Title: Dancing on Air
Author: ferretgirl1124
Pairing/Characters: BBxRae
Rating: PG
Warnings/Kinks: Mush, waff, dancing lessons

Summary: She didn't know how to dance, but he was happy to teach her.

A/N: I was sick of all those damn oneshots clotting up, so I'm putting them in one collection. Sorry to that people that are going to be spammed.

We danced. I don't know why.

I've never danced before. Probably never will after this, either. At least not with anyone else. We were alone in the tower, a rare occurrence in and of itself. He had music on, I was reading. He started to dance, and I couldn't contain my laughter. That boy does not know how to dance, trust me. For all his training, he still manages to look like a Micheal Jackson wanna-be. He's one of the few people that actually manages to i lose /i grace while dancing.

Or so I thought.

The boy turned when I laughed, glared, and stuck out his tongue. The childish gesture did not improve my opinion of him. However, it didn't really damage it either; let's face it, you get used to someone's quirks if you live with them long enough.

He got mad that I was laughing. Demanded to know if I was any better, since he had never seen me attempt in any way, shape, or form. I simply shrugged. That was one question that I would leave unanswered as long as possible. As in, forever.

He, as usual, wasn't satisfied. But he left it alone, and I went back to reading. Waited just long enough that I tuned out the world, then grabbed my hand, pulled me to my feet as he tossed my book on the table, and swept me out into one of the empty areas of the control room, not even seeming to notice as a chair exploded.

Amused by my shocked expression, he tossed back his head and laughed, a rolling sound, much deeper then I was used to. He was growing up, swiftly changing from a boy to a man, and that scared me. Terrified me, to be exact.

I could suppress certain things. Most things, actually. It was my specialty. But how could you ignore your feelings for a kind hearted, green skinned boy when his arms were wrapped around your waist, pulling you close? God only knows how, but as soon as we were moving together, he was the most graceful creature I had ever met. The music changed. We turned, swooped, stayed close, our arms never leaving each other.

The short time we danced was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. And like I said, I doubt I could ever dance with anyone else.

While I would never give up this memory for anything, I did realize one thing after wards. His grace and tight grip, while no doubt would have happened anyway, might have been because we were floating several feet off of the ground.