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"blubb" - talking
'blubb' - thinking
blubb - stressing a word/ someone strange is talking/ an alter ago talkes to his other self

Chapter Four: Day Two or Nightmares' Day

Dark opened his eyes and blinked for a moment. He slowly looked around, finding himself standing in a gigantic dark hall with strange symbols placed on dirty-white and high walls. The symbols themselves were drawn very untidyly with bright crimson in colour. The paint was still fresh, because it streamed down like many red rivers. Dark sniffed, then held his breath with a disgusted expression on his face. The room was filled with unpleasant smells that were strongly remiscent of blood and rotten flesh. Where was he? Did he have one of those dreams like Daisuke?

Dark quickly got to his feet and turned his head, trying not to miss anything of his odd surrounding. There were rocks and rosted blades, lying everywhere on the ground. The thief looked up, meeting empty hazel eyes. Dark jumped, clutching his heart. Those eyes hadn't been there before! How could he have missed something like that?

"Argh!", yelled Dark. "Since when are you here?" The person didn't bother to answer but kept staring at Dark. Dark shivered slightly under the inscruitable glare - that reminded him of x-ray. As the person remained silent, the thief used the time to get everything on the person's appearance. The person standing in front him - although wrapped in a black gown and was hooded - Dark could identify him as a man. Flaming red hair sticked out of the hood and big hazel eyes were half-opened and glinted in the glooming darkness. That was all he could see at the moment, but Dark felt like he had seen this person before. If he just could remember who it was...

Suddenly, the man spoke quietly - almost whispering: "Give...it...back..." His voice was croaky and high, as if it hadn't been used for a long while. Dark blinked confusedly, not knowing what the man meant. Again, the man spoke, this time he lifted his hands and clenched them into fists: "...Give my body back, you filthy thief! I don't want to die...Give it back, Dark!"

Dark backed away a bit as he recognised the skinny boy he had had taken over the body. "I told you I can't. It was your destiny, remember? I am sorry, but I can't change that!", he exclaimed. The boy chuckled sarcastically, making Dark shiver again. "What destiny, Dark?", the boy spat out "Do you actually think I am stupid and actually blind? Oh,no! The fool are you! Taking over a body that is not from the Niwa bloodline and letting it DIE miserably when it is worn out by the dumb family GHOST Dark Mousy! Thief of darkness! How immoral of you!" He spat on the ground and took off his hood, freeing messy red hair. Dark gasped. One reason was because of the strong simalarity to Daisuke, but the other reason was because this boy knew so much about him and most strangely the Niwa family. But the question was how? "Who are you?", Dark hissed with narrowed eyes. "Somebody", the boy stated simply, much to Dark's annoyance. "Give my body back, and it is done, idiot." Dark grunted angrily. Nobody talked to him like that! Who did this guy think he was? "Never", said Dark, his voice like venom. 'Pah! If that guy doesn't learn to be kinder to me, he can simply fuck off!' Dark thought angrily, gritting his teeth.

"How low have you sunken, Dark?", the boy whispered with narrowed eyes. But then he sighed. Glittering Eyes that seemed so far away as if he was thinking of his past. "It is clear why god has left both you and Krad to your own fates...But you were the lowest of them all...And now doing something that immoral... you should be cursed for that..." Dark flinched. 'Well, this was an unexpected comment.',he thought. His eyes flashed in anger as the volume of his voice rose. "What was that? Who do you think you are? Justice in person, maybe? I wanted to rescue someone who is more important than anyone! That is my own damn truth! And leave god out of this!"

The boy's eyes glittered dangerously. Crimson sparks seemed to jump out of them, as if trying to murder Dark at any moment. "And that is why you are mistaken, Dark Mousy!", he exclaimed furiously, stressing every word. "God made it clear, that every life is important! Do you not understand that? EVERY LIFE! HOW can you call yourself an angel when you don't even got white wings on you! Look at you! You are dirty nothing but still you think very highly of you and are full of pride and arrogance- like Lucifer, the mightest angel in heaven in his pastlife! But then his heart became filled with pride and the thought of rebellion against god came to his mind, for he wanted to be the highest of them all! It destroyed his heart! And then he fell from heaven...for god does not accept traitors like him! And Lucifer...turned into SATAN!" As he yelled at Dark, the thief simply stood there as still as a stone, without even flinching, but with a bitter expression on his face. Like he knew perfectly well what this boy was talking about. As if it was true that he was similar to Satan. The boy, however, ignored or didn't see the thief's look and simply added with the same stern tone as before: "Who did you want to protect? Your dying boyfriend, maybe? (Dark's eyes twitched at this comment.) You had options to do that without needing a body!" He paused. "See, how gready you actually are? In reality you simply wanted to keep that body for yourself! Pah! Yes, Dark and that IS your damn truth!" Dark's insides tightened. 'What an accusion.', he thought. 'But this time, you are mistaken.' He narrowed his eyes even more. So that only two dark purple shining lines were seen.

Suddenly, the boy grinned evilly and Dark learned not to like this special grin. "And? Do you want to know what has happened to the one you wanted to rescue sooooo much?" This time Dark flinched. His eyes widened. How did he know about Daisuke? What should have happened to his counterpart? He was doing perfectly fine...well...apart from those...nightmares...the boy is having, but that doesn't mean anything, does it? Those nightmares were harmless...he thought...Wait...What if...Did that mean that this boy has done something to Daisuke?

