Hello all, and welcome to another new fic by Lulala! I usually write in the Final Fantasy X-2 section, but after beating KH2, I simply COULD NOT RESIST writing this story XD Roxas and Namine are just so darn cute XD

Somebodies, By Lulala

Rating: T, for safety. That's always a good safe rating XD

Summary: Whenever Sora and Kairi are together, Roxas and Namine are. When Sora and Kairi get in a fight and stop talking to each other, Roxas and Namine are the ones that pay for it. What will they do to get Sora and Kairi back together? (R x N, S x K)

Disclaimer: Mhmm yeah think I'd die if I owned Sora and Riku... and since I'm still alive, I obviously don't own KH XD

"You are SO slow!" Kairi called over her shoulder in Riku's general direction. "Hurry up!"

Riku rolled his eyes. "It's not like he's going anywhere, he's grounded."

Kairi gave him a look. "We told him we'd be there ten minutes ago!"

Riku shrugged. "No need to wait for me."

Kairi continued to power walk. "Sure I do! Sora wants to see us both, I'm sure!"

Riku considered this. "I spose… since he hasn't seen the outside world since we got back."

"Yeah," Kairi nodded. Riku sped up.

"How have you been feeling?" he asked her carefully.

"Riku, honestly. I'm completely fine. I'm more worried about you…"

He sighed. "We've been over this before—"

"I still think you should go see Aerith, she could work wonders on that injury—"

"Kairi," Riku said warningly. "Don't start."

"Fine," she said, fixing her eyes on the ground. "I just worry."

"Don't," he advised.

They walked the rest of the way to Sora's house in silence. They sneaked around to the back of the house, where Sora's window was located. Riku chucked pebbles at it until Sora at last realized what the clicking noise was and came to investigate.

"You guys are so late, I thought you for sure weren't gonna come!" Sora called down to them.

"Get your butt down here!" Kairi said, retrieving a long rope ladder from a rather large hole in a nearby tree. She handed it to Riku, and he tossed it up to Sora.

Once Sora had scaled down the rope ladder, all three began to walk towards one place they knew nobody would look for them—the tree house.

"How have you been, Sora?" Kairi asked, smiling. "Glad to see you out and about, by the way!"

Sora grinned back. "I know. I'm okay. Riku, you feeling—"

"Fine," Riku interrupted shortly.

"Okay, okay," Sora relented. "Maybe, sometime soon, I'll be able to believe you."

When he and his friends arrived at the tree house they had built so long ago, Riku and Sora began sharing the stories of their previous journeys with Kairi. Sora realized immediately that no matter how much fun he had had wielding the keyblade and saving others, he would never feel more comfortable and at home than he did at that very moment.

After several hours of talking, Kairi finally asked the question that had been burning in Sora's brain for quite some time. "You guys… what about Roxas and Naminé?"

"Don't you remember? They said, just before they disappeared… that whenever we were together, they would be together," Sora reminded her.

"Oh, right…" Kairi thought in silence for a moment before saying, "Sora, do you think they're happy now?"

"Of course!" Sora replied. "We're together, aren't we?"

"Yes, we are," Naminé answered quietly. "Roxas?"


"Roxas, it's Naminé!"

His eyes shot open. "No way. I can actually talk to you?"

She giggled. "Yes, Roxas. As long as Sora and Kairi are together, we are connected, and can talk as much as we want."

"Okay, that is just about the best thing ever," Roxas said, grinning. "How have you been since… you know… you became part of a somebody again?"

"It's interesting," Naminé said thoughtfully. "I know everything that Kairi thinks about… and I watch her life go by, while still being me."

"Yeah, at least you got someone who goes places," Roxas said. "Sora is grounded, and doesn't ever leave his room. You can imagine how interesting that is to watch."

Naminé laughed. "He sneaked out today, though… did you have anything to do with that, Roxas?"

"Nope," he replied. "I've tried yelling at the guy, but he doesn't seem to hear me."

"Kairi and I think very alike… so I haven't really tried to say anything to her yet," Naminé explained. "I should… I wonder if she would hear."

"All Sora ever does is wonder whether she likes him," Roxas told Naminé. "Does she? Maybe I could get that through to him, and he'd sneak out more often!"

Naminé giggled. "I'm not going to tell you that!"

"But you know?" Roxas asked hopefully.

"Yes, I do," Naminé replied, laughing softly. "But you never will. Boys!" She giggled again.

"Naminé!" Roxas pleaded. "He thinks she likes Riku, it's so sad… just tell me!"

Naminé shook her head, even though Roxas couldn't see it. "Nope. Sorry, Roxas!"

"Fine," he snuffed.

Naminé didn't like the silence. "Roxas… do you think we'll ever see each other again?"

"I… it's not possible. I'm a nobody… we're both nobodies," Roxas replied slowly. "Right?"

Naminé closed her eyes, and pictured Roxas's face. To me, Roxas, you're somebody. "I suppose you're right," Naminé sighed.

"I suppose," Kairi agreed with Sora. "Let's spend lots of time together! That way, Roxas and Naminé can be together, too!"

Riku cast her a glance. "Sora, it's getting late."

He sighed. "I know, I know… I'd better be getting home before mom notices I'm not there."

Kairi looked slightly downcast. "Guess we'll see you later, Sora."

He cracked a big, cheesy smile. "Yup!" He climbed down the ladder out of the tree house, and disappeared from sight. Kairi watched him go, a look of disappointment behind her bright blue eyes.

Riku hesitated. Asking Kairi to do something might be awkward, since she was obviously completely in love with Sora, but… she and Riku were just friends. She was his baby sister. It wasn't like that at all—but he didn't want Sora to get the wrong idea.

"Kairi? Do you want to go fishing?"

For example—the last time he had gotten the wrong idea about Sora, it had nearly cost him his life. And that was certainly not something he wanted to risk again.

Hurrah for best friends! Will Roxas and Namine ever see each other again? Will Namine ever tell Roxas the truth about Kairi's feelings for Sora? (I'm guessing no XD) Keep reading to find out!

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