A Few Words Before Reading:

For You is a series of 100-word drabbles. All of them are set during the Kingdom Hearts timeline from the end of I through Chain of Memories and up to Axel's death in II. They are all set in the Kingdom Hearts universe, meaning none of them are AU. They are not, however, all about the same Axel and Roxas.

I have several different views of both characters and most of them come through in these drabbles. Roxas can be cold or kind, just as Axel can be loving or bitter. Axel has more canon personality, so his portrayal is more consistent than Roxas', which can go from completely emotionless to that of a normal 15-year-old. The drabbles themselves are not connected in any way, so do not look for a larger story.

I hope that clears a few things up and that you keep these things in mind while reading. Your feedback is always appreciated. Thank you.


-1 : Making Love-

Making love to Roxas, Axel found, was like fucking a dead person, or an overlarge doll. No matter how much or how little feeling he put into it, Roxas' reactions were always small, always slight, and always silent.

At first, it infuriated him. They were making love; surely that deserved more emotion than Roxas usually displayed? Axel loved him, and this was what people did when they were in love.

After a while, though, he grew to accept it for what it really was. They were fucking. Roxas didn't feel anything, and he reacted accordingly.

Axel kept at it anyway.