The boy's grin grew wider. "Oh no. I haven't done anything..." After a pause he added: "But you have." Dark's eyes narrowed."What! How am I supposed to understand that?" The boy sneered and looked at Dark with an emotion Dark has never seen before. The boy bent forward- his grin stil present on his mouth. "You are a really, really, really bad alter ago.", he said with a mocking voice. "Leaving the cutie-mortal with his own problems whilst you enjoyed yourself...this suits you...doesn't it?" Dark growled, but said nothing. "But, hey! I'll show you the matter...Then maybe, this makes you give my body back...", the boy calmly replied. He opened one of his still clenched fists. He moved it in a very slow manner and pointed at something to his left side. Dark followed the movement carefully and gasped. A gigantic black mirror had appeared without him noticing. The item was wrapped with thick golden and silver chains, making it look like the metals were trying to crash the mirror's surface. In between all of this chaos, there was a tiny form of a boy with messy crimson hair and very pale skin. His ruby eyes where wide opened and hazy and seemed as if they didn't see anything of it's surrounding. The small and dry lips opened and closed again and again, muttering under his breath for the whole time.

"Dai-suke!", Dark yelled. "But...what...?" Dark narrowed his eyes and turned to face the other red haired boy. "Wait a minute...What has happened to Daisuke?", Dark whispered dangerously. "You have summoned a Souregurou, haven't you? Why is that? Explain yourself!


The boy seemed somewhat stunned, but then he smiled warmly what should be for the first time. "You are not that stupid as you looklike...("I am not stupid!", shrieked Dark.) You are right. This is a Souregurou - A hologram which showes the state of a person. It always varies from everyone. Sometimes it is very clear and sometimes...well is not. Therefore there aren't many creatures that can read a Souregurou effectively.", the boy explained. But slowly his face turned into a very ugly grimace. "This is an image of your precious Daisuke...For some this image would seem a little strange... But for you..." He paused and began to grin strangely, before going on: "...You should perfectly know what this is about. Because it is his fate..."

Dark heard the sarcasm and thought for a moment. Then he said: "Fine then, tell me everything you know and I am willing to give you the body back after our discussion." The boy grinned. "Very well... Now let us talk about business..." And the boy told Dark everything he needed to know for a certain 'mission'...But that story will be told at a different time.


He was feeling dirty and weak. He wanted to hide. Hide behind a black cloak so that no one could see him. He wanted to be invisible...Gosh...why couldn't he be? Why was he feeling like this? A good question with no answer. He felt like in one of those nightmares. So did that mean that he was having one again?

Daisuke opened his eyes very slowly. His legs were tucked behind his arms and he felt cold...very cold and empty. Daisuke shivered heavily. "Where am I...again?", he murmered desperately, tears forming in his eyes, blurring his vision. But he knew that he will not get any answer- as always. With newly found courage he quickly wiped the tears away and looked around, trying to see something helpful. But again, he was disappointed. Once again, he was in a black world with no frontiers and no horizont. Daisuke's eyes moved down to his body or rather to what has remained of it. Crimson long and pointed feathers covered his body like some kind of sticky liquid. Daisuke touched them, but he couldn't feel anything.

Suddenly, strong arms wrapped around Daisuke's shoulders from behind and pulled him close to a muscular body.
"...My Dai...suu..kee...", a all too familiar voice purred.
Daisuke perfectly knew who this voice belonged to. The man that was so much alike Dark and has chased Daisuke through the whole school. Daisuke was scared and his heart pounded violently in his chest. Cold sweatpearls formed on his forehead. What is this insane man going to do with him? He felt so helpless...and hopeless...

"What do you want from me?", Daisuke asked loudly, trying to sound brave but not succeeding in the slightest.
"...My Dai...suu..kee..." the man purred again. "...he is...saaad...and wants comfooort...because he is..."
Daisuke's body shook uncontrollably as the man breathed the next word into his ear softly and quietly : "...alone..."
"I am not alone!", Daisuke quickly exclaimed hoarsly. "I have got my family, Wiz, To-to and Dark! They are all there for me!"

The man nuzzled into Daisuke's hair. "Oh no...No...", he said quietly and a soft chuckle escaped his lips. "...no...he ain't got family...and...no...Dark...they are gone...gone...and Daisuke is all...alone...because they left him...poor Daisuke ...all alone..."
"LIAR!", Daisuke hissed and tried to pull himself out of the man's embrace. But he couldn't move. What was going on? Did that mean that Daisuke was forced to listen to this nonesense this Dark told him?
"I am not talking nonesense.", said the man in a icy tone, that would made Daisuke's body freeze.
Daisuke flinched. He turned his head and stared into cold and malicious amber eyes. The boy instantly felt weak again. Daisuke half-closed his eyes with an empty expression in them. The man smiled mischievously and pulled Daisuke's face closer to his. "Let me show you...the truth...", he purred quietly.

Suddenly, the ruby feathers, which had been lying as still as a stone until now, soared up from the ground into the air and spreaded into every direction as if a strong wind had blown them up. The feathers stayed in the air, dancing around the two bodies playfully.

"What truth?", Daisuke whispered questiongly, his expression staying indifferent. The man smiled inscruitably in response. Suddenly, many sounds seemed to collide with each other and came from every possible orientation. Daisuke flinched as he heard them. Screeches containing incredible pain and desperation. Screeches that couldn't possibly be human, because they were too terrible to bear listening to. But at the same time Daisuke was somehow sure that they were human, sounding fatally familiar to his ears. He shook the thought off. The screams didn't stop but grew louder, quieter and again louder and quieter the whole time, freezing Daisuke's insides. He pressed his hands against his ears in order to turn out the sounds. However, the sounds didn't deafen as they seemed to be in his head and soul, torturating him. The boy wished they would stop. He couldn't bear it any longer. He wanted to scream with them, but he couldn't. No sound of agony would escape his lips.

"Do you...like...it?", the man purred suddenly. Was he sick? Daisuke could almost feel the insane grin on his lips.
"But...the best part comes...now...", the man wrapped his arms around Daisuke's body tightly, as if expecting him to run away. Daisuke was confused by this, but he understood this reaction after seeing the next scene.
The calmly gliding feathers stormed in the air moving, shifting into various forms. Slowly four shapes were born. Daisuke cried out in despair and tried to pull out from the man's embrace. Daisuke's whole family was gathered around him, each one hanging on a T-shaped metal cross. Slashed bodies and in rivers streaming out blood. Each of them had a crown with dorns placed on their heads, like the one a certain Jesus Christ had worn when he was murdered. Daisuke's whole body could be set equally as an earthquake. He flinched and shook at the same time. His hands were pressing on his face, himself looking between his fingers. "O-kasan...o-tasan...ji-chan...Towa-chan...", Daisuke said under his breath and closing his eyes in order to calm himself, which seemed to be nearly impossible to him.

