booth, his arm around her waist as they watched the fireworks. Parker and Riley were running around the blanket, trying to time the blasts and jump down onto the ground as soon as the fireworks exploded. Hodgins was sitting under a large tree a ways off and Angela had a scared three year old in her lap.

"Fireworks aren't all bad, sweetie." Angela tried to coax the small girl out of her burrow in Angela's chest, but it wasn't working very well.

"Yeth they awre. They're scawy." She gave her muffled response. Angela sighed with a half-smile and ruffled Jordan's long brown hair. Tempe raised her head from her husband's shoulder and crawled over to them.

"Hey, Jordy?" She coaxed. Jordan lifted her head at her mother's voice, green eyes wide with fright and a bit teary. Angela handed the small child to Tempe. Jordan immediately wrapped her arms around Tempe's neck and clung to her with all her might as another firework exploded in the night sky.

"Hey, turn around." Tempe smiled. Jordan obliged and looked at the sky, bright blue and green reflecting off her face as the firework spread its colors across the sky.

"Aren't they pretty?" She asked the child. Jordan buried her face back into Tempe's shoulder.

"They're loud." She sniffed. Booth approached them to try and help with his daughter.

"Jordan, I'm going to tell you a secret, okay?" Tempe whispered loudly, winking at Booth. "Do you want to know what fireworks really are?" Jordan lifted her head and nodded vigorously, flinching as a firework erupted in a shower of sparks. Booth looked inquisitively at Tempe, Angela mirroring his question.

"You see those little flashes over there right before the fireworks come up?" Tempe pointed at the ground where the people were setting them off. Jordan nodded.

"Those are fairies." She said matter-of-factly. "And those," she pointed to the sky, "are fairy spells. See the colors? That's the fairy dust. And the loud sounds are just the fairies wands casting their magical spells over the land." Tempe smiled at her now dry-eyed daughter.

"Wow." She turned to look at the colorful sky. "Just wike Tinkerbelle?" She asked in awe as more 'fairy dust' lit up the sky. Tempe nodded at the child.

"Cool." Jordan whispered, turning back to face her mother.

"But remember, Jordan. It's a secret." Tempe stage-whispered to Jordan. She nodded again as a firefly flickered past her face.

"What's dat?" She pointed.

"A firefly. Why don't you go ask the bug guy about it?" Booth cut in. Jordan untangled herself from Tempe's neck after pressing a sticky kiss to her cheek and unsteadily ran across the hill.

"Uncle Jack! Uncle Jack! Whassa firefwy?" She called. Booth chuckled.

"I always knew you'd make a great mother, Bones." Booth kissed her other cheek. Tempe smiled in response; fairies had been a stroke of genius. Minutes later, Jordan returned with Hodgins, leading him by the hand to show him the fireworks she wasn't afraid of anymore.

"Oh, Kodak moment." Angela exclaimed, extracting a camera from her bag. "Hey, munchkins." She caught Riley in one hand and directed him and Parker to where Booth and Tempe sat.

"This can be your Christmas card." She laughed as she hit the shutter button.

Tempe smiled at their picture from a year ago. In the photograph, Booth had pulled her close to him with an arm around her waist. Riley was in Booth's lap, Parker nestled snugly in Tempe's. Jordan had jumped on Tempe's back, her arms around her neck and her head resting on her shoulder. Everyone was smiling happily.

Tempe felt Booth press another kiss into her hair and she turned around.

"Riley's probably coated the kitchen in sugar by now." She laughed. Booth smiled and stepped aside to pull a shirt on with his gray sweatpants.

"Better go stop 'em." He placed an arm around his wife's shoulders and led her into the hallway.

"Yep. Don't want to spend the whole day cleaning if Parker's coming over later." She grinned. "Riley and Jordan are getting really excited for the zoo."

"Don't they always." Booth murmured. The door bell rang just then, and the couple exchanged curious glances before switching directions to head to the front hall.

"Sorry it's a little early." Rebecca looked flustered and Parker yawned, his sandy blonde hair tussled and his pajamas hanging loosely on his thin frame.

"I have an urgent meeting this morning and Parker wanted to get here as soon as he could." She explained. Then Rebecca knelt beside her son and kissed his forehead, handing him his backpack.

"I'll be back tomorrow to pick you up." She smiled at him. "Have fun with Daddy and Tempe." She stood and directed a tight smile towards Tempe, her eyes falling on the arm still around her shoulders longer than it should have.

"Tell Riley and Jordan I said hello." Rebecca told them before stepping back. Parker took this as his cue that he was free from her and he ran up and jumped on Tempe who caught the boy in her arms.

"Can we have pancakes?" He questioned eagerly, bouncing up and down. Tempe laughed and began to walk back into the house as Booth said goodbye to a jealous Rebecca.

"Way ahead of you." She smiled and set Parker down in the hallway. He sped off to the kitchen where shouts from Riley and Jordan came, leaving Tempe holding his backpack. Booth pushed her forward in the hall after Parker.

The shouts from the kitchen suddenly ceased as a loud crash reverberated through the hallways. Tempe and Booth exchanged worried glances before running to their children in the kitchen.

Tempe stopped suddenly in the doorway and Booth crashed into her, sending her sliding across the floor. The scientist erupted in laughter at the sight of her three children in pajamas covered in flour, Riley holding half of a broken flour bag. Booth walked forward and reached past Tempe to the kitchen table for the camera and took a picture of his four favorite people covered in flour for Tempe's little collection of family photos. He set the camera back down and smeared a streak of the spilled flour across her cheek with a kiss.

"Who wants breakfast?" He led his wife past the kids to direct their family through the messy task of the favorite Booth family-secret pancakes.


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