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Sora didn't mean to say it—really, he didn't! Faces still inches apart, he saw Kairi smiling slightly. She closed her eyes, and Sora wondered whether she had caught what had just come out of his mouth.

"I was hoping you'd say that," she replied. She drew closer, and Sora could feel his heart beginning to race. He was, without a doubt, freaking out—hadn't she heard what he had said? Why in the world did she still want to kiss him?

Suddenly, she turned her head a little, so that her mouth was about level with Sora's ear. He was a little bit jittery—she was, after all, extremely close. Though he was trying desperately to stand still, because he was so nervous, it was proving to be exceedingly difficult. Then, his mind began to race right along with his heart. Why is she just standing here? Does she want me to kiss her on the cheek or something?

"I love you too, Roxas," she whispered in his ear.

Wait. What? Sora thought. He tried to move, and found that he couldn't. Why in the heck can't I move?

He wrapped his arms around Kairi, though his arms weren't at all what he was trying to move—which was a strange feeling, to say the least… Sora saw Riku and Asahi pop out of a bush, looking pretty surprised, and both staring at Sora with their eyes popping out of their heads. And then, he suddenly realized what they were staring at—a blinding light was coming right out of Sora's heart. He released Kairi and took several steps back, just in time to see that the same thing was happening to her. His hand gravitated towards the epicenter of the light, and he grasped at his clothing—what was happening to both of them?

When the light at last stopped, Sora saw something in front of him that he simply could not believe—Roxas and Naminé, hugging each other in exactly the same place that Sora and Kairi had stood moments ago.

Asahi grabbed on to Riku for balance. Judging by the look on Riku's face, it probably should have been the other way around.

"Naminé? Roxas?" Kairi said uncertainly. "How…?"

They at last released each other. They quickly linked their hands together. They both smiled, and turned to Riku and Asahi. "Thank you," Roxas said earnestly. Naminé nodded in agreement.

"What's going on?" Sora finally managed through his completely dry mouth.

"They're in love," Asahi sighed dreamily. "That's what's going on."

Riku was having flashbacks in his brain to the day when he had first asked Asahi what would happen if a nobody ever fell in love. Then, her response had been that they might become real, or disappear forever… but that nobody actually knew, because it had never happened before. Riku bent down a little so that he could whisper in her ear, "So that's what you were talking about that day…"

She smiled a little. "See? I told you something would happen if a nobody felt a real emotion!"

"…We're not real," Naminé quickly added. "But it's okay… we're together, and that's all that matters."

"Not real?" Riku choked, his thoughts of what Asahi had said crashing down on him. "What do you mean?"

"Can't you see it?" Naminé held up her hand, and Riku realized that she was right—they were translucent, just as they had been before re-entering Sora and Kairi. "We're going to have to go soon—but we'll come visit a lot, we promise!"

"Where will you go?" Kairi asked, sounding a little sad.

"Oh, here and there," Roxas answered, draping an arm around Naminé's shoulders. "Sora… I think you had something to say?"

Sora froze. He took a deep breath, and quickly regained his composure. "Kairi, I…"

She smiled. "What is it, Sora?"

"I…" he felt the heat rising in his face. "I mean… what I mean is… I really, really like you, Kairi."

Her smile widened. "Sora? You do know that this means there's no way I'm letting you go find that guy without me, right?"

He smiled sheepishly. "That's okay with me!"

She and Sora were pulled together like magnets, Roxas and Naminé looking on with huge grins plastered across their faces.

It was then that Riku knew he had seen everything. Nobodies popping out, Sora actually admitting how he felt… Though everything was going great, something was still nagging at the back ofRiku's mind… something besides the pressing need to murder his own nobody, of course. After debating with himself for a moment, he finally figured—oh, what the heck.

His hand groped out into the space between him and Asahi. She seemed to have the same idea, because their hands met somewhere in the middle of no man's land, and she laced her fingers through his. She looked up at him, and smiled. He smiled back, and the nagging in his brain was dulled to a calm, delighted hum.

"Sora, Kairi… you guys don't need us anymore," Roxas told them. "You have each other. We'll be around to help you take care of Xurik, because he is without a doubt extremely dangerous, but… you don't need us with you anymore."

"Thank you guys… for everything," Naminé added, smiling. "But… I think we're going to go now."

Sora nodded, holding Kairi close. "Hope to see you guys again soon!"

"Oh, we'll be around," Roxas assured him.

"Okay, what the hell just happened?" Riku murmured to Asahi.

"They're in love," Asahi sighed again. "How this happened and where they're going is totally irrelevant."

Without another word, he firmly decided that she was absolutely right. As they watched Roxas and Naminé fade away, hands still linked together, Riku smiled a little. Wherever their next journey to find Xurik would take them, he realized the most important thing that Roxas and Naminé had taught him—anything was possible. As he felt the soft pressure of Asahi's hand in his, and of her head on his shoulder… he knew deep inside that it was more than true.

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