As on cue, their eyes shot open and stared longingly at Daisuke.
"Dai-chan...my son...I am so proud of you...", whispered Emiko in a solemn voice.
"...and so am I...you don't even know how much we are...", said Kosuke faintly.
"Remember...that you are never alone...You have Dark...remember that...", said Daiki weakly.
"We will never forget you...Dai-chan...Thank you...for taking care of me...", muttered Towa under her breath.
As he had heard their voices, he looked up to them surprisedly. After they quietened down, all of them closed their eyes again, their breathing going uneavenly. Daisuke felt burning tears on his face. He didn't want to see them suffering...Not like this...Never...Oh...Kami-sama...

"Dai...suu..kee..", purred Dark. Daisuke felt his grip loosening and saw Dark moving rather slowly towards the crosses. The boy gazed at Dark and Krad, who had appeared next to the thief out of the blue.
"Dark!", Daisuke called out. "Krad!" They didn't turn around to look at him. To tell the truth they didn't react at all to this. Emiko, Kosuke, Daiki and Towa looked at the angels in fear.

"What is...?", began Daisuke, but interrupted himself as it suddenly struck to him. Wide-eyed he screamed:
"Stop it! Don't do it! They are my family! DAARK! KRAAD! NO!"
As if the scream had been a starting signal, Dark and Krad's wings grew out of their backs and they rose into the air towards the crosses, lifting their arms in an attacking pose. In slow motion Daisuke saw Dark and Krad's arms pierce through the bodies like sharp-edged knives. In slow motion he saw the devilish angels pull their arms out of his family. And in slow motion he saw four mouths opening widely, before again deadly and never-ending screams resounded in the world, burning into Daisuke's memory for eternity. Daisuke's hands pressed harder on his head and his eyes moved to the pitch-black ground.

Believing that this was a nightmare he believed that this was a vision as well. A vision that told him what had happened to his parents who had disappeared. That is why he whispered: "Is this what happened to you? Why? Why have you left me all alone...alone...alone..." Then his body broke down completely. Tears streamed down his face down his neck freely. His face was hidden behind his hands and only sobs and odd whispers were heard. But he himself didn't hear it. Nor did he hear the screams in his head or the insane laughter of the sick angels- one of them he trusted with his life, or so he had believed- that had murdered his family. He didn't know, feel or hear anything anymore. He felt betrayed.


At the school a very worried Riku Harada yelled at a frightened Takeshi Saehara: "I simply know that something is terribly wrong!" The cause of this commotion had been that Daisuke's desk was empty again. "I call him everyday and nobody picks up the phone! This is sick! And yesterday he has vanished after he went to the bathroom and-"
"Calm down, Harada.", interrupted an annoyed Satoshi who was sitting nearby in a bored tone. "He is fine. Give me a break of this..." Riku glared at him for a moment before contering something angry back. Risa Harada on the other hand, sat next to her twin sister and had a dreamy expression on her face- which indicated that she was not listening to the conversation at all.

"Well, he never misses classes like this!", yelled Riku again.
"Well, this time he does!", muttered Saehara, rolling his eyes.
Riku glowered at him. How couldn't they see that this matter was serious! How can't they be worried about her boyfriend?
As she noticed that she didn't get any help from her sister, she poked the other Harada. "Ey, Risa!", she called out. "Wake up!"
"Huh, what? Dark-san?"
"I can't believe it! You're still day-dreaming about that perverted criminal?"
Risa sighed. Her sister is never going to learn it. "He is not perverted!"
"He is!"
"Damn it! Shut the hell up! My poor ears!", whined Saehara, pressing his hands against his ears.
Hiwatari turned his face into the other direction with a I-definatley-don't-know-those-good-for-nothing-people-look on his face.
Master Satoshi...

Hiwatari flinched very hardly. He looked around. Fortunatley, nobody seemed to have noticed his reaction. The Harada twins and Saehara were too busy with their fight and seemed not to pay attention to him. Satoshi smiled. Good. Very good, indeed.

'What is it, Krad?', he thought.
It is that Niwa-boy. You need to find out more about him.
Satoshi frowned and got really, really annoyed. 'What is your problem with him? He is alright, just leave me out of this! Hey, but since when are you worried about Daisuke?' He knew already that Krad would not comment the last part and he wasn't disappointed as Krad didn't.
But, Master Satoshi! He has got his aura! We need to check that!
'Hell, no-'
"NIWAAAA!", yelled a very relieved Riku, interrupting Satoshi's discussion with Krad. "Finally, you are here!" She jumped at a certain red haired boy who stood in the door-way and hugged him tightly. "I was sooo worried!"
"Are we supposed to know each other?", asked the boy with a 'non-Daisuke-voice', as Riku would have described later.
"What...?" Riku looked up to the boy, meeting his eyes. They weren't, as suspected, bright ruby, but hazel. Then slowly, her face gradually turned crimson, before jumping back looking very, very embarrassed. She just had hugged a complete stranger!
"I am sorry...!", she shrieked as red as a tomato. "I thought you were someone else..."
The boy smiled warmly. "Do you mean a certain Niwa Daisuke?", he asked suddenly.
Everyone in the room went silent at this. How could this guy, who just walked in, know Daisuke? They never have even seen him! Hiwatari narrowed his eyes in suspiscion.
"Er...Yes.", sputtered Riku a little confused.
The boy's smile grew wider and warmer. He nodded. "As I thought. You know, we are related. I am Nisuke Federrot1).
Nice to meet you." He stretched out a hand. Shocked Riku took his hand warily and mumbling a faint "I am Riku Harada."

