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Black. Everything around him was drowned in darkest black. His ruby hair danced in the cold breeze, letting it look like fire. The half-opened eyes, matching the colour of his hair, stared blankly ahead of him. Step by step he walked slowly and insecurely on bare feet. A petite hand held out a crimson cloth which floated behind him. The other hand stretched out as if wanting to touch it's way through the thick darkness. He was wearing white clothes that strongly reminded a gown.
Suddenly, the boy stopped. One hand still risen in the air, he opened his mouth slightly and whispered: "Where am I?"
His soft melodic voice echoed, not receiving any other acoustic answer. He turned his hand and stared at it for a moment.
A red feather appeared and started to burn immediately after it was created, lightening up a small area around the boy.
As the feather caught flames, the crimson cloth instantly changed into feathers, some black and others white, which spread out all over the place.
Following the gliding feathers, the boy tried to catch some with his free hand. But they slipped through his slim fingers.
The boy stopped dead again, as he reached a gigantic black mirror. The item was higher than anything
the redhead has ever seen. He couldn't tell the height of the mirror, for it was lost in the black mist as the boy tried to look any further. Endless long black chains where wrapped around the object. The boy walked to it, until there was only one meter between him and the mirror. He stared blankly into it, seeing only his clear reflection.
He blinked. The feathers danced around the object in slow motion. He watched them. For one heart beat there seemed to appear an amused look on his pale face. This, however, was instantly replaced by an emotionless one.
He looked back to the mirror and gasped, as two figures appeared each standing next to him. The blurred guises, one black the other one white in appearance, stared at each other.
The redhead turned, but couldn't see the creatures of the mirror behind him. So he turned back to the mirror, watching curiously what is going to happen next.
Suddenly, the feathers, which had been floating softly around the mirror until now, moved quickly towards the item. With a muffled noise they got sucked in, one by one, until none was left.
As the feathers vanished, the reflections of the none existing people became clearer and clearer.
Both men where tall, muscular and beauty in person. The darker one was wearing a black cape showing a bit of his tight black shirt and trousers, held together by silver buckles placed all over his body. His messy purple hair, of unequal length, pointed to every possible orientation. His eyes where like big almonds of darkest violet and glittered in the darkness surrounding them three.
The other one was the exact opposite of him. Instead of black he was dressed all in white. Instead of the silver buckles he had gold ones. His hair was tied back into a high golden ponytail. A fringe cut equally. A single strand, with the length of the ponytail, hung over his face. The gold-brown eyes, similar to a cat one's, stared at the man before him.
Suddenly, both of them put their hands in the air and shouted something in a different language. Messy gigantic wings appeared on each back. Black for the first one, white for the second one.
"Dark!" the red haired boy yelled abruptly. "Krad!" The angels didn't move.
The boy stared at them in horror, as they remained in their position, only flapping their wings wildly like beating whips.
"Don't fight! Please-" He was interrupted, as suddenly the angels turned their heads and glowered at the boy with a look of hatred and disgust in their eyes.
"Oh, look, Dark. Daisuke, the mortal thinks he can control our actions..." the white one whispered dangerously. The black one called Dark had an ugly smirk on his face. Both let down their arms, still staring at the boy named Daisuke. This time a hungrily.
Dark smacked his lips."I can smell...Fresh young blood..."
Daisuke slowly shook his head in confusion and fear. "Dark! What's wrong! It's me, Daisuke!" As the black angel darted forward, Daisuke quickly backed away. He hoped that the man wouldn't get through the thin dividing wall of the mirror. He was shocked as the angel went through it, as if nothing was there. However, he was stopped by something else:
The heavy chains that where wrapped around the mirror, held his body. Dark roared with rage and tried to pull himself out of the chains unsuccessfully. The chains only held his body even tighter.
Daisuke stared at him, shivering with every part of his body.
However, it all stopped abruptly. Dark's body went limp and his head hung down from his shoulders, his face hidden behind the fringe.
"D..Da..rk?", asked a puzzled Daisuke. He didn't get any answer. Instead, Dark's body began to shake so violently that the chains began to rattle loudly. The boy thought, he had heard desperate cries. But that couldn't be possible! The famous Dark Mousy would never cry!
"Da..i..su..ke.." Dark whispered weakly. The red haired boy flinched. What was going on?
"Please...You have to...stop...him..."
"Who's Black Wings?"
"Come nearer...Daisuke...I would like to show you..." Daisuke hesitantly moved forward. Was Dark really the Dark he knew? Or was it a trap? Dark would never deceive him, Daisuke knew this.
After the fight in his head, Daisuke darted forward confidently, until he faced Dark, standing only a few inches in front of him."Dark?"
"Dai..i..su..ke.." There was a pause. Then, many actions collided with each other.
With an incredible strength, Dark grabbed Daisuke and pulled him close to his body, wrapping his arms around the young boy.
Daisuke cried out a surprised scream. Dark only smirked evilly. He breathed into Daisuke's ear softly, making the young boy shiver.
"Give me your life, boy."
Daisuke's eyes widened in shock. "D..Dark!" His prisoner only gave a quiet laugh, as the grip slightly loosened.
Dark put his arms into the air and with an supernatural speed he rammed his hands into Daisuke's back. The boy shrieked in pain, as the angel's hand pierced through his skin. Dark's evil laugh echoed through the whole place.
Tears of agony filled Daisuke's eyes. His vision blurred.
The angel pulled his hands out of the boy's back and held his shoulders firmly, in order to eye the boy. He grinned after looking at his end product. Blood dripped down his hands.
Daisuke's body started to shake violently. Blood streamed freely out of the wounds, like small brooks.
All of a sudden, the pain grew unbearable. Daisuke screamed again. Dark looked at him in confusion.
The blood became slowly solid. Crimson wings formed and appeared out of Daisuke's back, flapping wildly in order to free it's owner from the firm grip.
Dark let go of Daisuke and watched blankly as the small body fell in slow motion to the floor. Daisuke reached out a hand for Dark and yelled desperately: "Make it stop, Dark! Make the pain go away! DAAAARK!"
As the boy hit the black floor with a loud cracking noise, his eyes widened in horror. The wings dissolved into a brine of crimson blood.
As the boy closed his eyes, a high-pitched shriek of agony resounded in the black world of darkness.

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