Title: Mistaken Identity
Author: ferretgirl1124
Pairing(s): Implied RobinxStarfire
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG
Warning(s): Strange references
Disclaimer: Not mine, which is probably why they're so fun to torture; playing with other's toys is always more fun.
Word Count: 197
Summary: The question is, which identity is the real one?

A/N: Okay, the joke is kinda weird. This is all easier to understand if you've played Tales of Symphonia. If you haven't, look up who voices the main character. Written for the 'Sick' prompt for tt15fics.

Robin had lost his mind. Or at least, that's what the other Titans thought as they watched him run around the Tower, rambling about Sandwiches and The Chosen. After five minutes of cursing at a wall he had apparently named 'Kratos' what little patience Raven had left disappeared. "Either his plots to trap Slade have become so convoluted that even he doesn't understand them anymore, or he is really sick."

The other three nodded slowly as he began swinging a stick at the sofa. Another five minutes passed, during which Beast Boy had his named changed to Genis, and Robin vowed to save Starfire 16 times.

"Don't worry, Chosen! I won't let the Desians get you!" And now the count was at 17.

The newly renamed changeling edged toward the common room door, obviously quite frightened. "Dudes…I don't know what's wrong, but I vote we go hide and hope he snaps out of it."

Cyborg quickly cut off Starfire's objections, nodding eagerly. "Yeah. He'll probably wear himself out…c'mon, 'Colette'."

The four glanced at their flailing leader one last time then fled, leaving him to his ramblings, completely confident that 'Lloyd' could save the world on his own.