"Ah! So you are related? That explains a lot! I am Takeshi Saehara", said Saehara and shook hands with Nisuke. "I mean...just look at you! You could have been his reflection in a mirror! Twin brothers, I suppose?"

"Close. I'm his cousin.", the boy said with a friendly smile.
There was a short pause. "I knew it.", Saehara mumbled and walked away, lost in his thoughts, probably thinking about trying himself not only as a journalist but as a detective as well.
Soon, the class lost their reserveness towards Nisuke and went over to him, asking questions. ("So you are the new transfer student?" "Yes, I am. Fresh from Germany! Nice to meet you!" "Germany? Are there more cute guys there, like you?" "Oh, please, don't flatter me, ladies...but yeah... there might be some more..." Many girls giggled dumbly.)
Riku stared at him for the whole time, thinking how much he differed from Daisuke from the inward but was nearly the same looking on the outward. They even shared a similar sounding name! But since when did Daisuke have relatives from Germany? Could there be more about this guy?
Hiwatari was the only one who had remained where he had been: On his seat. "Odd guy.", he mumbled very bored.
Master Satoshi! I must request you to be careful about this boy.
Hiwatari narrowed his eyes even more. 'Why is that, Krad?'
He has a strange aura around him. I don't like him at all...
'Yeah, I don't like him either.'
Simply, stay away from him, please.
"We shall see about that...", Satoshi muttered.
Master Satoshi!
"Ah, and who is this?", Nisuke asked one of the permanently giggling girls, pointing at Hiwatari.
"This is Hiwatari-kun!", she said cheerfully. "He isn't talking much and is a real genius, but..."
"Please don't tell anybody..." Her voice grew fainter.
"I won't." he said with a big smile.
The girl blushed furiously. "Oh, because he is very cute and I ah...I think that I love him! And...and..."

Nisuke smiled and walked over to Hiwatari with casual steps, leaving the girl where she was. Satoshi didn't dare to tear his eyes from Nisuke any second. He wanted to watch him for a bit. Nobody apart from Satoshi himself seemed to notice an odd glint in his eyes. Like he was very keen on learning more about Hiwatari as well.

"Hey.", greeted Nisuke, waving with one hand casually. He waited for Hiwatari to respond, but the boy didn't bother to do as expected. A few girls gasped, but Nisuke stayed calm and so he continued as if nothing had happened: "Daisuke has told me very much about you, Hiwatari..." He thought for a moment then added a "kun" at the end of Satoshi's surname, as if he had just remembered something. Hiwatari noticed that his Japanese was way too perfect. He had no accent at all and he had even understood the quickly rambling giggling girls! This seemed quite odd. Satoshi quickly scribbled a note into his notebook, before looking back at Nisuke, who seemed to be lightly surprised.

"Oh, did he?", asked Satoshi with an inscruitable face. "So, you definatley know why he didn't come to school, today?" Riku looked questiongly at Nisuke whose face had the same inscruitable expression as Satoshi. After a moment Nisuke smiled again and said: "He isn't feeling well, today. He wanted to stay at home."

"Oh, really? And why did he leave that early yesterday?"
Nisuke laughed a bit. "Is this a court? Because he has picked me up from the airport, of course!"
Satoshi didn't say anything anymore. There where murmures all over the room, but both Nisuke and Satoshi didn't seem to care. Riku watched them questiongly. Even Risa seemed interested, looking carefully at them and trying not to miss anything from the boys' conversation.

As Satoshi still remained silent, Nisuke smiled strangely. He bent down to him and his face cracked into a mischievous grin that could only be seen by Hiwatari. Neither one of the boys blinked, but tried to watch and forsee the other's action as if it was only a matter of time until they would attack each other with more than words.

Nisuke stretched out his arm and lay down his palm on Hiwatari's shoulder. However, as soon as the red haired boy's hand touched Hiwatari, the azure haired boy instantly felt as if his insides would burn and his surrounding would spin showing thousands of different colours. But Satoshi didn't close his eyes- or rather couldn't close them. Nisuke's appearance which, stood in front him, blurred.

Satoshi blinked once. It was done in a very slow motion, why he did it that slow, he couldn't explain it to himself. But as he opened his eyes again, Nisuke was clearly visible again. But, there was one difference in the surrounding, though. They where in the same room Dark had visited earlier. Satoshi winced lightly, his face cracking into a disgusted look as the strong smell of rotten flesh and blood met his nose.

The azure haired boy glared questiongly at the boy before him. But somehow the boy's eyes have changed completely. The normally lively hazel eyes were clouded with a dark crimson shade, but they were empty at the same time. As he spoke, his voice trembeled and had a very high and drenched in hatred tone in it, whispering his words:

"Filthy mortals, with the power of darkness you shall fall, screaming and weeping all alone...while mother earth is freed from her dreadful doom...As ruby fresh blood is spilled and angels are killed, the light of you shall fade soon..."

Before Satoshi could say anything to that, he blinked again and found himself back in the classroom. Satoshi, wide-eyed and panting, clutched his heart. He didn't get what had happened! One moment, he had talked rather normally to the new transfer student- and the next moment he was pulled into a strange hall where the very same student told him a cryptical message. What on earth-

Satoshi didn't look around him, because he was awaiting a depressing silence of his class mates. But it was the moment when he realised something else. The floor beneath him was shaking.But...
No silence, but noises: Painfilled screams and hysterical yells resounded everywhere. What was going on? And most strangely...
Nisuke was gone.

Satoshi jumped from his chair, slipping under the desk and throwing his arms protectively over his head. An earthquake! Where were all the others?
The boy looked around, ducked and carefully stepping forward to see more. A few pupils were hiding under their desks with arms over their heads and shaking as violent as the earthquake itself from fear. Lunchboxes with their contents, chalks, sponges, rucksacks and chairs were spread everywhere, some pieces even broken.

Hiwatari bit his lip and looked thoughtfully at the speakers. Why wasn't there a message from the headmaster? He and his secrateries should have noticed such a 'little' shaking, shouldn't they? Maybe something happened? He has to go up and check! He just wanted to ran off when a sharp pain errupted in his chest, making him flinch and pant.
Let me out, master Satoshi! I am going to search the cause of this!
'What for do you need to look for the cause of an earthquake?', hissed Satoshi angrily in his head. This wasn't the time for jokes!
I can sense that this one is not natural... Let me do it!
"This is my world...My school...And I am going to protect it!", yelled Satoshi furiously. The boy sprinted out of the classroom, hearing more screams of help. On his way to the headmaster's office, he didn't meet a soul, which seemed odd because the screams didn't die down at all.

Suddenly, the earth shook that violently, that Satoshi's legs were pulled to the front, throwing him down towards the ground. He saw the school floor slowly coming nearer and nearer before...
... he felt searing pain and knew no more.


Daisuke sobbed and choked and couldn't stop. Rivers of burning tears streamed down his pale face. He had lost all of his relatives. And as Dark had said...He was alone...all alone...he was lonely...and 'sad'. Suppressing and forgetting the memory that Dark wasn't the Dark he knew and trusted, but was the dark angel from other nightmares.

"O-kasan...O-tasan...ji-chan...Towa-chan...Why...?", he whispered with closed eyes. "Why did you have to leave me? Am I so unimportant? Have I done something wrong? What did I do that you had to suffer...? Kami-sama! Why! Why them? What did I do? Kami...sama..." His voice was drowned out as another wave of tears streamed down. He was feeling sick...He wanted to throw up...But then...why should he actually care? It was all unimportant...He was alone...and unimportant...

But you are not alone. said his own voice in his head quietly, sounding full of desperate hope. Dark is the only one that is left...He is going to help you going through this...He will help... And again, the mentally broken mind surpressed that the Dark he meant, was the one who had killed his family. Daisuke opened his eyes slowly. Yes...Dark...He will help. He can always count on his alter ago. Were was he?

A few of the red feathers glided around the boy and the four corpses, hanging on the gigantic black and crimson crosses. The boy opened his mouth in order to talk. In order to call out loudly for Dark. But he couldn't. His mouth was sealed, nothing except moaning came out of it. Dammit!

Suddenly, he felt firm hands grab his neck and squeezed it a little. He chocked in surprise and bewilderment. Wide eyed and shaking, his hands moved trembling to his neck instinctively. He was so shocked that he stopped to cry. A face and a glimpse of violet messy hair appeared next to Daisuke's face. He saw a sadistic grin and a pair of dark purple eyes with a glint of danger in them.

"...D..Dark?", sputtered Daisuke weakly and shocked. Dark's grin grew wider and his eyes moved to a spot before Daisuke. The boy reluctantly followed his stare and instinctively jumped back as he recognized who it was, landing straight into Dark's arms, who welcomed it by holding him tighter. But Daisuke didn't notice it, because he was focusing on the person who was kneeling in front of him. A person with long blonde hair and glittering cat like eyes.

"Krad!" said Daisuke weakly. Not him! Please!
He felt Dark loosening his grip on his neck and wrapped his arms around Daisuke pulling him closer to his body and squeezed him so firmly that Daisuke found it very hard to breathe. But he also felt that he couldn't escape his prison. Dark was acting strange...and Krad's cold eyes didn't show friendlyness as well. They acted like...in his first nightmare!

Krad and Dark exchanged odd looks. They had grins on their faces...Grins that Daisuke couldn't categorise at all. What were they planning? What did they want from him? He noticed that Krad and Dark didn't need to talk with their mouth to communicate with each other, but instead used their eyes. Daisuke suddenly felt very very helpless. How could he know what they would do next? What was happening? God, someone please help!

Dark never deceives you, you said? said a sneering voice filled with hatred and cold despise in his head.
Somehow this isn't what you thought would be, huh? You are as worthless as the others...Too naive for your own good...You should burn in hell and scream in agony to please me...Worthless...That is what you are...
"No...", muttered Daisuke, shaking like mad. His head was bent towards the ground. Krad watched Daisuke intensely, whilst Dark grinned and nuzzled into Daisuke's hair, pleased with himself, as if he had done something containing Daisuke.

"N...no.." Daisuke's eyes were hazy and his body went slowly limp.
"Worthless!" Dark licked Daisuke's neck greedily.
"Stop...it...please..." Daisuke wanted to cover his ears. He didn't want to listen to that! It hurted! Why did it hurt in his chest? In his heart? It was as if those words would be true! But they weren't! ...Were they? 'Dark...please help me! My mind is going mad...My world is spinning...Help me...But...Dark...has deceived me...Traitor!...Murderer...DARK!', his mind screamed. He felt that his head spinned. It was those words...They confused him...Something about them sounded so... convincing...But...they were filthy little lies!
Dark was his friend!
Daisuke closed his eyes in defeat.
"Filthy...unimportant...worthless...dirty...ugly...disgusting mortal!"the voice roared. Dark nibbled on Daisuke's flesh lightly.

"That's not true!", screeched Daisuke breaking out in tears. "I am not disgusting...no..." He grew weaker. As he repeated the offensive words that had been directed to him and denied them over and over again, he weakened more and more and his insides tightened. He slowly began to believe in them. But he didn't want to! Why then...? The voice was luring him...

Suddenly, the voice in his head died down. However, Dark and Krad seemed to want to give him the rest:
Krad's hands cupped Daisuke's face and pulled it up. Daisuke opened his eyes, his heart stopped as Krad's face was only a few inches away from his, as if he wanted to kiss him. Daisuke shook in fear. He didn't want that! Stop it! He could feel Dark's arms tighten even more around his torso and Daisuke gasped for air.

"What do you fear, boy?" breathed Dark into Daisuke's ear each word stressing and speaking very slowly. Daisuke could tell that he was smirking like mad. "Darkness...or...Light?"
Both of them roared with laughter, as if Dark had made the joke of the century. Daisuke, however neither heared nor saw them anymore. He couldn't move and his body became fully limp. His mind blanked as did his eyes, shutting them finally. Dark laughed and Krad chuckled simply.

Very good., said the voice that had offended Daisuke earlier. The ritual is complete. Now, get him out of my way. ...You may play with him...
The black angel with his dark wings obidiently pulled Daisuke and himself into the air. Krad on the other hand, summoned something on the floor, muttering in another language. Dark looked at it and smirked evilly. It was the black mirror again.

Dark laid down Daisuke, face up on the mirror. Dark and Krad shifted his arms and hands in a way that reminded a cross. As they were finished, they each stood a few inches above the black mirror's surface flapping with their wings softly.
Krad stood at the end of Daisuke's feet, whilst Dark stood near the boy's head. Both angels closed their eyes and put their arms straight in the air and then began to murmer faint words in another language.

All of a sudden, thick gold and silver chains appeared out of the mirror and wrapped in supernatural speed around Daisuke's lifeless body, trying to crash it. A short yelp of pain came out of Daisuke's mouth, but his body stayed as before. Dark and Krad looked down at him, sadistic smiles present on their lips. Dark kneeled next to Daisuke, following the shape of his nose with his index finger up and down. Just as the other one wanted to bent down to the boy as well, a low and casual voice resounded out of the shadows around them, which hadn't been present before:

"So that is what you have planned, Black Wings."

The angels turned their heads to the direction were the voice came from. A heartbeat later a figur walked out of the shadows into the lit area. Both angels narrowed their eyes smiultaneously. It was the real Dark Mousy - the one and only.

How did you get in here, Dark? hissed the strange voice that had spoken first to Daisuke.
"There is no place where the brilliant phantom thief Dark Mousy can't get in...", said Dark with an arrogant smile on his lips. He cocked his head self-confidently. He looked at the angels before him, with a slight hint of disgust in his eyes.
"I didn't know that you were so fond of me and Krad, Black Wings. You even wasted your time with doing copies of us. Tsk. You know that there is only one perfect Dark in this world and that is me!" He pointed at himself with his thumb.
The angels didn't seem to be touched by this state. The voice spoke again, this time slightly amused: "As cocky as ever. Both of you are a small part of me... Come back, Dark. You know where your home lies..."

Dark didn't say anything for a while, but he did have a strange and thinking look on his face. His expression turned blank at the moveless form of Daisuke. Again, fury and hatred made their way into his heart, but he wouldn't allow them to take over.Not now, he needed to be strong against Black Wings. For Daisuke.

"I certainly know where my home is. And it is not with you.", Dark stated calmly, not worrying that Black Wings might get slightly insulted. "Tell me. Why did you need Daisuke to lure me into your realm? Why did you have to make him suffer with those nightmares? Have you grown that weak that you couldn't use your powers against us? What do you actually want?"

Suddenly, the voice began to laugh. It laughed so heavily that the whole world seemed to shake. Dark quickly took one step back. As the voice calmed down it spoke: "Very good, Dark! I want you and Krad back to me and that was even for a quite long time! I used your tamer to lure you here - into my world! And I discovered that your tamer is lovely to play with..." Black Wings broke off. Dark waited for him to continue, but the voice remained silent. Dark shook for a moment, because he tried to hide his fury he felt for what Black Wings had done to Daisuke all these days.

Dark suddenly began to laugh. The angels sent him confused glares, and he knew that they represented somewhat Black Wings, so that meant he did the same- well sometimes. As Dark calmed down he again cocked his head and called out:

"I understand everything now, Black Wings! Daisuke told me everything about those nightmares! And we both agree that it was you who sent them to him, right? And this attack with that erm...goo-ish bloke that was looking like me...in reality was him-" Dark rose his hand and pointed at his double whose visage didn't change at all. Dark continued: "By sending Daisuke those dreams you have sent your descendants aswell, that is why my copy could go out of Daisuke anytime and was able to slowly driving him literally insane!" The thief paused before speaking up again. "In one of my host's dream there was you - " Dark glared at his copy. " - who kissed him. The kiss is a sign of a special bond! You wanted to be connected with Daisuke so you effectively could always be with him and come out whenever Black Wings wants you to! Point proven!" He could feel Black Wings smile slightly. But he was sure that its was not a friendly smile in the slightest. Even if that bothered him now, he went on with his theory."But there are two things I don't understand..."

"Well, speak it out, Dark.", whispered Black Wings, sounding amused.
This irritated Dark a bit, but it was easy for him to hide it. And so he did as Black Wings had said automatically: "Well, thirst why didn't you send out Krad? And then second, what was with that 'Broken Wings'-thingy all about?"
There was a pause before Black Wings began to chuckle quietly. "So you heard it?"
"Actually, I heard Daisuke muttering it quietly in classes...What should that be? And what does it mean?"
"A ritual. Daisuke was meant to repeat it after my Dark. When he reaches the number 13 your host was captured and slowly destroyed by my little Dark- well should be. Of course the main act was to use him to bring you and Krad back to me. But you used a Freezing-spell on the pupils and sadly Krad's tamer was under them aswell...So, you were the only one that we would get...But that didn't bother me...I have a lot of time to come back for Krad...I thought at that time..." he stopped and laughed again as if he had made a joke. "Everything was going smoothly, until powers of the heaven were sent down to help you..."

'The ruby angel!', Dark yelled in his mind, utterly surprised.
"...Even though you had made mistakes in your past...I guess god is too naive and forgives nearly everybody...But I have to admit that it was fun seeing your boy...that Daisuke...in pain and fear..." It sounded as if Black Wings smacked with his lips,hungrily. Dark confusedly looked up, trying to face Black Wings, but didn't say anything.

And again, Black Wings laughed. "Fear is a very strong weapon, Dark. With it you are able to control everybody. Just the amount of fear that you cause is important and that is the same as bribing. Everybody will give in after seeing a special amount of money...That includes killing and betraying..." Black Wings interrupted himself. Dark looked back at the angels and saw that his copy's head was resting on Daisuke's chest. The Dark smiled at him- no sneered at him and it angered him so much that he began to shake violently again. "What for do you exactly need Daisuke?", asked Dark very quietly. He could feel the invisible Black Wings grin. "Because I want to play with you.", the voice replied amused, but Dark was quite sure that this wasn't the reason.

It was then that Dark acknowledged four crosses slowly appearing out of the shadows behind the Krad- and Dark-double and Daisuke. His purple eyes slowly widened and he felt sickness coming into his stomach.
"Enough!", he yelled. "Dirty bastards, you have gone far too far! You are going to pay for everything! DIE!" And with that he speeded towards the angels, which were caught off guard at that time. The Dark double flinched up from Daisuke's chest and stared with a shocked expression on his face at the sudden outburst of Dark. Said person quickly summoned a silver sword with his black feathers and turned with it once around his own axis in order to scare the angels off him. They backed off a lot, watching stunned from their position what is going to happen next.

Dark muttered under his breathe while he cut the gold and silver chains with the sword quickly, freeing Daisuke. With one hand he pulled Daisuke close to him and with the other he rammed the sword into the mirror's surface producing long slowly outgoing scratches that grew wider and longer. A high-pitched voice screeched as if someone was scratching chalk on a blackboard. Both Dark and Daisuke flinched, but the thief quickly wrapped his other arm around the redhead and yelled something that was drowned out by the voice. Then- with one quick strong movement he pulled out the sword and held it into the air. Black light engulfed them and Dark sent one last glance at the angels and the four crosses, before they both vanished, leaving the screaming Black Wings behind.


For one moment Hiwatari saw a lot of stars in front of his eyes as he slowly awoke. His vision was blurry, but he could feel himself lying face down to the ground feeling something warm sliding down his face slowly. Satoshi tried to blink the blurryness away, but was rather unsuccessful. That was when he realized that his glasses had been somehow removed, probably lying broken miles away from him, which explained his blurry vision. He attempted to pull himself up with his elbows, but he could feel his body down his torso being numb as if something was on him.

The boy struggled a bit but then could identify pieces of rocks, most likely from the school walls, all around him and he gave up as he concluded what was lying on him. However, he didn't remember them being here as he passed out. Wait...How long had he actually been unconsious?

His eyes slowly shut themselves as he felt an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion. He also felt waves of shame, because he was again being helpless and weak. How could he even tried to do something useful against a natural power? God...How could he have been that stupid? Telling Krad that he could fight it alone. Could stop it. Satoshi chuckled slightly.

What on earth could a worthless mortal do against a force beyond imagination that had decided to destroy me and my filthy surrounding?

Satoshi didn't know why he had thought that all of a sudden. Or why he felt so careless. But what he did know was the longing feeling for sleep. He gave in rather easily in his opinion. But of course who cared. What did it actually matter? It would be over soon...Oh yes, soon he is going to be burried under the school ruins. And what a nice grave it would be... Here he found his first friends, so it was worth it. Saehara, the Harada twins and the Niwa boy. "Niwa...", he whispered.

Satoshi let himself fall down to the ground. His eyes wide opened and staring to the side but they were blind at the same time.
"Niwa...You had been acting...wierd...lately... I hope nothing is wrong...Your smile...Your innocence...Don't lose it... Please..."
What on earth was he rambling about? He sounded as if he would make Daisuke as an heir! Hell, no! Maybe he was hitten on his head? And his mouth was moving on it's own and Satoshi's brain couldn't stop it. Oh, well.
"I had always envied you...Why do you smile at me? How can you smile so warmly at someone who did such horrible things to you?"
A soft melodic voice in his head that he knew so well replied: Because we are friends, Hiwatari.

Satoshi smiled. Maybe they were...Maybe they were not...He didn't care at the moment. He exhalated hot air slowly and softly. He blinked. He could see a pair of shoes and legs...Oh, he was rescued...Really? Hold on...What is that guy doing...?

Satoshi's eyes closed as the pair of moving shoes and legs stopped right before him, an unknown force pulling him into the world of sleepy darkness...


The neighbour's of the Niwa's had been wondering on them for a while. The Niwa's resident seemed to be empty, because it was wrapped in silence and a gloomy atmosphear. It was strange, because the house always had been filled with many cheerful voices and crashes. The Niwa's had always been very nice people and their son's appearance just echoed his mother's chirpy character and his father kindness. True, both him and his father were very clumsy but always overfriendly and ready to help no matter what.

Mrs Takato, one of their neighbours, stood infront of her house and was watering her plants. She glanced occasionaly to the Niwa's creepy resident thougtfully.
...In Domino High School(A/N:I don't know the real name of their school...If you know please tell me. Sorry for the interruption... Now back to the story...) there had been a terrific earthquake with the force of approximately 4 - 5 on Richter scale. Experts are unsure how only the school area could be affected. Some are saying that..., said the news on her TV in her house.

Mrs Takato had been both listening and staring so intensly that she forgot about her watering can, which flooded her plants. With a shocked expression she turned to the Niwa's residense absent-mindly. But her visage didn't lighten up as she comprehended what she suddenly saw in the house: the inside of the house lit up with a kind of black light for some heart-beats, before going off again. The woman certainly couldn't believe her eyes at that very moment. She stood there stiffly with her mouth and eyes wide opened, unable to move.

After several minutes of examining the house unconsciously, she shakingly went into her own, muttering something similar to : "I need a strong Sake..." and throwing the door behind her shut.

At the Niwa's, after the black light had shown two figures had appeared out of thin air in Daisuke Niwa's room. One was rather see-through, wearing black clothes all over and the other was in his pyjamas with tightly shut eyes, his most striking feature was the messy crimson hair. Both, were hanging in the air for a few seconds, the see-through shape holding the one in pyjamas in bridal style. However, as the black light went out, the red haired boy simply went through the other's body and fell down onto the bed.

The boy's eyes abruptly shot open and heaving his body up. As he noticed the other figure his eyes sparkled the most hatred and anger that he could muster. The see-through one elegantly landed next to the bed, facing the redhead.
"What are you doing here, Dark?", Daisuke whispered dangerously."You shouldn't be here, murderer! Go back to the shadow realm with Krad, where you both belong!" Dark didn't say anything, but looked at him sadly. He sighed and made his way forward, his eyes locked with the boy's. Daisuke backed away until he reached the the wall behind the bed, glaring at the other figure with slight fear in his eyes.

If Dark could murder Daisuke's family that easy - and Daisuke knew that Dark loved them - maybe he would do the same with him!
"Murderer!", Daisuke hissed. "Why have you taken them from me? Why did I always had to trust you...Dark? You traitor!" This time Dark flinched. The icy, hurted tone of his counterpart's voice pierced into Dark's heart like a thick needle. Again he looked sadly at Daisuke. The boy saw a hurted expression in Dark's eyes. "Daisuke...", moaned Dark. Daisuke looked at him surprisedly. Were those tears in his eyes? No, impossible!
"Daisuke it wasn't me..."
"Shut up!", Daisuke screamed, closing his eyes and shaking his head.
"...it was Black Wings..."
"LIAR! It was you! I saw you!"
"Daisuke...I am sorry..."
"I told you to shut the fuck up!"
"...that I let it happen..."
"ARGH!" Daisuke held his head with both hands in pain and whimpered. But Dark didn't stop.
"...I couldn't do anything...I just watched as you slipped away from me and suffered...It is all my fault...I am sorry... Daisuke...I am so sorry..." Daisuke opened his eyes and as he saw his alter ego standing in front him, sympathy crawled into his heart and...was there guilt as well?
Thick Tears rolled down Dark's cheeks.
"Dark...", whispered Daisuke with wide opened eyes in bewilderment. But Dark shook his head.
"I don't want to hurt you even more... I go away if you want...leave you alone and..." Dark turn and vanish, but Daisuke stopped him as he cried, brusting into tears: "Dark! Don't go! You are the only one I have left...Please don't go...I don't blame you...I am sorry...I don't know what is happening to me...I am always confused...Please Dark..stay..."

The thief smiled warmly and climbed into Daisuke's bed, sitting right next to his host. They would have cuddled into each other if it wasn't for the fact that they couldn't touch each other. Both longed for it. Both could see it in each others eyes. But they couldn't do anything about it. So they were just near each other, losing thereselves in the other's eyes, reassuring themselves with simply looking at each other.

"Daisuke?", Dark suddenly asked, without looking away from Daisuke.
"Yes?", Daisuke asked back, not tearing his eyes from Dark.
"Please, draw something for me. You haven't done this for such a long time..."
Daisuke smiled weakly. He walked to his drawers and pulled out his sketchbook, pencils, a pencil sharpener and a rubber. And then he began to draw, knowing that Dark's eyes were only looking at him.

'Daisuke, I promise you that I will never let this kind of thing ever happen again.', Dark thought. He didn't know that he would have to break this promise to protect Daisuke one more time.


It was time for Krad to take over. Who ever Satoshi saw before he passed out once again, the guy could harm him and Krad wants to make sure that this is certainly not going to happen! He pulled himself up, just as a person wanted to bend down to him and touch his back. Krad's golden eyes glittered with dangerous fury at the person. But as he identified who it was, his eyes widened.

"You!", he called out. The person smiled and kneeled down to Krad, saying:
"Well, well Krad! Long time no see, I would say..."
"I wouldn't", Krad said dangerously with narrowed eyes. "I knew that something was wrong with that kid. Tsk. Nisuke Federrot, transfer student from Germany - don't make me laugh!"
The person grinned miscivieously and whispered : "That won't help you when you and Dark will arrive in hell..."
Krad's cat eyes widened. What was he talking about? Suddenly the earth shook again, throwing one wall down to the ground causing more to break and fall. But this wasn't noticed at all by the two.
Krad looked at a spot behind him and gasped. The mirror! Krad looked back at the person, who smirked.
"So it was you?", Krad asked cryptically.
"Yes and no."
"To the hell with you!", Krad yelled. "Who would have known that you and Black Wings are doing the same thing? You- one of the most trusted angels in heaven? Another Satan I suspect?" He spat on the ground.
The smirk vanished from the person's face and was replaced by an even uglier grin. "Now, now, Krad. Please don't get so upset. Well, now that you identified me, I certainly can't let you go away with it. Although..." He looked at Krad's captured legs amusedly. "... I don't think that you could run away with it, even if you wanted to..." Krad gritted his teeth in anger. What could he do to stop this guy?
"Nothing, Krad.", the person sneered. "Just give in..." The person's palm opened and was resting a few inches before Krad's face. "Verbotene Erinnerungen...SCHWINDET!2)" White wind knocked into Krad before his normally glittering eyes blanked, he lost consciousness and fell down to the ground. Forgetting everything about what he had spoken with the person. Forgetting about the cooperation between the person and Black Wings.
But the appearance himself, stood up and walked off graciously, even though the Earth was trembling like mad. But before he reached the mirror, Nisuke Federrot turned back to Krad and said: "I will spare you, Krad...for now. See ya in hell!" And with that the mirror and him dissolved into mist.

1) That means "feather red". I didn't want to say Red feather or something like that because it would sound like Black Wings or Ruby Wings... I wanted to make it like a surname and indicate that he has something to do with Daisuke at the same time.
2)"Forbidden memories...die down!" (Not literally)

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